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Jessica Hreha

Jessica’s 20-year career is marked by her drive to challenge status quo and get epic sh*t done. As Head of Marketing AI Strategy & Transformation at Jasper, Jessica engages directly with clients to collaborate on developing and expanding genAI initiatives. Her focus is on fostering AI literacy and responsible adoption within marketing teams by identifying, building, and scaling use cases and programs. 

In early 2023 as Head of Global Demand Content Strategy at VMware, Jessica had the privilege of founding VMware’s Marketing AI Council, a cross-functional team dedicated to educating and empowering marketers to use genAI tools responsibly and effectively, ultimately scaling responsible AI literacy and adoption to over 750 global marketers. 

Jessica is proof that anyone, at any level, within an organization can step up and spark widespread change and transformation within an organization. Her mission is to champion other marketers to take action in this new AI era–it’s a wide open leadership opportunity for any career level to become an agent of action and change. 

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