How AI-powered content gives Cushman & Wakefield a competitive edge

hours saved annually
David Hoebbel
David Hoebbel
Director of Research
David Hoebbel

hours saved annually
faster creation of website copy and taglines
reports written per year

"Jasper enables us to customize AI usage to our specific needs, giving our team a competitive advantage in creating standard narrative content across diverse domains. This augments the capabilities of our marketing, communication, and research experts across the globe."

David Hoebbel
David Hoebbel
Director of Research

Searching for a Strategic Shift 

As a commercial real estate powerhouse, Cushman & Wakefield’s global marketing, communications, and research group constantly seeks ways to improve their skill sets and deliver materials in a more efficient way. 

Inundated with manual report writing and content creation, the firm’s research organization was overloaded with the task of manually preparing over 1,700 reports per year totaling over 10,000 hours. 

In addition to this, the firm’s global marketing and communications teams were continually being challenged with ever-growing content and speed-to-market demands. 

To address these challenges, the firm integrated Jasper into its overarching AI+ platform. Designed to deliver digital transformation at scale, the AI+ vision combines partner and proprietary AI products (like Jasper) to increase access and speed-to-market for the firm’s enterprise expertise and insights. This empowers brokers, services, and research professionals to support client decision-making more effectively. 

A Competitive Edge 

With the Jasper API, the Cushman & Wakefield team was able to fuse their proprietary data into Jasper and create self-service tools and content specific to their unique needs. David Hoebbel, Central Director of Research, commented, "Jasper enables us to customize AI usage to our specific needs, giving our team a competitive advantage in creating standard narrative content across diverse domains. This augments the capabilities of our marketing, communication, and research experts across the globe." 

Leveraging Jasper's chat and in-document functions, Cushman & Wakefield found an innovative way to generate diverse content, from press releases and blog posts to social media snippets. 

The Success of AI Integration 

Integrating Jasper into their content creation workflow resulted in transformational outcomes for Cushman & Wakefield: 

  • Maximized Time: Tasks like generating taglines and crafting website copy have been streamlined by 50%, enabling copywriters to focus on strategic and impactful work. Reporting efficiencies allow Cushman & Wakefield to reclaim thousands of hours per year, freeing up valuable resources for other critical tasks.
  • Broader market support: Jasper allows Cushman & Wakefield to provide equal support to all markets, irrespective of their size. “Jasper has become an important tool for our PR team and has helped us transform the status quo. While we previously had to prioritize work such as press releases for our larger markets, often forcing us to extend deadlines in smaller markets, we’re now able to dedicate a more equitable amount of time to all of the markets we support and produce collateral in a timelier manner, regardless of the market’s size” said Jayden Lapin-Tatman, Communications Manager. 
  • Personalized Communications: Jasper proved to be a game-changer in creating engaging and personalized communications for diverse audiences. With its capability to tailor messages, repetitive content became a thing of the past, leading to more impactful internal and external communications. “As a team with many stakeholders to support across several communication channels, Jasper has been a major timesaver when customizing content. Having this virtual teammate on hand to create drafts in a particular leader’s voice and style allows us to deepen our focus on strategy and results” said Sara Pierce, Director, Employee Communications. 
  • Prolific Content Generation: Leveraging Jasper's knowledge base functionality, Cushman & Wakefield could produce factual derivative assets like blog posts, landing pages, and email communications, expanding their content offerings and increasing value for clients and stakeholders. 
  • Boosted creativity: The platform helps overcome creative blocks, acting as a true copilot by providing creative impulses and thought starters for the firm’s highest-volume marketing and communications professionals. 

Leaning into the Future with Jasper 

Cushman & Wakefield's journey with Jasper continues. They plan to optimize their workflow further by focusing on custom templates, brand alignment, and team-specific groups. They understand the importance of continuous education and training to unlock the platform's maximum potential. 

As one of the world’s largest real estate services firms, relentlessly dedicated to exceeding client expectations through its 52,000 employees across 400 offices in 60 countries, Cushman & Wakefield considers fully harnessing the power of data and AI as essential to its client experience. With Jasper by its side, Cushman & Wakefield is ready to elevate their marketing efforts, maintain a consistent brand voice, and deliver exceptional communication to clients and employees. 

- David Hoebbel, Director of Research

Cushman & Wakefield (NYSE: CWK) is a leading global commercial real estate services firm for property owners and occupiers with approximately 52,000 employees in nearly 400 offices and 60 countries. In 2023, the firm reported revenue of $9.5 billion across its core services of property, facilities and project management, leasing, capital markets, and valuation and other services. It also receives numerous industry and business accolades for its award-winning culture and commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), sustainability and more.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Company Size: Enterprise (1,000+ employees)

Industry: Real Estate

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