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Introducing the Jasper API

Bring the power of generative AI directly into your own platform with the Jasper API.

AI Built For Your Business.

You can now integrate Jasper directly into your platform, whether you have a custom CMS or content platform of any type.

Generative AI in a world of Generic AI

Jasper is trained on your brand’s tone, style, and key facts about your business, so you can create on-brand content at scale.

99.99% uptime

Platforms can’t afford for their features to go down when their API provider goes down. Jasper has 99.99% uptime by using a proprietary AI engine, increasing performance and reliability.

What Makes Jasper’s Approach To AI Different?

What Makes Jasper’s Approach To AI Different?

Layer 1
Underlying AI Models
Jasper leverages the world's leading AI models, along with internal AI models, and selects the best model for the job.
Layer 2
Google's Latest News & Data
You need content to be relevant and accurate, but other models are trained on old data. Jasper pulls in knowledge from recent news and content at the top of Google search results to keep things up to date.
Layer 3
Editorial Checks
The most time consuming part of scaling content production is an editorial process. Jasper uses the best grammar, language and plagiarism tools to save you time and mistakes. It also integrates with tools for SEO and performance ranking, making it easy to ensure that you're creating the highest performing content possible.
Layer 4
Brand Voice
Most importantly, Jasper is trained on your brand's tone, style, and key facts about your business, so that all of your content is on-brand, all the time.
Layer 5
AI Outputs
With the Jasper web app, extension, and API, you have access to the world’s best AI outputs everywhere you work. Enjoy intuitive features you'd expect like saved prompts, team collaboration, project folders, and complex workflows.

Built For Security


Built with robust enterprise access control and regular security audits


Your data and outputs are safe with Jasper – we never train 3rd party AI models with customer data, and data is encrypted in transit and at rest.


Dedicated support and customer success, and multi-model interoperability

AI That Sounds Like You

Default Templates
Custom Templates

Use cases

Up-level your writing across web, emails, ads, and more.
Summarizing long-form content
Turn long-form content into digestible short-form content.
Enable your internal writers
Boost the productivity of your internal writers with AI.
Enhance user content
Whether its your team or your users, Jasper helps improve writing consistency and quality.
Bulk content generation
Save hours by writing hundreds of product descriptions and more.
Revamping old content
Don’t reinvent the wheel. With the Jasper API you can revamp old content instantly.

Frequently asked questions

Who has access to the Jasper API?
  • Business Plan users
  • Jasper Tech Partners (Learn more)
Why choose Jasper over OpenAI?
  1. With Jasper's AI Engine you automatically get access to the world's best models when they become available. Never worry about needing to update your models. We can operate across models, select the best one for your specific task and optimize it with Google facts, SEO tools and more.
  2. Jasper is specialized in marketing-based use cases whereas Open AI is generalized.
  3. Jasper’s customers can rely on Jasper’s AI expertise instead of building their own team and resources.
  4. Jasper is trained on your brand’s voice, style, and tone. Think of it like another employee who knows how you work.
  5. Jasper offers unique services and templates catered to an individual customer’s needs.
  6. Jasper customers receives dedicated support from customer success and support.
How can I access API Documentation?
You can access our API documentation here.
Is the Jasper API available?
The Jasper API is currently in beta and will be available soon!
Security & Privacy
  • You own the rights to your outputs: Ownership is delineated in the following way: Jasper owns all IP rights to the service and the customer owns all rights to the outputs (text and images) that they’ve generated from the service.
  • How long we retain data: Customer data is retained for the duration of the agreement or until Jasper receives a written data deletion request.
  • Privacy principles: We are committed to protecting your information in all stages of handling your content. Your data is yours, we will never sell it to anyone. We use encryption for data in transit and at rest. We also have a privacy policy that you can view here to ensure your data is safe.
  • We do NOT use a user’s provided inputs as outputs for other users: We do not use the inputs or writing prompts of a user as facts or details for other users. That is a hard line for us. Your inputs and the pieces of content you write using Jasper are your own.
  • How and where we store data: Jasper uses US-only data centers.
  • AI/ML model providers: To provide you the best possible content generation Japer uses the best AI model possible for specific use cases. 3rd party AI models are not trained on your data.
  • Check out our Privacy Policy page for more information.