How CloudBees’ scaled content creation powered by Jasper

reduction of content creation time with Jasper
Dara Cohen
Dara Cohen
Sr. Manager, Campaign Strategy
Dara Cohen

reduction of content creation time with Jasper
faster creation of field content with Jasper
faster creation of landing pages with Jasper

"We can be way more creative in what we’re putting out into the world. It’s a way for us to spice up the messaging we’re creating to make our content more engaging. We can have more freedom because we’re not stuck in our own brains.”

Dara Cohen
Dara Cohen
Sr. Manager, Campaign Strategy

Responding to the Challenge of Scaling with a Small Team

When you're a rapidly growing tech-oriented team like CloudBees, scaling content production to match the pace of the industry can be a daunting task. This was the challenge faced by Dara Cohen and the small, yet ambitious, marketing team of 20. Despite lacking a technical background in DevSecOps, Dara had to ensure that she and the team created relevant and engaging technical content that resonated with their target personas: developers and engineers. However, she wondered how she could keep up with the growing demand for content while also ensuring that content was valuable for a highly technical audience. 

Discovering Jasper as the Content Creation Game-Changer

Dara turned to Jasper to empower faster ideation and content creation. Initially, like with any new tool, Dara was skeptical. But after some time, Jasper's ability to learn CloudBees' unique style and create on-brand messaging completely changed her viewpoint. Jasper grew from merely a tool to an indispensable partner, enabling CloudBees’ marketing team to keep pace with their ever-growing content demands. Dara particularly appreciated the campaign feature, which allowed her to swiftly generate landing page copy, email copy, nurture emails, social copy, paid ads, and tweets.

Unlocking Success of Creativity and Time Savings

Jasper's impact was transformative. It reduced content creation time by 6-10 times, depending on the content being made, and Dara's team gained the luxury of redirecting their focus toward what truly matters: strategy and organization. As the scope of their content demands grew, Jasper was there to meet it by aiding teams across events, web, social media, and email departments. 

CloudBees harnessed the full potential of Jasper as a marketing co-pilot after streamlining the platform into the marketing team’s workflow. Dara summarized this value by stating, “We’re a small team and our goals are big. We want to output as much as we can, given our resources, and Jasper is helping us do that.”

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment was the creative revolution Jasper incited. No longer restrained by their own thought processes, the team was free to experiment and innovate with their content. 

In an industry as dynamic as tech, having the ability to continuously deliver fresh and engaging content is priceless. That’s exactly what Jasper afforded CloudBees — a chance to redefine their content creation process and stand out in the enterprise software delivery market.

- Dara Cohen, Sr. Manager, Campaign Strategy

Every business is a software business, and is under pressure to innovate constantly. This increased velocity introduces new business risks. CloudBees is building the world’s first end-to-end automated software delivery system, enabling companies to balance governance and developer freedom.

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Company Size: Enterprise (200+ employees)

Industry: Software

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