Get on-brand AI assistance everywhere with Jasper’s browser extensions, integrations, & powerful API

Browser Extensions

Write better anywhere online with Jasper’s browser extensions

Add the Jasper extension to your Chrome or Edge browser to bring artificial intelligence into your content workflow
Our Browser Extensions
The Jasper chrome extension open over a blog writing tool

“Jasper Everywhere is a game-changer for me. I can brainstorm, build, repurpose, or rephrase content on the fly in the document I’m working on, saving toggle time and copy/paste hassle.”

A headshot of Corinne Gabay, Head of Marketing Programs at WalkMe

Corinne Gabay

Content Team Lead, WalkMe
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Bring AI directly into your workflow with Integrations

With Jasper’s integration library, you can level up your marketing and start creating blogs, emails, ads, and more at scale.
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“I recommend Jasper to every marketer in my B2B SaaS community because it’s the best AI tool for creating campaigns.”

Headshot, Dave Gerhardt

Dave Gerhardt

Founder of Exit-Five, ex-Drift & Privvy
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The Jasper API

The power of on brand AI – directly on your own platform

Integrate Jasper directly into your platform via our API, whether you have a custom CMS or other content platform of any type.
Jasper API Details

“Flipping the switch to power Demandwell's AI experience with Jasper's API resulted in more positive customer feedback, less time spent editing by users, and higher retention rates amongst Demandwell customers.”

Sam Smith

Demandwell Co-founder & CTO

On-brand AI, anywhere you work

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