AI Policy Template for Businesses

Adopting artificial intelligence (AI) into your company can be transformational, but it also comes with some risks and responsibilities.  To help businesses navigate the roll-out of AI and establish guidelines for security, privacy, ethics and quality, we’ve created this template for companies in developing a responsible AI usage policy.

Our AI Policy template covers:

  • Introduction: Understand the importance and purpose of an AI policy.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Learn the key principles of responsible AI usage.
  • Privacy, Security and Tool Selection: Tackle bias, privacy, security, and ethical considerations head-on.
  • Employee Training: Get guidance on how to educate your team about AI.
  • Bias and Editorial Review: Statements on how to minimize the risk of bias and inaccuracies in your content. 

By downloading our AI Policy Template, you're taking a big step towards helping your company adopt AI responsibly and ethically. We’re here to help along the way if you have questions!

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