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Enterprise-level governance


Your data is safe with Jasper.

Security is part of who we are. Its been considered in every decision we make, and has been a part of our product from the very start. We are SOC2 and GDPR compliant and we offer SSO for safer password management. A dedicated security team ensures that your data is your data and that underlying LLMs are not able to leverage it for training purposes.

Security at Jasper

Access & Control

Defined user roles, flexible settings & private working spaces.

In Jasper you’re able to control the access and usage of every member of your team and any external solutions providers you invite into the copilot. You can set up private spaces for different projects, control your data sources and your publishing rights, and set workspace-wide languages, knowledge and more. So everything in your copilot runs smoothly.

Roles & Permissions Details


Being overly reliant on any one LLM is risky.

That’s why Jasper was build to be able to operate across a wide rage of different models for greater reliability and better range in outputs.  Having more than one LLM at your fingertips means that if any one of your models ever has an issue, you can have better continuity of service.  So whether you’re coming from your own custom model, or relying on a single big player, interoperability through Jasper is a safer bet.

More on Interoperability

Integrations & API

The Jasper API

Securely power your applications with Jasper's powerful API.

Our secure API allows you to quickly integrate Jasper into your existing applications, ensuring data is always protected. Streamline the content creation process & access Jasper from any device or platform for maximum efficiency.

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Browser Extensions

Write better anywhere with browser extensions for Chrome & Edge.

Tap into your brand voice, your style guide and your company knowledge anywhere you create online from social channels, to email, and beyond.


Your team can’t be everywhere, but Jasper can. With Jasper’s integration library, you can level up your marketing and start creating blogs, emails, ads, and more at scale.

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Analytics & Insights

Easily improve the performance of your content with Jaspers AI tools. See which content is high or low performing, remix existing high-performing content into new content, and get suggestions tailored to your business.

More Analytics Features

Support & Partners

Success & Support

An expert team your company can rely on.

Things are changing rapidly in the field of generative AI. Jasper not only helps you onboard to the copilot, we’re there to help support the strategic shifts you may want to make as a result of adopting AI. We’ll make sure you’re not just using AI, you’re growing and improving as a result of it. It matters to us that you see results from your decision to adopt Jasper.

Certified Partners

In addition to your in-house support from Jasper, we have certified an ecosystem of marketing agencies and other solutions providers on responsible AI use. You can tap into that network at any time to fine a partner to fit your project or retained needs. Our partners can help your business with marketing strategy, branding, AI workshops, technical implementations and so much more.

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