Report a vulnerability or misuse of Jasper

Found a vulnerability?

If you've discovered a potential vulnerability in our software, we want to hear about it. Your knowledge can help us ensure the safety of our system and the privacy of our users.

Please provide as much detail as possible about the vulnerability, including the type of vulnerability and steps to reproduce the issue. Further details on our scope and safe harbor details for reporting vulnerabilities can be found here. Please notify us at

Witnessed misuse of Jasper?

We strive to provide a copilot for the responsible use of AI in marketing, sales and other business related uses. It is against our terms of service to use Jasper in a way that produces sexually suggestive content; hate speech, credible threats or direct attacks on an individual or group; content that contains self-harm or excessive violence; fake or impostor profiles; content for dissemination in electoral campaigns; content that encourages violence, terrorism, or other serious harm; illegal content or content in furtherance of illegal activities; malicious programs or code; any person’s personal information without their consent. 

If you spot a Jasper user violating these terms or causing harm with Jasper-assisted content, please send the details of the misuse along with any images or evidence of it to

Your contributions are vital in keeping our community safe and secure, and we are grateful for them.