Company Knowledge

Root your content in company strategy, positioning and performance

Brand Voice & Style Guide

Most AI outputs are generic. Jasper's are grounded in your brand's style and voice

Style Guide

Specify your company's style guide and use X-ray view to correct content against it.

Brand Voice

Upload your brand voice guidelines and set brand voices for key members of your team.
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Company Strategy & Positioning

Any AI can string together words, but can it understand your company? Jasper does.

Knowledge Base

Securely connect or upload background information about your company, strategy, audience, competitors, product details and more.
The Knowledge Base inside Jasper with several list items

Jasper makes improved suggestions based on your contents actual performance


Get recommendations based on performance trends on what to improve


See what content is high-performing and what low-performing content could be improved
The insights view inside Jasper showing which pieces of content are performing well vs. poorly

Why does Company Knowledge matter?

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Reduce hallucinations and ensure content about your company is up to date.
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Brand integrity
In a time when content abounds, your brand's unique voice is needed more than ever.
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With so many people creating content on behalf of your brand, keeping everything consistent is getting harder. Jasper can help.
“Jasper's brand & voice tools help our teams work even better together. We're able to align faster and collaborate more effectively.”
Nick Kakanis
Content Designer, Pilot Company

Built on an enterprise-strong foundation

Interoperability across the latest models

More models are better than one – get enhanced flexibility & reliability with Jasper's AI Engine.

Multimodality for text and images

Creativity requires words, images, and strategy. Jasper has all three.

Security & data privacy of the highest degree

We don't allow underlying models to train on your data. Period.

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