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faster SEO blog writing
Vikram Ramachandran
Vikram Ramachandran
Content Strategist
Vikram Ramachandran

faster SEO blog writing
faster creation of whitepapers
2,613 hrs
saved in content creation time with Jasper

“We use Jasper to aid any and all parts of the content-writing process. Whether that's ideation, the actual writing process, or editing”

Vikram Ramachandran
Vikram Ramachandran
Content Strategist

The Dawn of a New Era with Jasper

2X, a B2B marketing as a service agency, found itself facing a significant challenge amidst its rapid growth. As the company grew from 5 employees to 600 over the past six years, the demand for content creation skyrocketed, leaving the content team racing to keep up. The content team is responsible for various content needs including email campaigns, whitepapers, SEO blogs, ad copy, and pillar ebooks. To add to this task, niche industries require specific messaging and 2X’s content writers needed a better way to produce content more consistently.

They needed a solution to increase efficiency and boost their content production in a cost-conscious way. Plus, as the content team could double in size over the next year, 2X also needed a solution that would scale with their company.

That's when they discovered Jasper. With its multifaceted functionality and adaptability, Jasper proved to be the perfect fit for 2X's needs. From ideation to the actual writing process and editing, Jasper seamlessly integrated into their workflows, providing a personalized experience. By alleviating the hefty demands the content team faced, Jasper enabled more productive work and allowed the writers to continue to thrive in their roles as B2B content creators.

With accessible training materials like the Jasper Academy and Agency Partner Program, 2X was able to onboard Jasper efficiently and solve their needs quickly. Vikram Ramachandran, the lead of AI initiatives at 2X, couldn't be happier with the results. “Jasper Brand Voice, the Jasper API, and custom templates are all scalable features that helped us utilize the tool better…Jasper has been quite approachable for us as a hyper-growth business.”

Enhancing Efficiency and Scaling Productivity

Implementing Jasper at 2X was a strategic move aimed at improving efficiency and scaling individual productivity across a team of 55 content writers. From ideation to actual writing and editing, Jasper's broad functionality and user-friendly interface seamlessly integrated into the company's workflow of start-to-finish content creation. This allowed the team to focus on crafting compelling narratives and refining their ideas, resulting in content that drove meaningful engagement with their audience. 

A compelling example- the Remix template proved to aid as a thought partner at 2X, enabling the team to easily repurpose content and discover fresh perspectives. Vikram affirms this by stating “If I've been staring at the same piece of content for too long… I can remix it up and it may not be the final product but it's enough to spur us in the right direction.”

Customization and Consistency at the Core

The Brand Voice feature within Jasper proved to be a game-changer for 2X. Niche industries demand consistency and specific messaging, especially as their business scales, and Jasper's Brand Voice feature ensures that the content produced aligns perfectly with each client's brand identity. Maintaining a consistent tone and style across 2X’s B2B copy projects, from ads to whitepapers, became effortless, resulting in high-quality content that resonated with target audiences.

To ensure adherence to best practices and streamline their content creation process, 2X used custom templates that they purpose-built for their content needs as well as general templates already available in Jasper. The ad templates served as valuable guides, providing writers with a structured framework to follow while creating content. The team quickly implemented industry-standard practices with Jasper's assistance, resulting in content that consistently exceeded client expectations.

Driving Results and Future Expansion

With Jasper as an AI assistant across the content team, the company’s SEO blogs were generated 50% faster, allowing the team to consistently produce content while maintaining quality. Additionally, whitepaper writing witnessed a 40% reduction in time, freeing up resources to focus on other critical tasks. Jasper has transformed the content creation process at 2X, enabling them to deliver faster results for their B2B clients. By improving efficiency, maintaining brand consistency, and streamlining their workflow, Jasper has become a valuable asset to the content team. With 2X's dedication to ongoing training and the support offered by Jasper's Academy and Agency Partner Program, the narrative of growth is intertwined with Jasper. As the company plans to double its numbers, the team remains confident in Jasper's adaptability and scalability, ready to write the next chapters of its success story.

- Vikram Ramachandran, Content Strategist

2X is the world's first B2B marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) firm, focused on providing end-to-end marketing expertise for established companies in the technology and professional services industries. Founded in 2017 by three former CMOs from major global corporations, the mission at 2X is to improve marketing performance with powerful, data-driven campaigns that help businesses create more visibility, generate leads, and increase competitive advantage—twice as fast, and with double the impact. 2X is composed of world-class marketing strategists, developers, analysts, designers and writers who work together to build, run, and optimize marketing.

Headquarters: Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Company Size: Enterprise (200+ employees)

Industry: Agency

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