Analytics & Insights

Easily improve the performance of your content with AI

Actionable Insights

AI recommendations for how to double-down on your best content & repair your worst

Coming Q4 2024

Content Performance

Get insight into what content is doing well and what needs revision
The insights view inside Jasper showing which pieces of content are performing well vs. poorly
One-click Optimization

Turn recommendations into quality improvements in a single click

Coming Q4 2024


AI-powered recommendations based on existing content or recent trends

Content Score & Revisions

Convert existing content that has done well into new formats in seconds
The Editor open showcasing the Content Score, and how Jasper can automatically update content to improve said score

Why do Analytics & Insights matter?

“Jasper helped me create blog posts ranking on the 1st page of Google search results, save time writing emails & brainstorm ideas in minutes.”
Denys Kapush
Strategist, Columbia Business School
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Better outcomes
Most AI focuses on faster outputs. By learning from your past performance, Jasper can help you improve outcomes.
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More value
With one-click you can remix your top content so you get more value out of your best performing assets.
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Faster optimization
Jasper will make recommendations based on your data to improve low-performing content.

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