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Become a Jasper Tech Partner

Bring your app to life by integrating Jasper into your platform.

What is the Jasper Tech Partnership Program?

Embed and / or integrate Jasper into where your users work. Technology partners are provided exclusive commercial, technical and market development support.

Jasper’s tech partnership program is a fit if you represent:

Software platforms
Tech founders
Technical integrators
AI or LLM providers
Complementary tech providers

Bring your platform to life with AI that’s native to your product

Jasper’s AI Engine gives you instant access to the world’s best models as soon as they launch, and our team is always ready to help you understand them.

Our AI Engine removes dependencies on any one partner - if one model is unreliable at any point in time, we have additional models in place to ensure our tools stay active and perform. This means you get the most resilient platform and highest quality outputs.
Multi-model interoperability
Always updated to the latest models
Optimized for business use-cases

Reliable, private, and secure and ready to integrate in 7 days or less.

Platforms can’t afford for their features to go down when their API provider goes down. Jasper has 99.99% uptime by mixing together multiple AI partners together. AI redundancy increases performance and reliability.
99.99% uptime
Robust enterprise access control
Regular security audits

We’ll hold your hand through the technical integration of AI

Using general AI providers can be challenge. They have no support for developers and you have to figure it out on your own. Do you have the budget to hire a full-time developer dedicated towards AI implementation? Maybe not.

In this fast-paced world of AI, you don’t have time (or budget) for your developers to figure out how to use AI’s to their fullest within your platform. The pace of progress is so fast and stumbling could mean you lose the race.

Jasper’s technical support is ready to help your developers quickly implement AI into your platform, teaching them the best practices and tricks only experience can provide. If things go down you have someone to call.

You also get dedicated Customer Success support to help you craft custom templates and prompts — no need to hire a prompt engineer.
Fast and easy integration with white-glove onboarding
Dedicated technical support
Ongoing training and education

Want to bring your app to life? Explore the power of Jasper’s API.

Answers to questions about
The Jasper Tech Partner Program
Who is the Jasper Tech Partner Program intended for?
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The Tech Partner Program is designed for 3rd party software companies and consultants that wish to integrate and/or represent Jasper to their customers.

What type of pricing is available for embedding Jasper into our product?
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Our pricing for the API and Partner Program is based on usage/consumption. Speak with a member of the Partner Team to learn more.

What type of GTM support is provided?
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Initially we will help deliver a joint press release announcing your integration and/or partnership with Jasper as well as provide access to “powered by Jasper” brand guidelines. As new updates to the program come online and additional capabilities of your integration are made available we will work together to develop joint campaigns etc.

What type of LLMs does Jasper use?
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Jasper’s API provides access to the Jasper AI Engine. This engine is specifically tuned and optimized to provide the best outputs across various models including our own. As a Jasper Tech Partner you will be able to leverage Jasper’s many prebuilt features like Templates as well as methods to offer your customers the ability to train Jasper in their Voice and Tone.