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How to use Jasper's AI story generator

Jasper, one of the best AI writers, is great for storytelling.

Joe Davies of FATJOE said, “The outline of the story is done in less than half the time it used to take when I wrote full drafts by hand or in a word processor.” But outlines aren’t all Jasper can write.

Goodell David of Woodworking Clarity said: “I’ve found Jasper to be great for expanding my paragraphs. I write a couple of sentences about what I want to expand on and the program does the rest.”

‍And other users have mentioned similar benefits including:

Jasper AI story generator

Jasper Pros

It helps you generate high-quality content.

Many AI story generators are unreliable when it comes to writing engaging, high-quality content that makes sense and sounds natural.

But—whether you use it for AI copywriting or long-form content—Jasper often writes at the same level content writers and copywriters do.

It's a flexible tool.

You can use ready-to-go templates such as Creative Story or Blog Post Outline to generate story or blog topic ideas and content. Or you can use commands and recipes for more control over what Jasper writes.

Need images for your story? You can also try out its AI art generator, Jasper Art.

The Jasper community is second-to-none.

The Jasper Facebook group—where tips and tricks are being shared daily—has more than 70,000 members.

Jasper Cons

There can be a learning curve.

Since Jasper gives users more control over the AI than many alternative story generator tools, it can have a steeper learning curve. However, there are more than enough resources including Jasper Bootcamp to get you up to speed quickly.

Jasper doesn't offer a free plan (yet).

While there's no free version, you get a free 7-day trial when you sign up so you can get familiar with how the tool works.

Jasper's Top Features

Template library

For story writing in particular, Jasper’s outlining features are priceless.

You can choose the Blog Post Outline and/or Video Script Outline templates to come up with outline ideas.

Brand voice

The ultimate tool for building consistent style and tone across all your writing.

With Jasper’s Brand Voice feature, you can upload a document, copy and paste content or scan an entire website to build a unique voice for your AI-generated content.

Here’s an example of Brand Voice, where we scanned the entire Jasper blog:

Jasper Brand Voice example

Content repurposing

With Jasper Chat, you can easily repurpose content into stories you can use in eBooks, long-form blog content and more.

Simply copy and paste the content you want to repurpose into Jasper Chat then give a prompt to repurpose it into a different format. Here’s an example where we took 2 paragraphs from a B2B marketing blog and repurposed it into a picture perfect example story:

AI story generator - content repurposing example

And here’s some of what Jasper Chat gave us to work with:

Jasper AI story generator example

As you can see, repurposing content within Jasper is a quick and easy way to leverage existing content into brand new stories. 

By using a "repurpose" prompt in Jasper Chat, you can easily transform your content from one format to another, whether it be a blog post to a video or an email newsletter to a social media post. This not only saves time and effort in creating new content, but also allows for greater reach and engagement with your audience.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper’s pricing starts at $39 per month for the Creator plan.

Want to shop around a bit? Let’s look at the pros, cons, and pricing of 9 other popular AI story generators so you can decide which one is right for you.

9 AI story generators worth trying

1. DeepStory

DeepStory is another good script and story generator tool that can help you get past creative blocks while writing.

DeepStory AI Story Generator


It offers a cool "Sample scenes" feature.

To get your creative juices flowing, you can‌ pick from 10 sample scripts inspired by popular movies like The Godfather and Pride and Prejudice.

You can choose from different paragraph types.

You can select paragraph types header, action, character, dialogue, or parenthetical to tell the AI what you want to come next in your story.

Has a user-friendly interface.

DeepStory's interface is easy to use so you can get going right away.


Mainly for scripts and scenes.

If you wanted to incorporate a shorter, less detailed story into a blog post, for example, you'd need to simplify the AI's generations quite a bit.

A little time-consuming for big projects.

This tool seems to generate just a few lines at a time so, if you're writing a long story, it could take a while.

Top Feature

The paragraph type selector is useful for controlling the direction and flow of your stories.


You can use DeepStory for free but, after a few generations, you’ll need to register for an account.

2. Rytr

Rytr, like Jasper, works for a wide range of content and copy. Stories are no exception.

Rytr AI Story Generator


Choose creativity levels.

Want the AI to stick to the facts you give it? Get creative? Do a little of both? Choose between six creativity levels to get the ‌output you want.

Write anywhere.

Prefer to write in Google, WordPress, on social media or somewhere else? You can with the Rytr extension!


Inconsistent quality.

At times, Rytr misses the mark in terms of relevance and natural writing.

Character limits.

Rather than word limits, Rytr limits users to a certain number of characters per month. Many users say their credits disappear too fast so, if you plan to write a lot, you may need the Unlimited plan.

Top Feature

The Story Plot use case is a good starting point for an engaging fiction story.


Rytr has a limited free plan, which may work if you only need to write a short story here or there. But its paid plans start at just $9 per month.

3. InferKit

InferKit is another good tool if you want to bypass writer’s block and crank out stories faster than you could write on your own. 

InferKit AI Story Generator


Easy to use.

Just write some text and then click Generate Text or press tab to prompt the neural network to write more.

Free version.

You can write up to 10,000 characters per week for free so it can work well for light usage.


Limited control.

In contrast to similar tools, you can't instruct InferKit to use a certain tone or give it written instructions. Plus, there are no templates or tools for rephrasing, simplifying or expanding text.

Advanced settings are unclear.

InferKit offers a few advanced options for guiding the AI as it writes. But some ‌descriptions may be hard to understand if you're not familiar with neural networks. 

Top Feature

Although there are fewer controls than available via other generators, the AI typically does a good job of learning from your input and picking up stories where you leave off. 


If you need a paid plan, pricing starts at $20 per month.

4. CopyAI

CopyAI is another good tool for writing AI-generated stories using GPT-3, the latest algorithm from OpenAI for natural language processing.

CopyAI AI Story Generator



The Freestyle tool allows you to give custom instructions to the AI. The more specific details you give it, the better the story it'll come up with.

Natural writing.

All AI-written stories require some editing, some more than others. CopyAI has a good track record of outputting well-written content, which can mean less editing for you.

Varied output lengths.

While some tools generate outputs that are all around the same length, CopyAI gives options with some shorter outputs and some longer.



While there is a long-form document, there are currently no options to manipulate or produce text with AI in the editing pane. Everything is done in templates so prepare for a lot of copying and pasting.

Top Feature

The Freestyle tool, which can be accessed through the Short Story Template, isn’t just for short stories. If you change the inputs in the Freestyle tool or use another template, you can write longer stories too.


CopyAI has a limited free plan with paid plans starting at $49 per month.

5. AI Writer

AI Writer—another one of the best AI text generators—is especially helpful if you incorporate storytelling into marketing content for your business.

AI writer AI Story Generator


Easy to use.

Just enter a topic, the AI will write a full page on it, and you can edit it as needed. 

Verifiable sources.

If you're writing a non-fiction story, you'll have to do less research upfront and you can fact-check faster thanks to the source audit trail.

Content Length.

This tool generates whole articles in one go based on only a headline, giving you more content to work with in less time.


Mainly for articles.

Since AI Writer is mainly for articles, you'll need to phrase your title in a way that implies a story and adjust the flow of the article once it's generated.

Mainly for non-fiction.

This tool has features for factual research and search engine optimization so, naturally, it's better for non-fiction stories than fiction or creative writing. 

English only.

Other tools—Jasper included—are available in dozens of languages. But this one only works in English.

Top Feature

Besides one-click generation, the Publish to WordPress feature can come in handy if, for example, you’re publishing a story to your blog.


AI Writer offers a 7-day free trial. After that, you can upgrade for as little as $29 per month.

6. Plot Generator

Next up is Plot Generator, which has a collection of tools to help you write engaging stories.

Plot generator AI Story Generator


Story-specific tools.

There are generators for short stories, move scripts, story ideas, characters, and even genres.

Instant prompts.

Want some inspiration? You can instantly fill Plot Generator's forms with random inputs and see what ideas you like from the outputs.

Instant publishing.

If you want to publish your story for people to read and vote on, you can publish it to the Plot Generator website.


More input required.

Most tools either have short templates to fill out or require you to write a line or two of text before generating AI content. Plot Generator, however, has a long form for you to fill out.

No accounts.

This tool doesn't provide a way to save your script so you'll have to copy-paste it somewhere safe. (If you want to edit the story, you'll have to do that elsewhere too.)

Top Feature

The Suggest feature is helpful in case you get stuck at any point while filling out the form.


Plot Generator is free.

7. Writecream 

The Writecream AI writer is mainly for marketing content and copy so, if storytelling is part of your business marketing strategy, it can be useful tool.

Writecream AI Story Generator


Full process capability.

Writecream can generate engaging story intros, outlines, and write full stories via the AI Article Writer.

Free plan.

Most alternatives are paid or only offer limited-time free trials. But you can use this AI writer for free; it may be fine for light usage and/or short stories.


Output quality.

This tool writes coherently. However, you'll likely need to do more reformatting, removing of redundancies, and general editing than with some other tools.

Limited functionality.

Writecream has fewer templates than other story writing tools so it's more likely that you'll have to create and test custom use cases. 

Top Feature

The AI Article Writer is the fastest way to get from A to Z in Writecream. Rather than using several different templates, you can generate an outline, intro, and story in just four steps.


Writecream has a free plan, as well as an unlimited plan starting at $29 per month.

8. Writesonic

Writesonic, like Writecream, has a four-step tool and workflow for writing books, articles, and other long-from content quickly. 

Writesonic AI Story Generator


Engaging stories.

Writecream typically does a good job of inserting relevant details and believable scenarios based on your inputs, as well as writing in a natural and engaging way. 

WordPress publishing.

If you’re a WordPress user, no need to copy and paste. You can publish to your blog directly from Writesonic


More self-editing required.

Once a story is generated using AI Article Writer 3.0, you must edit it all on your own. There’s no way to access templates or tools for rephrasing or expanding sections within the document. 

Top Feature

The AI Article Writer is a quick way to generate a complete story in one go that you can edit or add to as needed. 


Writesonic offers a free trial, as well as four paid plans, which start at $15 per month. 

9. Simplified

Last is Simplified, which offers a few tools including a content planner and, you guessed it, an AI writing assistant. 

Simplified AI Story Generator


Good for long-form.

With one click, you can add AI-generated text you like to your long-form document. (Some story generator tools require copy and paste or add all outputs the document forcing you to delete the ones you don’t like.) 


You can write up to 1,000 words per month on the free plan with limits starting at 20,000 for paid plans. 



Simplified doesn’t seem to learn from past outputs or user-provided texts as well as other AI content generation tools like Jasper. So, it takes a bit more work and editing to write a cohesive story.

Dark user interface.

If you’re not typically a fan of dark mode, you’ll have to get used to it if you use Simplified. 

Top Feature 

The 30+ presets or templates in the short-form assistant can be helpful too. However, to flesh out the main parts of a story, the long-form writer is best since it features templates for titles, intros, outlines, and more.


Besides the Free Forever plan, paid monthly plans start at $15 per month. 

Why you should use an AI story generator

Marketers should consider using AI story generator tools to streamline their content creation process and save time.

The power of AI, when harnessed effectively, allows busy professionals to quickly repurpose existing content to create fresh and engaging stories, saving valuable time that can be redirected towards other marketing tasks. AI story generators can also help ensure consistency in messaging and tone across different pieces of content, enhancing brand cohesion and messaging clarity. 

Benefits of AI story generator tools

  • Enhanced Creativity: By providing a starting point or inspiration, AI tools can stimulate creativity and help in brainstorming new ideas.
  • Versatility: Story generator tools can be used across different platforms and formats, adapting to various content needs.
  • Increased Productivity: Marketers can produce a higher volume of content efficiently, boosting overall productivity and total output.
  • Quality Assurance: AI story generators can assist in quality control by suggesting improvements or corrections in generated content.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in AI story generators can be a cost-effective solution compared to hiring additional human resources for content creation tasks. It’s often cheaper to have an editor on your team to fact-check and put human touches on AI-generated content than it is to do everything manually.

Write better stories, faster... and have fun doing it!

Ultimately, the best way to simplify the process of writing a story is to use Jasper. It has 50+ templates, many of which can help with parts of your stories.

‍Sign up for Jasper today to get a 7-day free trial!

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How to use Jasper's AI story generator

Open the Creative Story template

Creative Story helps you write wildly creative stories to engage your readers.

Enter your prompt

Give Jasper information about your story's plot and tone of voice.

Generate your story

Click "Generate" and watch as Jasper writes a completely original story instantly.

Answers to
AI Story Generator FAQs
Do story generators create original stories?
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Depending on the capabilities of the AI, many story generators create stories that are original to some degree. One way they typically do this is by applying certain parameters and rules, like a specific genre or target audience, to the writing process. This helps to give the story a unique feel, while still maintaining its overall structure.

While we can't speak for all story generators, Jasper creates all-original content every single time.

How much does Jasper cost?
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Jasper's incredibly powerful Boss Mode plan starts atJasper's incredibly powerful Creator plan starts at $39 per month or our Professional plan is $59 per month. Enterprise plans are also available with custom pricing tailored to your team's needs. $59 per month. Business plans are also available with custom pricing tailored to your team's needs.

Are there any free AI story generators?
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Yes, there are some free generators for stories, although many are limited in the information they allow you to input and the types of stories they can generate.

For this reason, we recommend a more flexible AI-powered story writing tool like Jasper, which you can try free for 7 days.

What is the best AI story generator?
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Jasper has several benefits. Not only does it have the Creative Story template, but you can also use custom commands and reusable recipes to help you with all stages of the story writing process.

Additionally, Jasper can create content in over 30 languages, all of which is well-written and plagiarism-free.

Can you use existing content to generate new stories?
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Not every AI story generator on the market has content repurposing functionality, but Jasper has this down to a science. It’s as simple as copy and pasting your content into a conversation with Jasper Chat and asking it to repurpose it into a different format.

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