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What is a sentence rewriter?

A sentence rewriter generates new variations of your written sentence in line with a specific purpose.

These tools often use artificial intelligence (AI) and contextual synonyms to create sentences with the same meanings — in a different tone, a shorter length, or another level of readability.

Often these tools may either work for paragraph-length sentences or also as paraphrasing tools for full-length articles.

How To Use Jasper's Sentence Rewriting Tools

Even professional writers need a sentence rewriter or paraphrasing tool now and again. Here are three common ways to use these sentence rewriting generators, using the following Jasper templates:

  1. Sentence Expander
  2. Content Improver
  3. Explain it to a Child

Expand Your Sentences With The Sentence Expander

Expanding sentences can shed more light on your subject matter and prove your expertise to your audience.

We hate to be nit-picky, but a well-expanded sentence (no fluff!) can also help you reach your word count with ease.

The Sentence Expander can help with this.

Reword Your Sentences With The Content Improver

When you write several articles every week, it’s easy to default to the familiar words you often overuse or even plagiarize yourself.

A sentence rewriter saves you the stress of using a thesaurus and helps you avoid plagiarism. Just paste your own words in the text box and let the tool paraphrase your sentence.

Jasper’s Content Improver template is great for this, especially since Jasper allows you to change the tone of the original text, making it more unique.

For example, check out the rewritten versions of a couple of paragraphs from our post How To Summarize An Article In 2 Minutes Using AI.

Simplify your sentences with Explain It to a Child

Whether your audience has high literacy skills or not, everyone appreciates information that is easy to digest.

So it’s best to stick to simple sentences and keep your writing at or below a 7th-8th grade level. Sentence rewriting tools make your writing easier and more enjoyable to read than academic journals.

The Jasper Explain It to a Child template shines particularly for simplifying copy. Jasper allows you to select a grade level for your text and it then re-words it for your target audience without losing the essence. Here’s an example:

Our AI copywriting assistant, Jasper stands out because it doesn’t just substitute synonyms. The tool actually thinks about your sentence and then uses its bank of content knowledge to summarize, simplify or expand it as needed.

Benefits of Using an AI Sentence Rewriter

Using an AI sentence rewriter like Jasper can significantly enhance your writing by simplifying complex sentences into easy-to-understand language, perfect for reaching a broader audience. Jasper's ability to summarize, simplify, or expand sentences makes it a valuable asset for anyone looking to improve their writing and communicate effectively with readers of all levels.

By leveraging Jasper, you can transform your content into engaging and straightforward language, ultimately making your text more accessible and enjoyable for your audience.

  • Simplifies complex sentences into easy-to-understand language
  • Enhances writing to reach a broader audience effectively
  • Summarizes, simplifies, or expands sentences for improved clarity
  • Transforms content into engaging and straightforward language
  • Makes text more accessible and enjoyable for the audience

Rewrite better sentences with Jasper

Jasper rethinks your texts and can expand, summarize, simplify, and improve them as needed. Help your content reach its full potential and improve your writing skills.

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How to use Jasper's sentence rewriter

Open the Content Improver template

Content Improver rewrites your sentences to make them more interesting, creative, and engaging.

Feed Jasper your original sentence

Enter your original text and choose the desired tone of voice. You can even choose from 29+ languages!

Generate your brand new sentence

Click "Generate" and watch as Jasper rewrites and improves your original sentences nearly instantly.

Answers to
Sentence Rewriter FAQs
What makes a good sentence?
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A good sentence should be clear and concise, with a consistent focus and purpose. It should use specific and vivid language to convey its meaning, avoiding overly complicated or vague words.

It should obviously also have proper grammar and punctuation to ensure readability.

Last, but not least: a good sentence should provide context and help further the overall message of the piece of writing.

What is the best sentence rewriter tool?
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Jasper comes with more capabilities and more powerful tech than both Grammarly and Quillbot. Not only can you rewrite or rephrase content with Jasper, you can also use it to write long-form content and perform complex SEO tasks.

How does an AI sentence rewriter tool like Jasper work?
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Jasper's AI sentence rewriter uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to automatically rewrite sentences while preserving the original meaning. It analyzes the structure, grammar, and vocabulary of the input sentence and then generates a new version that is grammatically correct, coherent, and plagiarism-free.

It starts off by breaking down the input sentence into smaller chunks of information (subject, verb, noun, modifiers, etc) and then it identifies synonyms for each word of phrase by using its large database of words and meanings. Then, it rearranges these chunks in a logical sentence structure that flows well, reads naturally and is grammatically correct.

Is Jasper's AI sentence rewriter tool compatible with various writing styles and genres?
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Jasper's AI sentence rewriter tool is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various writing styles and genres. To write in different styles using Jasper, you can customize the output by adjusting the level of formality, tone, and complexity of the sentences. For example, if you want to create a formal piece, you can choose sophisticated vocabulary and complex sentence structures. This flexibility allows you to tailor your writing to suit specific contexts and audiences effectively.

Can an AI sentence rewriter tool like Jasper help improve SEO for my content?
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Jasper's sentence rewriter tool is exceptionally beneficial for SEO purposes due to its ability to enhance the quality of content. This final result is content that reads naturally, adheres to proper grammar rules, and ultimately helps in boosting SEO rankings by providing fresh and optimized content for search engines to index and rank.

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