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A Guide To Repurposing Content And Growing Your Audience

Your audience appreciates content in a variety of formats. Cater to wider audiences by repurposing content in new ways without starting from scratch every time.

Published on May 25, 2022

Repurposing content is different from simply copying and publishing the same content on another platform. In reality, content repurposing takes relevant content and distributes it across different platforms in a format that works for it.

The goal of repurposing is to reach wider audiences without adding more work.

In this article, we’ll share the best practices to get you started.

Why Is Content Repurposing Important?

A content marketing strategy is only as good as the content it produces. In today's crowded marketplace, simply producing content is not enough. 

To be successful, content must be high-quality, original, and relevant to your target audience. However, creating all of this content can be a challenge, particularly if you’re working with limited resources. This is where content repurposing comes in. 

By taking your existing content and reusing it for a new purpose or audience, you can get the most out of your content marketing efforts. Not only does this save time and money, but it also ensures that your content is always fresh and engaging. This is why content repurposing should be an essential part of every content marketing strategy.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get from repurposing a great piece of content:

1. Distribute Content Across Platforms

Your content will reach larger audiences if you use diverse formats to fit different social media channels. This in turn increases your reach without needing to produce completely new content.

2. Maintain Your Publishing Frequency

Repurposing helps you produce quality content without having to create something new every time. You can maintain the frequency of publishing which in turn can help increase traffic to your website. It also gives you new opportunities to connect with your audience.

3. Meet Audience Demands for Varied Content

Different audiences prefer different forms of content. By repurposing written content into video or webinar format, or vice-versa, you’ll reach audiences otherwise inaccessible from your regular content platform. This is also a way to bring new life to old content that isn’t bringing in traffic anymore.

4. Grow Your Audience On Different Platforms

Reaching new audiences allows you to expand your online presence and bring in more traffic from a range of platforms. Your audience on LinkedIn may be different from your audience on YouTube, so make sure to repurpose popular content to generate more traffic and boost your online presence on each platform.

7 Tips For Repurposing Your Content

Repurposing content takes more than just a quick update to an old blog post. Here are some tips to ensure your valuable time for repurposing is used well:

1. Improve the Writing of Existing Content

Improving the writing and structure of existing content will give it a boost of traffic just like when it was first published. Jasper can help you rewrite content in a flash with the Content Improver template. 

2. Convert Text Posts Into Video

One of the most common methods of content repurposing is by converting existing text content into video format. Audiences prefer different forms of media on different channels. Converting a post to a video for YouTube or TikTok, for example, expands content’s reach while keeping effort at a minimum.

3. Refresh Your Content

Taking old content and turning it into something new takes off the pressure of developing content from scratch. Content refreshing takes old or decaying content and updates it to make it more relevant.

4. Create an Infographic

Designing an infographic from your content can be a challenge if you’re not sure how to visualize things. That being said, infographics are quite useful, given that about 65% of the general population are visual learners and will benefit from a visual representation of your content.

Create new images or infographics easily with Canva, an easy-to-use online tool, or have your graphic design team create visual representations from your posts.

5. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to expand and reach a more audio-inclined market. It can be difficult for some audiences to stay relatively attentive while reading through an article. Podcasts make it easy to follow your content and stay engaged, and listeners are able to multitask if they want. Turn an original post into an audio-based format as a way to repurpose any high-performing content. Use Jasper to create a video script in an instant.

6. Adapt Content to Promote on Social Media

Using social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram gets your content in front of a new audience. Create a thread for your blog content on Twitter, or promote associated visual content on Instagram. You can also reuse the same content across platforms each week or month for more engagement.

7. Rework Long Posts into a Short Series

Transforming a long-form article into a series allows you to describe topics with added detail while creating new content to publish. Your new series could take place on Instagram, in an email newsletter, or as fresh podcast episodes. Or go the opposite route and turn content into a whitepaper.

How to Use AI for Repurposing Content

Using artificial intelligence or AI to repurpose content benefits your content strategy by making it easier and faster to repurpose content. Tools like take off some of the stress that comes with content creation and repurposing.

How Jasper Can Help

Jasper is an AI software with copywriting abilities, capable of re-writing, repurposing, and improving content. Jasper also has an entire community dedicated to helping you make the most out of your experience with AI writing.

Jasper offers 52+ templates to help you create content in different formats efficiently. Jasper’s Boss Mode also lets you give commands to the AI, meaning content can be produced and improved, all at the same time. Let’s take a look at some templates that help with content repurposing.

1. Content Improver

Jasper’s Content Improver Template takes your existing sentences or paragraphs and re-writes them with your keywords in mind. This is a fast way to boost your content’s SEO scores and connect with the voice for your audience.

Simply paste in the written content you want re-written and let Jasper immediately generate new options for you.

Jasper content improver

2. Video Script Outline

Jasper’s Video Script Outline template can help you create a video script outline on the same topic as your written content. This saves you time when you want to repurpose a long blog post into a video.

All you need to do is tell Jasper what the title and topic of your video will be, and Jasper will generate an outline by analysing high-ranking videos online.

Jasper video script outline

3. Quora Answers

Jasper’s Quora Answers template reviews common Quora questions and answers to find the best way to answer a question. This template helps you answer questions related to your published content while also making sure you are not merely copy pasting the same blog post on Quora.

Make sure to input your question, information to include in the answers, and ideal tone of voice for an extra level of authenticity in the Quora answer Jasper generates.

Jasper quora answers

You don’t have to be exhausted from generating new content constantly. Instead, save yourself some time by repurposing content that already performs well.

Sign up for Jasper today and make your content repurposing process even faster.

Meet The Author:

Austin Distel

Austin Distel

Marketing @ Jasper

Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper, your AI creative assistant. He's also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas. You can follow Austin's adventures around the internet and the world at distel.com.

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