6 Paragraph Lengtheners to Create Longer, Better Content

Paragraph lengtheners can save the day when you need to expand a section of content but are battling writer’s block. Check out the top 6 lengthener tools here!

Published on Oct 20, 2022

“Something’s missing, but I don’t know what.” Every content writer has been there, knowing a paragraph needs to be rewritten but feeling paralyzed by writer’s block.   

The great thing is that even when you’re at a loss for words, paragraph lengtheners aren’t! Let’s see how these tools can save the day, when to use them, and which paragraph lengthener tools are worth checking out.

How do paragraph lengthener tools work?

Paragraph lengtheners do what their name suggests—make paragraphs longer, ideally without altering the meaning of your original text. But some do a better job than others. 

For example, a tool called Text Inflator:

  • Adds modifiers to adjectives and verbs 
  • Uses larger words and phrases
  • Repeats parts of sentences

But this rarely yields quality content. More often, it results in redundancy, awkward sentences, and paragraphs full of fluff, as you can see below. 

Text Inflator

On the other hand, artificial intelligence tools like Jasper do a better job of continuing ideas and adding substance without lowering content quality. (We’ll see some examples of this later.)

When to use paragraph lengtheners

As a marketer, you know that word count goals are often not as big a deal as some content creators make them seem. So, we don't recommend using lengthening tools just to hit a minimum word count target (or minimum page count). You wouldn’t want to risk adding low-value filler, which could ruin the reader experience.

Instead, use lengthening tools to make your content more valuable for readers, such as with additional information or examples to support your main points. They can come in handy, especially if you find yourself short on time or unsure how to expand a section of content on your own.  

The 6 best paragraph lengthener tools

Now, without further ado, let’s look at some lengtheners worth trying.

1. Jasper

First on the list is Jasper—one of the leading AI marketing tools. Jasper can help you write from scratch or summarize content. And it can help you improve upon what you’ve written, including making your paragraphs longer. There are several ways to do this. 

One is with the Sentence Expander template. Plug in a sentence you’d like to expand, along with the tone of voice you’re going for. Jasper will turn it into multiple sentences.

Jasper Sentence Exapnder Template

If you need to, you can repeat this for other sentences until you get to your desired length and depth. 

Alternatively, you can paste your content into a long-form document in Jasper. 

Expanded Text in Jasper Long-Form Document

In the left-hand pane, select either short, medium, or long output length to let him know how much to write. Then, place your cursor within a sentence to continue it or after a period to add a supporting thought. Click “Compose” and Jasper will start writing where you left off. 

For example, we started Jasper off at the end of the short paragraph you saw above and clicked “Compose” three times. The rest of the text you see below was AI-generated! 

Expanded Text in Jasper Long-Form Document 2

But what if you don’t want to move on to subsequent paragraphs and just want to add context to a specific one? 

In that case, set the output length to shorter and give Jasper a cue for what you want. This could be a transition word like “and” or “so.” Or it could be a few words that hint at what the following sentence should cover. For example, we added a comma followed by “do research on” to the end of the last sentence and pressed “Compose.” This is what Jasper added. 

Expanded Text in Jasper Long-Form Document 3

And these are just two of several flexible ways you can use our AI writing assistant to lengthen your paragraphs. 


  • Jasper is trained to imitate the language and writing techniques of human writers 
  • Learns from patterns in content to match your tone, language, and writing style as closely as possible
  • Can write unique, plagiarism-free content in 20+ languages 
  • You can also summarize text for shorter, concise content


  • Has more features and more of a learning curve than some other tools
  • Costs more than similar tools

Pricing: The Starter plan starts at $29 per month for access to Jasper’s 50+ content and copywriting templates. For even more flexibility within Jasper’s long-form documents, you can grab the Boss Mode plan, which starts at $59 per month. 

2. CopyAI

Next is CopyAI. Like Jasper, it’s more than a paragraph lengthener. It can help you brainstorm and write various types of content and copy. But the Freestyle tool, in particular, helps expand paragraphs. 

Input your original paragraph and instruct the AI to make the paragraph longer. You’ll get several outputs like this in return. 



  • Outputs well-written content (often with varying lengths and talking points)
  • Has a “More like this” option to make it easier to get the kind of paragraphs you’re looking for
  • Is available in 25+ languages


  • Sometimes ventures off into other topics that—although related—you may not have planned on covering 
  • Doesn’t always add more depth to the text

Pricing: CopyAI has a free plan, a Pro plan for $35 per month, and a custom plan for teams. 

3. Rytr

Rytr is another popular tool for expanding content with the help of an AI content generator. How does it stack up to the others we’ve mentioned? Fairly well. 

In a Rytr, document, all you have to do is paste your text, highlight the part you want to expand, and then click “Expand” in the menu that appears. Rytr will write the next sentence for you (see the highlighted sentence in our example below). 



  • Doesn’t move on to other ideas and paragraphs, which is good if you really want to add context to a specific paragraph
  • Often tries to incorporate examples to illustrate key points
  • Inexpensive tool


  • Doesn’t give variations of expanded content to choose from
  • Not as many options available as with alternatives like Jasper

Pricing: Rytr has a free plan, the Saver plan for $9 per month, and the unlimited plan for $29 per month. 

4. Writesonic

Writesonic's Sentence Expander tool can also help you lengthen your paragraphs. It’s labeled as being for short stories, but it can work for other types of content too. Enter up to 1,000 characters at a time, select the language you want to write in, and choose how many outputs you want. Click “Expand Sentence” and Writesonic will take it from there. 

Writesonic Sentence Expander


  • Writes naturally and does a decent job of adding context on well-known topics
  • Can generate up to five results at a time (and download them in a Word document)
  • Available in 20+ languages 


  • No option to specify your desired tone of voice
  • Can’t specify the output length you want so some results may be shorter or longer than you want

Pricing: Writesonic has a free plan that allows you to write up to 25,000 words. The paid plans start at $15 and $19 per month. (They range up from there depending on how many words you plan to write and your quality selection.) 

5. Peppertype

Peppertype has a Content Expander tool. Simply pop in a sentence and, optionally, add a tone of voice and keywords. Peppertype will give you results like this in return. 

Peppertype Content Expander


  • Easy to use with no learning curve
  • Continues the current paragraph more often than introducing new ideas in additional paragraphs
  • Tool often tries to add examples to the content, which can make it more valuable for your target audience


  • The user interface is basic and less intuitive compared to other tools
  • Only generates three variations of text at a time, which is less than some other tools like Jasper

Pricing: Peppertype has a $35 per month plan, a $199 per month plan, and a custom Enterprise plan.

6. Simplified

Last up is Simplified, which has a couple of tools that can help you lengthen paragraphs, including a Paragraph Expander and an Expand This Text template. We tested out the latter. To use it, just select a language and enter the paragraph you want to expand. (It’s optional, but you can also adjust the number of results and creativity level.) This is what Simplified gave us in return.

Simplified Expand This Text Template


  • Easy to use and outputs content that reads well
  • Affordable tool (with more than just AI writing features)
  • Can adjust the creativity level to stick closer to or venture away from the content you input


  • Rewords the content you input, which could be frustrating if you like what you wrote and simply want to add to it
  • All results seem to be around the same length

Pricing: Simplified offers a free plan, as well as four paid plans ranging from $15 to $125 per month. 

Start creating longer (and more valuable) content

As you can see, there’s a range of text generators that can help you expand paragraphs. But, again, the goal shouldn’t just be to make a piece of content longer. It should be to make the content more engaging, useful, and enjoyable to read for your audience. So you’ll want a flexible tool like Jasper that’s equipped to help you do that. Get signed up today.

Meet The Author:

Dave Rogenmoser

Dave Rogenmoser

CEO of Jasper

Dave is the Co-Founder Jasper, a Y Combinator-backed tech company based in Austin, Texas. He is also a husband and father of 3 boys.

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