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Jasper has countless features that help you with every aspect of your writing, from ideation to content creation to polishing your final drafts. Jasper is your full-service AI writing assistant and marketing co-pilot, even allowing you to easily chat with AI with its amazing AI chatbot Jasper Chat.

Jasper’s AI Text Generation Features


It takes time to manually create content in different formats and tones. With Jasper’s templates, it only takes a couple minutes to draft multiple pieces of content for a product description, long-form blog post, Google Ad headline, or LinkedIn bio. 

Here’s a look at the various templates Jasper has for blogs:

Jasper templates for AI text generation

With templates for over 50 unique use cases, finding a template that works specifically for your needs is hassle-free. 

These templates can help you overcome writer’s block and improve your content. 

Quick Content Generation

Some days you may feel you don’t have the attention span to complete your writing work. Whether it's shorter copy or long-form content, you might struggle to find the perfect string of words that convey exactly what you want to say. 

That’s where using an AI writing assistant can work like a charm. All you have to do is input your topic and give Jasper a little detail to help it understand your goals.

Here’s how to use Jasper’s Blog Post Intro Paragraph template:

You insert the blog post title, audience, and tone of voice and hit “Generate.” Then it comes up with ideas for your introduction:

Jasper can read everything about your topic on the internet. It analyzes information on your chosen topic online (from news articles, blog posts, Reddit forums, Wikipedia, and many other places) and drafts unique content for you. What might take hours to do, Jasper completes in minutes. 

Brand Voice

Jasper’s Brand Voice feature is incredibly powerful for building consistency across all your content. You can create a custom Brand Voice by copy and pasting content, uploading a document or letting Jasper scan any website (yours or others’). Jasper will be able to match the tone and style of your content, making it extremely powerful for creating any kind of content.

Repurposing Your Content

What you write as an Instagram caption won’t work in an email. Writing for one format and then using it on another platform may rub readers the wrong way. Different platforms have different audiences, so you must adapt your content for each channel.

An AI writing assistant will speed up this process and make writing more efficient. Using your old content as a base, Jasper’s multiple templates can help you find the right format and repurpose your content to match the right audience, while conveying the same message.

Creating Content in 30+ Languages 

The world is big, but the internet is bringing everyone closer. Writing for everyone—in their own language—is important because it grows your audience and makes your content more accessible.

Jasper’s powerful technology can read and write content in 30+ languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, and Portuguese. No more inaccurate Google translations! 

Relying on trained AI software to do the work of translators can significantly cut down on your work time. 

Coming Up with Different Ideas

We all know what it feels like to hit a roadblock while writing. Staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor is a nightmare. The irritation and dissatisfaction when you’re unable to come up with new ideas is a major setback. 

But what if all it took to get you unstuck was a little nudge in a different direction?

Using AI text generators for content creation can give you new ideas—one reason writers continue to use tools like Jasper.

For example, you can use Jasper’s Blog Post Outline template to get ideas for H2 headers. Just insert the blog post title and tone of voice, and hit “Generate.”

Jasper will then provide an outline. If you don’t like it, you can either regenerate it or type in title variations for different results.

Jasper’s prediction technology works differently than your brain, so it will come up with different ideas than you would on your own. This tool is like having a second brain to suggest new angles when you’re stuck or going through a heavy bout of writer’s block. 

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Writers want to get work done quickly without sacrificing engagement. Writing first and optimizing later is becoming a thing of the past—you can now write and optimize your content at once, making SEO editing less of a hassle.

With its template library, Jasper helps you find the right keywords and phrases to optimize your content for better reach and rankings. 

This will free up your time for adding images, SME quotes, and other information that will make your content stand apart.

Using Jasper with Surfer SEO integration for high-ranking content 

Jasper has several in-built features that can improve your workflow, such as its new Surfer SEO integration. Surfer SEO is one of the leading tools available to optimize your content for higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic. 

Jasper and Surfer SEO work together to enhance your content for better reach and relevance. After a quick training on how to use Surfer SEO with Jasper, you can write content faster and learn how to refine it for higher rankings. 

Writer’s block—it always comes at the most inopportune times, like when you have a looming deadline. Even the best of us face writer’s block at some point. 

There are methods to get through it, like conducting research, creating idea flow maps, and building in-depth content outlines. But if only there were an assistant that could take you from idea to first draft. 

Well, there is.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have been getting smarter, and AI marketing tools are popping up left and right. Now there are AI writing assistants that can drastically improve your workflow, optimize keyword use, and even help with idea generation.

But is AI ready to take over our jobs as writers? Not quite. In 2022, writers are still irreplaceable in every industry. But this doesn’t mean AI text generators don’t have a place. 

Using an AI content generator will fast-track your work and improve your content’s quality, relevance, and reach. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about AI writing assistants. 

What is AI writing? 

We can trace the concept of AI back to 1950 when Alan Turing created what is today called the Turing Test—a method to decide if a machine can display the same intelligence as a human being. 

AI writing initially began as a fun experiment. But in our generation, it has the potential to take writing to the next level. 

While AI can’t replace human involvement altogether, it can produce quick, fresh, SEO-optimized content, making the writer’s life simpler.

This is exactly what Jasper does by helping writers overcome writer’s block. It “reads” what you write and offers suggestions to complete your thoughts. 

It’s an excellent tool to keep your creative juices flowing. But how does it work? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Using AI Text Generator Tools

AI text generator tools offer a range of benefits for writers, from saving time and effort to increasing productivity and creativity.

By utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning, these tools can quickly generate high-quality content that is optimized for search engines, helping writers overcome writer's block and producing fresh ideas. They also provide suggestions to complete undeveloped concepts, keeping the creative process flowing smoothly. Writers can produce helpful content at a faster pace while still maintaining their unique voice and style.

  • Time-Saving: AI text generator tools help writers save time by quickly generating high-quality content.
  • Increased Productivity: These tools boost productivity by providing suggestions to complete undeveloped concepts.
  • Overcoming Writer's Block: AI text generators help writers overcome writer's block by producing fresh ideas.
  • SEO Friendly Output: Content generated by AI tools is optimized for search engines, which can improve rankings and visibility.
  • Maintaining Unique Style: Writers can maintain their unique (brand) voice and style while utilizing AI text generators to produce content efficiently.

How does Jasper work? 

Jasper's proprietary AI engine offers access to all the best large language models like GPT-4, Google's PaLM, Anthropic, and others to analyze sets of input data and then generate text similar to that data. This basically means that the AI writing assistant can browse the entire internet based on what you initially input into the software and reword it to sound similar. The output differs every time you change the input information. 

There’s a wealth of information on the web on any given topic—unfortunately, no one can read it all. The time it takes to pore through dozens of links can take hours, especially for complex topics. With Jasper or other AI copywriting assistants, you can speed up your writing by allowing it to use its own research to add input on your topic. Once you get the hang of it, Jasper can function as your AI sidekick, anticipating what you need. 

Training and prediction 

So far, Jasper has read around 10% of all published content online to understand and imitate how humans write. That’s why our results are exceptionally humanlike. 

Jasper also works wonders at word prediction. Because we designed it as a creative aid, we don’t recommend using Jasper as a fact-checker—and you will want to run it through a plagiarism checker to ensure your text is indeed original. 

But it is a fantastic tool to get the creative juices flowing and save you time in the writing process, so you can focus your energy on the details.

Pattern recognition 

Pattern recognition is built into Jasper. Using complex algorithms, Jasper can identify what you’re writing about. Then, after comparing it with similar content, it can predict what you’re going to write next. The more you write (in the same document), the better Jasper gets at understanding what you’re looking for as it works to predict more relevant sentences. 

Improve Your Writing with AI Text Generator Tools Today

Anyone can be a good writer with the right tools. Whether you write marketing copy or personal blogs, using an AI text generator will catapult your writing quality. Through machine learning, the AI understands what you’re trying to write and uses this knowledge to improve your writing process. 

AI software is being patented at a growth rate of 76.9% per year. In a world where everything is becoming automated, Jasper works as your personal AI assistant to make your writing easier and better. 

What else can you achieve with Jasper? Sign up today.

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Watch as Jasper creates original content based on your instructions.

Answers to
AI Text Generator FAQs
What is the best AI text generator?
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Jasper stands out as the best AI text generator due to its unparalleled ability to enhance your writing process. Jasper is at the forefront of innovation. By leveraging machine learning, Jasper comprehends your writing intent, enabling it to significantly elevate the quality of your content, whether for marketing purposes or personal expression. 

To experience the transformative power of Jasper for yourself, sign up today and unlock a world of improved writing.

Is there a free AI text generator?
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Jasper's AI text generator is free with a simple free trial signup!

What is the AI text generator everyone is using?
Expand / Collapse IconExpand / Collapse Icon

AI text generators are becoming increasingly popular in 2023, as they can help to speed up the content production process. There are many AI text generators available on the market, each with its own unique features and capabilities.

Jasper AI is a great all-round AI text generator that can be used for a variety of tasks. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate high-quality content quickly and easily.

What are the risks involved using AI text generator tools?
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  1. Misinformation: AI may generate inaccurate or misleading information, negatively impacting the credibility of the content.
  2. Lack of Creativity: Over reliance on AI can limit the originality and creative input in content creation. It’s important to remember that AI is a tool, not an end-to-end solution. It’s best used as an assistant to guide your writing, rather than relying on it to generate all of your writing.
  3. Bias: AI models may perpetuate biases present in the training data, leading to biased content generation.
  4. Quality Control: Ensuring the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated content may require additional time and effort for review and editing.
Is using AI generated text ethical?
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Using AI-generated text is legal and does not constitute plagiarism when using platforms like Jasper.

The key aspect to consider is ensuring that the generated content is modified or personalized enough to be considered original work. Simply put, using AI to assist in content creation is similar to using any other tool or resource. It is important to add your unique insights, perspective, or additional information to the generated text to ensure that it becomes a new creation.

By doing so, you are not copying someone else's work but rather leveraging technology to aid in your creative process. As long as you add value and make the content your own, the use of AI-generated text is a legitimate and ethical practice in content creation.

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