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9 Best AI Content Generators for Every Kind of Content in 2023

AI content generators are great for beating writers block and creating content that converts. Here are 9 of the best tools out there.

January 27, 2023
9 Best AI Content Generators for Every Kind of Content in 2023
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9 Best AI Content Generators for Every Kind of Content in 2023

By now, we all know that content is king, and the saying has never been truer. Just a few weeks away from 2023, more than 950 million blog posts have been written, according to Internet Live Stats.

And just think about the billions of other pieces of content created, including case studies, emails, sales copy, social media content, and more. Content is clearly considered a worthwhile investment by millions of content creators and marketers. 

But generating relevant, unique content demands a high level of creativity and stamina that’s not easily maintained without assistance. So, to keep up with the constant demand for more and more content that converts, it may be time to send an SOS call. Your best bet? An AI content generator.

9 AI content generator tools for every kind of content

  1. Jasper
  2. Copysmith
  3. Writesonic
  4. Kafkai
  5. Article Forge
  6. Articoolo
  7. Rytr
  8. CopyAI
  9. Peppertype

1. Jasper

Jasper is an exceptional AI content generator with more than 52 short and long-form writing templates. Whether you’re writing a personal bio, an Instagram photo caption, an Amazon product description or a real estate listing, Jasper can fix you up with content designed (and proven to) convert.

Jasper personal bio ai genenrator

The Jasper Blog Post Intro paragraph is especially helpful for getting through writer’s block as you figure out how to write content for your website. Tell Jasper what your article is about and you’ll get a launchpad that helps you dive deep into your post. With the Boss Mode plan, you can give even more detailed instructions to Jasper.

Beyond shiny templates, Jasper knows that working with a new AI teammate can be a bit of a learning curve. So the software comes with an impressive selection of in-depth training resources and help documents that walk you through how Jasper thinks and how to get the best out of the software.


Starts at $29/month. New users get 10K credits when they sign up.



Copysmith is designed to help brands and businesses reach their content goals.

This AI writer has 30+ templates, including Facebook Ad copy, Pitch Yourself, Event Press Release, and Content Rewriter. Use these templates for creating compelling Facebook ads, pitching yourself and your services, spreading the word about your event, and rewriting content for extra shine.

With Copysmith, you can organize and store your content in folders, so you know where each client’s work is. It’s also easy to test out the software, as you can get access to a 3-day free trial and take all the features for a spin (with some credit limits). 

If you use Chrome, you can benefit by using the Copysmith Chrome browser extension. Copysmith is also rolling out collaborative features to their highest membership tier, which will allow teams to work together on generating content.


Starts at $19, with credit limits. New users can get a 3-day free trial.

3. Writesonic


AI copywriting tool, Writesonic aims to create copy that engages your readers and leads to sales and traffic for your business. 

It provides two content generator offerings. One selection of templates is geared toward copywriters, with options for writing landing pages, sales emails, and product descriptions, as well as checking for readability and correct grammar.

The other set of templates supports long-form article writing and allows you to draft blog posts, summarize content, and rephrase as needed.

Writesonic also offers a free trial and a Pay-As-You-Go credit system for users who are not quite ready to commit to a monthly or annual membership. 


Starts at $15/month. Free trial available for new users.

4. Kafkai


Kafkai is the oldest AI content generator geared specifically toward creating SEO relevant content.

The software works with a writing niche system, as opposed to typical templates. It currently offers article writing in 37 niches, including health, sports, dogs, SEO, and software.

As with most AI content generators, you can be certain of unique articles with Kafkai. The sweet spot, lengthwise, is between 500-900 words for Kafkai-generated articles. Kafkai offers a 3-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with generating articles on the Kafkai app, you can download their WordPress plugin and write directly on WordPress for a smoother workflow.

Need to translate your content to a different language? Kafkai can present your work in seven other languages.


Starts at $29/month, inclusive of up to 100 monthly articles for $29 per month.

5. Article Forge

article forge

This AI writing tool creates original SEO content in less than a minute using deep learning. Feed Article Forge your keyword and any other relevant information, and it will create an article complete with relevant subheadings, AI-generated images, videos, and links.

Article Forge’s interface is intuitive to use and allows you to customize major details like article length, secondary keywords, and subheadings. This AI’s goal is to help your content rank on search engines.

Most AI content generators allow you to translate your generated content into several languages. However, Article Forge enables you to create high-quality content directly in up to seven foreign languages.


$57/month, billed monthly or $27/month billed annually. They also offer you a 5-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. Articoolo


Articoolo works on an article purchase basis; readers pay to generate a fixed number of articles per month or plan. After entering the keyword, the software generates a short article, typically under 500 words.

If you like working with templates, note that there are none to be found with this program. Instead, with Articoolo, you can create new articles, rewrite old articles, generate titles, summarize articles, and find images and quotes to support your articles.

WordPress users will enjoy Articoolo’s WordPress plugin that allows for a seamless creation and sharing process.


Pay per use starts at $19 per 10 articles (no time-use limit) and monthly subscriptions start at $29 for 30 articles.

7. Rytr


Rytr is a straightforward writing assistant and content generator with over 30 templates and use cases. It is aimed at helping copywriters and content marketers generate copy for ads, landing pages, product descriptions, and more.

With Rytr, you can adjust your tone to sound just right by choosing from 20+ available writing tones.

It also enables you to write for a wider audience by allowing input in 25+ languages. While writing, you can ask Rytr to expand, shorten, or rephrase sentences.

If you’d like to take your content directly from Rytr to your CMS of choice, you can take advantage of the ample formatting options to make your text more readable.

To ensure that your content stays 100% original, use Rytr’s plagiarism checker for a quick review.


Free plan available. Premium costs $29/month and $290/year.

8. CopyAI 

CopyAI is another popular artificial intelligence writing software. With more than 90 tools for content writing and copywriting, it’s no wonder the tool has over 1 million users.

This software also has several templates each for blog posts, social media content, emails, website copy, case studies, videos, general business content, and even templates for fun. 


With very few user inputs, CopyAI can quickly generate unique content and copy that follows writing and AI marketing best practices. For instance, the First Draft Wizard template requires only a blog title, keywords, the goal of the blog post, and a tone of voice selection.

The AI then creates a blog post outline, generates talking points for each heading, and then writes content on each of those points. 

CopyAI, which is available in 25+ languages, also has a long-form editor and allows unlimited projects so that you can keep related AI content together.


CopyAI has a free plan that’s good for light usage or for testing the tool out before you decide if you want to go paid or not. As for its paid plans, pricing starts as $49 per month. 

9. Peppertype

Last up is Peppertype, which was created by one of the world’s largest content marketplaces—Pepper Content.

Using GPT-3, this AI writing assistant helps with content idea generation and all sorts of content and copy. 


With nearly 50 templates to choose from, it can help you write everything from personal bios and Youtube video descriptions to product descriptions and Quora Answers.

While this tool gives concise outputs and is, therefore, best for short-form writing like ad copy, it has some templates that are useful for long-form work as well. 

For example, the Content Rewriter, Content Expander, and Content Simplifier templates can be helpful when updating existing content. And the Paragraph Writer and Blog Heading Expander can help you create blog posts, articles, case studies, white papers, and more section by section. 

A benefit of Peppertype is its team features. Many AI writers limit the ability to add users to higher-tier plans and/or force all users to share a single word limit.

This tool, however, allows additional users even on its Starter plan, and each user can generate up to 50,000 words per month. Plus, on the Growth plan, there are even more collaboration features such as results sharing and access control. 


Peppertype’s pricing starts at $35 per month. Its middle-tier plan is priced at $199 per month and, for enterprise features, you can request custom pricing.

Now you've got a few tools to try out. But how do you know whether it's a good idea in the first place?

Should you even use a content generator?

The big question is:, is it even okay to use AI content? A lot of people are still a little skeptical.

But the fact is this: Your writing can still be 100% original, human-sounding, and enjoyable to read if you get help from an AI content generator.

On top of highly converting content, you’ll save time, and scale up by creating content faster. We only see a win-win situation. But to see our side clearly, you’ll need to understand how AI content generators work.

How AI-generated content works

AI content generators use Natural Language Generation to write the way humans do.

Simply put, engineers feed the AI a wide range of written content — from articles and newspaper stories to Reddit threads — which the AI then “studies” and learns to recreate stylistically.

When writing long-form content, like ultimate guides, AI content generators use their knowledge database (all those internet long-form stories) and also follow patterns set by the writers using them (that’s you!), much like autocorrect does. 

However, these tools often require additional human input — especially with shorter content. 

When it comes to answering Quora questions, for instance, most content generators will need you to share a little about your question and any keywords you’d like to target.

The software will then draw on its vast supply of internet resources (including a bank of other Quora and forum responses), which combined with its human-sounding language will provide an excellent first draft you can now tailor for your use.

Jasper Quora Answers Template

It’s worth noting, though, that AI content generators are not “content spinners.” Content spinners take already written content and essentially reshuffle words, use synonyms, and rephrase sentences to reduce the amount of plagiarized content.

Good AI text generators create original content from scratch with user input, using the information, style, and writing patterns of published content. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the refreshing results your meager one or two sentences will produce once fed into effective content generation software.

Tips for writing with an AI content generator

Now that you know how artificial intelligence content writing tools work, it’s time to make them work for you. Generally, with AI writing tools, what you give is what you get. 

It’s true, you won’t be writing all that fresh content by yourself, but you won’t be lounging entirely either. When using a content generator, you’ll need to do at least three things:

1. Write your input prompt

Here, you’ll complete a brief “intake form” telling the AI about the subject of your content, including the desired writing tone and any other important information, like product benefits or whether you want a bio written in the first or third person.

2. Choose the best output

Most content generators will provide several alternative generated texts based on your request. You can then cut and paste snippets into a document or select one or more options.

3. Tweak and proofread your output

Once you’ve found "the one", proofread and tweak it to your heart’s content. You’ve made it — you escaped the horror of the blank page.

Pro tip: The more detailed your input prompts are, the better your outputs will be. Communication is key.

Ready to see these steps in action?

We’ll walk you through using one of Jasper’s many, many content templates: the Amazon product description template.

Say you’re writing a product description for a new blanket, your company, Bismo is launching. AI content generator Jasper can create multiple options, in both list and paragraph forms.

Jasper Amazon Product Description (Paragraph) Template

Tell Jasper about your product. We only added five features, but really, you can write up to 600 characters. Reminder: the more context you give Jasper about your product and customer, the better the outputs!

Switch up the tone to match your brand’s style: funny, professional, formal, friendly, calm, or whatever floats your boat. 

Jasper Amazon Product Description (Paragraph) Template 2

Not satisfied with the content? You can always hit the “Generate AI Content” button for fresh ideas, or add more information to your input.


A few final thoughts

Granted, not all content or copy can be publish-ready or even fully drafted in 10 minutes.

You should always fact-check AI content and may also want to edit or add to the outputs. However, an AI writing assistant like Jasper can give you a much-needed jumpstart and headstart with content creation. 

Just remember that AI writers work with you, not against you or instead of you. They make work faster and broaden your horizons — after all, you haven’t read 10% of the entire internet yet.

We’ve shown you how to make the best of a content generator and shared nine of the best. If you ask us, we would strongly recommend Jasper, a versatile, robust content generator capable of handling everything from short captions to long-form and video scripts.

Try Jasper now with 10,000 free credits


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Logos of Jasper integrations with other products Hubspot, Shopify, Facebook, Google, and more
Logos of Jasper integrations with other products Hubspot, Shopify, Facebook, Google, and more

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