Jasper’s Got a Brand New Podcast: ‘The Prompt’. Meet Your Hosts.

Engaging, non-technical conversations on the impact of generative AI. Tune in!

Published on Jun 29, 2023

Let’s say you want to learn more about generative AI but not necessarily what a transformer is or how natural language processing works. You want to hear non-technical discussions about how this technology could impact your everyday life: how you search the web, how you do your job (and whether AI will replace it), how your kids may or may not use it in school, whether society will be inundated with deep fakes, and other topics of concern.

You’re aware of all the noise surrounding generative AI (because the news is inescapable) but don’t know where to find approachable conversations about its high-level impact in the world.

Well, we have news — and a show (about news) — for you.

Jasper is presenting The Prompt Podcast: conversations between close-knit marketing coworkers and occasional guests who casually muse on the biggest news, trends and questions surrounding AI like those mentioned above. It’s not a formal talking-head news show or a technical jargon-heavy podcast. Rather, it’s a show rooted in conversations you’d hear around a coffee table between people invested in AI and doing their best to keep up with its developments, but who are not technical gurus around its inner workings.

The goal is to create a show that is as welcoming and entertaining as it is educational to people even marginally interested in the technology.

Now that you know what the podcast’s vibe and content will be, let’s meet the hosts!

The podcast is one half of a new brand from Jasper titled The Prompt, which as a whole is dedicated to highlighting and discussing the most pressing subjects in AI right now. The other half of that work comes via The Prompt Blog that features long-form articles about AI based on research and the expertise of individuals across a wide range of backgrounds.

Samyutha Reddy is the Head of Enterprise Marketing at Jasper. She leads a team dedicated to showing how generative AI can revolutionize content creation and supercharge marketing teams. As a self-proclaimed podcast skeptic who lives by the saying “Intelligence is just repeating something you heard on a podcast”, she's laser-focused on making sure The Prompt is a show that will inform you as much as it will humor you. Outside of work, you can find her trying out a new restaurant or on her daily sunset walk in Los Angeles, CA.

Krista Doyle is a writer-turned-SEO-nerd based in Austin, TX. By day she manages SEO and content marketing at Jasper. By night she binges Netflix and explores Texas with her wife and their dog, Franklin. She’s been podcasting for the last 10 years about everything from content marketing to Taylor Swift to the TV show Friends and she's super excited to add AI to that mix.

I’m Alton Zenon III, Content Marketer at Jasper and executive producer of all things Prompt-related. I have almost a decade of content creation experience that’s all over the place. I’ve interviewed dozens of tech CEOs and have written album reviews, product pages for gas nozzles, blogs about horse supplements, ebooks about employee benefits and articles about GPT-4. Now I’m very excited to use my jack-of-all-trades skills to bring this show to life. I'm stationed in Wisconsin but moving to Austin, TX soon and in my free time, I’m a movie and video game nerd that loves to travel and go to concerts.

An Fresh Exploration of Generative AI’s Biggest Talking Points

My co-hosts and I can’t wait to explore the massive AI questions of the moment with you all. We’re not technical experts and we don’t have all the answers (no one does right now). But we will offer insight, context, opinions, and the occasional hot take based on our own realms of expertise, our background knowledge and the new learnings we pick up as the AI world advances. And we hope the result is an engaging, educational and entertaining podcast that you check into regularly.

Ultimately, we want to offer some food-for-thought and a few laughs to go alongside your morning coffee or afternoon walk — all surrounding the bright future of AI.

So stay tuned for the first episode coming very soon!

Meet The Author:

Alton Zenon III

Jasper Content Marketing Manager

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