Webflow Integrations: The Essential Tools Every Website Needs

Here are 7 of the best Webflow integrations to help you improve product pages, generate reviews, auto-generate engaging website copy, and automate email marketi

Published on Jul 03, 2024

Webflow is in the Goldilocks zone for web developers who want to streamline a large chunk of their workflow and designers who want to create complex, niche sites without the need for code. 

The best part is that you can seamlessly integrate hundreds of apps into your Webflow site without needing developers. We’re here to explore some of the absolute must-haves.

Webflow Integrations Vs. Plugins

You must install Plugins to serve as an extension of your Webflow site. Integrations share code between apps to offer a more complete business solution for workflow automation. 

App integrations to websites used to be something only developers can do. But with Webflow, anybody can integrate apps with just a few clicks.  

For example, instead of manually looking for royalty-free photos on Unsplash, downloading them, and uploading them to Webflow, you can integrate them to streamline web design. 

Best Webflow Integrations to Consider This 2024

Whether you’re just building a site, revamping it with new features, or trying a fun idea, Webflow has integrations. Here are some of the best Webflow integrations to consider: 


Jasper Webflow integration

What’s excellent about Webflow is the template library. There are dozens upon dozens to choose from. All you have to do is drag-and-drop and fill up the lorem-ipsums with excellent website copy. 

But not everybody is a great copywriter. You could use ChatGPT to write the copy for you, but it’ll turn out generic and off-brand. That’s when Jasper integrations come into play. 

With Jasper, marketers, and designers don’t have to spend extra time and money writing copy themselves or hiring expensive copywriters. They can just find a template and use Jasper to fill the gaps. 

Jasper can learn from your data, tailoring its output to match your brand voice or style guide. This applies to landing page copy, product descriptions, blogs, and every corner of your site with a text box. 

Penni Cart

Penni Cart

Webflow is a powerful tool for designing eCommerce websites. With a Penni Cart integration, it becomes even more powerful for creating curated customer experiences.

With real-time product management and dozens of customizable eCommerce templates, you can customize every essential element of your site, from the product page to checkout. 

If you’re already experienced with Webflow, Penni Cart provides a native experience. It’s built by Webflow users for Webflow users, which means developers are locked in and dedicated to bringing the latest tools and updates to supercharge your eCommerce stores. 


Typeform Webflow integration

Forms are essential for business, no matter the industry. You use forms to get lead information, create event invites, or conduct surveys. One of the best tools for this is Typeform. 

When integrated with Webflow, you can create forms directly embedded on your site. This enables direct access to your Typeform workspaces and browsing from your libraries. 

If you don’t know what type of form you want or the questions included, don’t worry. Typeform’s AI can automatically draft questions and recommend form features based on your needs. 

YourGPT ChatBot

YourGPT ChatBot Webflow integration

Studies show that companies that respond to customers first often land the deal. That’s why it’s essential to have somebody to answer customers in real-time. Enter YourGPT ChatBot. 

It’s an AI-powered customer support chatbot designed to run 24/7. You don’t need to be a developer or learn coding to embed it on your site. 

Thanks to the latest GPT models, YourGPT can respond with contextually relevant information. It’s trained to sound more natural and can answer complex customer queries. 

Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent Webflow integration

Every business website must meet data privacy standards. At the base level, you have cookie consent, a pop-up that allows users to choose how you, as a business, can use their data. 

There are tons of plugins for that pop-up. However, most of these won’t look good because they lack customizability options. You won’t have these issues with cookie consent. 

It’s what you get when you combine functionality and aesthetics. You can control the cookie consent pop-up design, content, and interface. This way, even your cookie consent is eye-catching, aesthetic, and fun to engage with. 


Campaigner Webflow integration

Email marketing is essential for lead generation, nurturing, and customer support. But you can’t send emails to every lead manually. With Campaigner, you can do email marketing at scale without the heavy lifting. 

Let’s say you have gated content on your site and request an email to unlock it. Campaigner can use the data from that form, validate the info, and then the leads to a new segmented campaign. 

Campaigner can sync all your contacts from Webflow forms and run automated email campaigns to your segmented lead lists. But it's not only limited to email. Campaigner also lets you automate SMS marketing. 



Customer reviews are one of the most effective forms of user-generated content you can use. That’s because customer trusts their peers. However, adding reviews to your site can involve a lot of back-and-forth between apps. Revidflow streamlines the process for you. 

Revidflow connects with your store, synchronizes all products, and allows you to curate the reviews on your website. You can also automate customer review requests. 

The best part is that it’s entirely free for Webflow users. Revidflow will add more SEO support, upsell features, and product analytics in the following updates. 

Webflow Intergrations Recap

Webflow is one of the most intuitive website designer tools for professional web developers and beginners. There are dozens of templates, deeper developer options for professionals, and many powerful integrations. 

Here are the seven best Webflow integrations to look into: 

  • Jasper.ai: For streamlining and automating website copy that matches your brand voice
  • Penni Cart: Best for tailoring the customer journey from the product page to checkout
  • Typeform: Streamlines lead data collection through engaging, site-embedded forms
  • YourGPT Chatbot: This lets you add a no-code chatbot that contextually responds to queries
  • Cookie Consent: Allows complete customization of cookie consent pop-ups
  • Campaigner: Automates email marketing straight from your website
  • Revidflow: Curates the best reviews and testimonials from customers

Real talk, Jasper shines as the go-to Webflow integration, expertly turning your ideas into captivating website copy that truly resonates with your audience. Try it out for free today! 

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Chris Tweten

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