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Improve your organic click-through rates with a meta description generator

The usual meta description length is three sentences (or less). Often, searchers’ decision to click or not to click after reading it is so quick that people forget the important role the SEO description plays. Let us be the ones to remind you: Your meta description is your SERP ad. Use it.

Why do meta descriptions matter?

While the quality of your SEO description isn’t a direct ranking factor, it can indirectly impact your organic traffic and rankings. Here are three reasons ‌meta descriptions matter:

  • Your meta description is essentially your ad copy. It’s your 5-second pitch to potential readers.
  • Pages with meta descriptions look tidier on SERPs. It seems like a small thing, but it can hurt your brand and click-through rate when your SERP snippet is disorganized and unhelpful.
  • Good meta descriptions indirectly improve page rankings and SEO through clicks. While Google doesn’t judge sites by the way their descriptions read, it does determine reputable sites by click-through rate (CTR) to a page from the SERP.

Use Jasper's meta description generator to increase traffic

With the help of an AI-powered SEO description generator like Jasper's, you can create enticing, SEO-friendly meta descriptions in just a few clicks. Simply enter some information about your page content and the keyword you're targeting and Jasper will do the rest!

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How to use Jasper's meta description generator

Open the Meta Description template

Choose from Jasper's four meta description templates: Blog Post, Homepage, Product Page, and Services Page.

Enter your prompt

Give Jasper information about your content and the keywords you're optimizing for.

Generate your meta description

Click "Generate" and watch as Jasper instantly creates multiple meta descriptions and title tags for you to choose from.
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Frequently asked questions

Meta Description Generator FAQs

What’s the difference between a meta description and an SEO description?

The terms “meta description” and “SEO description” can be used interchangeably; they mean the same thing.

Some people may also refer to homepage meta description as the site SEO description, and those of other pages as page meta descriptions. Ultimately, both terms mean the same thing.

Every page on your website, including your homepage, should have a description for potential visitors (and search engines) to read. The important thing to keep in mind though: Google doesn’t always show the description you create. Neither does Bing.

Depending on the search query, Google search results will often show a direct response to the question asked as quoted from your site’s page. Sometimes, search engines will also show a featured snippet or a random portion of text from the article.

What’s the difference between meta descriptions and meta tags?

Meta descriptions are part of the meta tag family. Meta tags are HTML codes found in the source code of your site’s pages.

Anyone looking at the page won’t see your meta tags unless they click “View Page Source” upon right-clicking, unlike meta descriptions, which are shown in search results.

Meta (short for metadata) tags basically point out sections of your page to search engines crawling the site. This gives the search engines an idea of your site layout and content.

Some basic meta tags you should know about are:

  • Page title or meta title: This is where the title of your page shows up.
  • Meta description tag: Your SEO description will live here.
  • Viewport: Your site uses this tag to tell Google how it should show your pages on a mobile device. Once Google sees this meta tag, it knows that your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Robots: This tag tells site crawling robots what to do with your page. For example, follow or nofollow links would inform robots whether a link is worth ranking.

Are meta tags important for SEO?

Yes, some of them are. The title tag, for example, is how search engines present and rank your article.

Robot follow or nofollow tags are important for your domain rating as they tell search engines whether to trust (i.e. follow) links to your website.

Do meta descriptions still matter?

Yes, meta descriptions are still important for gaining visibility in search results. A well-crafted meta description can attract more clicks to your website, increasing its organic traffic.

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Create meta descriptions that get clicks with Jasper.
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