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Want headlines that get readers hooked on your content? A headline generator is worth trying.

Try the Perfect Headline Template powered by Jasper.

Jasper goes above and beyond as an endless source of relevant, high-converting headlines customized for your article. When you’re done, don’t forget to use a headline analyzer to check your headline’s optimization for readers and search engines.

Why use a headline generator?

As a creative content marketer, you could probably generate several good enough headlines on your own. Maybe a few exceptional ones even. But that would take time.

Often, to break through routine thinking patterns, you need to first generate a lot of ideas. This means at least several dozen headline options for each post, before choosing the perfect one. Do you have the time? We doubt it. That’s where a title generator tool comes in.

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How to use Jasper's headline generator

Open the Perfect Headline template

Perfect Headline creates high-converting headlines for your business at scale.

Enter your prompt

Give Jasper information about your company, product, and your brand's tone of voice.

Generate your new headline

Click "Generate" and watch as Jasper delivers multiple headline options for you to choose from — nearly instantly!
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Frequently asked questions

Headline Generator FAQs

What makes a good headline?

Before you can declare a headline “perfect,” see how it matches up with these recommendations:

Your headline should be specific and clear. This applies both readability-wise and in highlighting what value readers can gain from reading it.It should be honest, not clickbaity. Clickbait promises information not contained in the article, or not discussed as in-depth as advertised. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

Add data, especially numbers. Our brains respond favorably to numbers, particularly when written as numerals. They’re specific and easy to grasp and organize.

Ask good questions that encourage thinking and curiosity. Open-ended questions (eliciting more than yes or no responses) work well.

Don’t forget to add emotional and power words. Emotional words include superlatives and words that generally evoke emotional responses. Think of adjectives like “free,” “easy,” and “instant.” Power words are punchy and also evoke emotion while stimulating curiosity. Think words like “guilt-free” or “cringe-worthy.”

How do headline generators work?

Not quite confident in the idea of using software to generate headline ideas? It will be helpful to understand how they work.

The average headline generator uses simple templates which you complete with information about your article. Then the software spits out several headline options for you. This method can be effective when you already have a few ideas or don’t mind headline options that essentially follow the same patterns every single time.

However, if you’d rather go a step further to unleash more creativity by using a headline generator that essentially “thinks” for you instead of always following a pre-calculated route, we would strongly recommend an AI writing tool as an alternative.

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Create headlines that hook your readers with Jasper.
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