AI Chat & SEO: 11 Ways to Use Jasper Chat for Organic Growth

Wondering how to use AI chat for SEO? Let's walk-through the Jasper SEO team's real-life use cases for Jasper Chat.

Published on Jul 23, 2023

Using Jasper Chat for SEO

AI chat, ever heard of it?

While generative AI had been picking up steam all throughout 2022, the arrival of AI chat interfaces via ChatGPT and Jasper Chat really took AI from something you talk about in small early-adopter circles to a household name even SNL couldn’t resist poking fun at.

While my Twitter and LinkedIn feeds were soon bombarded with content from self-proclaimed AI chat influencers, one voice cut through the noise for me: Aleyda Solis.

I'm a loyal #SEOFOMO disciple, so when Aleyda dropped her blog heard ‘round the SEO world about how to use AI for SEO, I devoured it.

While her blog focused on ChatGPT, we had also just released Jasper Chat and like a really nerdy, poorly dressed Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder: Could Jasper's AI chatbot help me with SEO as much as ChatGPT?

Spoiler, yes. But let’s first address the question you’re probably asking right now. How is Jasper Chat different from ChatGPT?

In this article:

How is Jasper Chat different from ChatGPT?

Like ChatGPT, Jasper Chat is a new, more conversational way of interacting with generative AI inside the Jasper platform. It allows you to easily talk with AI and refine responses with every request.

While OpenAI is one of our valued partners, Jasper Chat is different than ChatGPT in that it is built specifically for business use cases using its unique AI engine. Right now, Jasper is insanely good at helping marketing and sales teams, with more to come soon.

Alright, now on to the good stuff.

Note: If you prefer to learn through video, check out this walk-through of some of these tips from our Education Lead, Kyle:

Jasper Chat for SERP research, content optimization, and technical SEO


This is how I like to use our tool. I’m not saying you should absolutely use these methods in your workflow, but they are available and they work for my team. One of my favorite things about Jasper is that it offers so many ways to piece together a workflow that works for you.

Thank you in advance for not coming to yell at me on Twitter.

Jasper Chat for research using Google Search integration

Recently, we released a Google Search integration for Jasper Chat. This means you can toggle on “Include Google Search data” for any of your requests and you’ll get a nice little summary of information, plus links to the sources.

While this feature doesn’t make Jasper Chat a search engine, it allows him to pull in and summarize information from the Top 10 Google search results, then cite his sources.

The inclusion of Google Search data also means you’re getting 100% up-to-date information, while other AI content tools are only trained with data up to mid-2021. 

Jasper’s Google Search feature has been a game changer for me in three ways: doing SERP research within Jasper, finding authoritative external links, and keyword classification.

SERP research 

With this new feature, I can now do light competitive research to see what information and which URLs Jasper and its AI engine considers relevant to a query. Then, I can take those URLs to other tools like ahrefs or SEMRush to do a deeper dive.

Prompt: Articles for the keyword ‘[long-tail keyword]’. Show only the source links.

Finding authoritative external links/sources

I can find authoritative sources and external links from inside Jasper while I’m writing. 

Yeah, I could switch tabs to Google, but it’s so much easier to stay within Jasper while I’m already there. And, honestly, anything to get rid of a tab.

Prompt: Articles that include data on [article topic].

And, of course, he includes his sources at the end so you can easily grab those links.

Classifying keywords

While I wouldn’t recommend traditional keyword research via an AI chatbot, Jasper can do wonders with helping you classify your keywords after you’ve come up with a list via your keyword research tool of choice.

Prompt: Classify the following keywords based on search intent, whether informational or commercial investigation: [list of keywords]. Format as a table.

Jasper Chat for content optimization

Content refreshing

Refreshing content is still one of the most underrated ways to boost your traffic. With the Google Search integration, you can take paragraphs you want to update and ask Jasper to rewrite them.

Not only will the paragraph be fresher, it’ll also include the most up-to-date information.

Prompt: Rewrite the following passage in [desired tone], and format with headers: [Enter text to be refreshed]

Similarly, if you come across old content that seems a little too keyword-stuffed, you can give Jasper Chat that section and ask him to rewrite the paragraph to target [X keyword] in a more natural way.

Note: You can also do this using our Content Improver template from within the Document Editor or using the browser extension.

Content brief creation

Jasper users Amanda Tweten and Chris Tweten of Spacebar Collective recently turned me on to using Jasper Chat for creating content briefs.

I'd created briefs in our Document editor before, but never with Chat. When I asked them about their process, they sent over this cool example.

Prompt: Write a blog outline for "passive lead generation" keyword with H2 subheadings. Use bullet points, not full sentences.

Source: Spacebar Collective

Writing FAQs for landing pages or blogs

FAQs have been one of my most-used Jasper requests lately since I’m working on a huge landing page project. 

You can ask Jasper to:

  1. Generate a list of relevant questions and answers for your page
  2. Generate answers based on a list of questions you give him

I’ve found this works great for both landing pages and blogs!

Prompt: Generate a list of FAQs for a blog about [blog topic]

Note: You can also do this using our FAQ Generator template from within the Document Editor or using the browser extension.

Create quick summaries of articles based on URL

If you’re including industry/expert insights from other publications, you can give Jasper the URL and ask him to summarize the content for you.

Then, chop that up and sprinkle those quotes or insights throughout your article wherever makes sense (with proper source credit, please.)

Prompt: Summarize the content in the following URL: [URL]

Jasper Chat for technical SEO

This is where Jasper has blown my mind the most. I've always been fascinated by all the creative ways you could use code in SEO.

Whether you're adding schema markup or creating your own custom internal SEO tools, having some basic coding skills can give you SEO superpowers.

I don't know how to code (yet), so I was really excited when I realized Jasper Chat had the ability to generate basic scripts. Here are a few ways I use this to up-level my technical skills.

Generating schema

1. FAQPage schema

I usually have Jasper create the FAQ schema markup right after I have him create FAQ questions. Otherwise, you can input the questions later, or just have him generate the markup template and input the info yourself.

Prompt: Generate schema.org FAQ schema markup script using the [X] questions and answers above.

BlogPosting schema

Similar to the FAQ prompt, you can give Jasper all the information to fill in himself, or you can have him generate the markup template and fill in the info later.

Prompt: Generate schema.org BlogPosting schema markup script using the following information: [Add information you want included in the markup]

You can generate other types of schema as well, but these are the two types I use most.

A/B test title tags and meta descriptions

Jasper was trained from Day 1 to write killer copy, so you may as well use that to your advantage and increase your SERP CTRs.

Have Jasper Chat spin up a few versions of your title tags or meta descriptions and do a little A/B testing.

While I use the above examples daily or weekly, there are a couple new use cases I’ll be testing this quarter.

Test #1: Script to turn dofollow links into nofollow links in bulk on Webflow

Our site is built on Webflow, which currently doesn’t offer an easy way to turn dofollow links into nofollow links. Luckily, I should be able to add the nofollow attribute where necessary using this script in Webflow.

Like I mentioned, I’ll start small with this test since I always want to double-check any code Jasper returns, then I’ll reassess.

Test #2:  Programmatically adding pages from Google Sheets to Webflow via the Webflow CMS API. 

We’re playing around with scaling content through automation this quarter at Jasper and so far it’s really fun.

Right now, our workflow includes Airtable, Zapier, Jasper, and Webflow, but I’d like to test adding more traditional programmatic pages through Google Sheets and Webflow’s CMS API to see which process works best for us.

This is another test that I’m taking slow, because again, I always want to double-check Jasper’s code and I want to make sure we’re handling automation/programmatic pages responsibly (i.e. I want to make sure we’re not just generating a ton of crappy pages).

Stay tuned to see how these tests go. I have a feeling I'll do a deep dive on them in the near future.

There you have it. This is how I currently use Jasper in my role at Jasper, but it seems like I'm discovering new abilities and use cases within the tool every single day. What a time to be alive.

Reach out if you've discovered any cool SEO use cases I may have missed here — I'd love to hear how other SEOs are using the tool.

Until then, Happy Jasper-ing!

Meet The Author:

Krista Doyle

Krista Doyle

SEO at Jasper

Krista Doyle is a writer-turned-strategy-nerd based in Austin, TX. By day she manages content strategy and SEO right here at Jasper, by night she binges Netflix or continues her mission to find the best old fashioned in Austin, TX.

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