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Why A GPT-3 Content Generator is a Must-Have for Marketing

Ever wondered what a GPT-3 content generator is? Find out all about it in this guide, from how it works to how it can help you level up your content strategy.

November 25, 2022
Why A GPT-3 Content Generator is a Must-Have for Marketing
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Content plays a huge role in giving you a competitive edge. It educates potential customers, helps you stand out from similar brands, and gives you a personality that people can connect with–not to mention it’s one of the most common ways for leads to find you. 

But creating content is a relentless process and consistency is everything. Without the right resources and motivation to create lots of juicy, relevant content, you can quickly fall behind.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. Its powerful learning technology can plug the gaps in your content strategy, from ideation and outlining to writing and promoting. 

GPT-3 is one of the most popular and knowledgeable forms of AI copywriting that can create blog posts, ebooks, product descriptions, ad copy, and everything else in a matter of seconds. 

What is GPT-3 in content? 

GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer and is a type of language model that leans on machine learning and deep learning principles to create human-like copy and content through an API and natural language processing (NLP).

It’s part of the GPT-n series, forming the third edition of the language prediction model made by OpenAI. 

The model works by using pre-trained algorithms and automation to populate web pages and blog posts with well-written content that reads just like any other blog post or web page. The algorithms have been fed more than 570GB of text data through crawling the web and absorbing crucial information about a breath-taking amount of topics. 

For content creators and content marketers, a text generator is the perfect writing buddy, especially if you’re looking to scale your content creation efforts and build a bigger content network without blowing your budget on resources. 

How does AI help in content generation? 

AI uses semantic analysis to learn how to build language and create sentences that actually make sense. Every time it reads a new piece of text or analyzes the information on a page, it becomes infinitely more knowledgeable and flexible.

It goes one step further than simply looking at the words, and instead monitors how words are used in a contextual way and the intent behind them. 

While OpenAI’s GPT-3 can help actually put words on a page (great if you’re facing the dreaded writer’s block), AI, in general, can be hugely beneficial for content creation teams. 

  • Scale content creation efforts: perhaps the biggest benefit of AI is how fast it works. Unlike humans who are fairly limited in how much they can do in a given timeframe, AI tools are uninhibited in this regard and can therefore create huge amounts of copy and AI content in a fraction of the time 
  • Come up with content ideas: stuck for blog ideas? AI can use its past learnings to suggest blog post topics and content ideas based on similar pieces in your industry and on the web
  • Enhance SEO efforts: AI can identify the most promising keywords for your brand and optimize landing pages, web pages, and blog posts based on those keywords
  • Personalize content: consumers today crave personalization–it shows a brand cares. AI tools are able to personalize content, from email marketing campaigns to landing pages so that each customer has a unique and individual experience 

Advantages of using GPT-3 for content generation 

While AI has many different uses in content marketing, GPT-3’s specific purpose is creating content from set cues. It can help you scale content creation efforts and build out tons of content quickly for your digital marketing campaigns, and it also has plenty of other advantages. 

1. Most knowledgeable language predictor

GPT-3 has been plugged with so much data that it’s now the most trained language model available. It has a learning parameter of 175 billion parameters, which instantly makes it more knowledgeable and accurate than any other language model. 

2. Needs very little input

It would be pointless to use AI for content creation if it it needed a lot of input – you’d still end up being crunched for time and struggle to scale. Luckily, with GPT-3, you don’t need to provide it with much information for it to create great, unique content. It just needs minimal input and the pre-learned model does the rest for you.

jasper new blog post template

Jasper’s Long-Form Content Assistant can either create content from scratch or build a blog post structure for you with input about your brand and the topic you want to write about. 

3. Versatile for all your content needs

Need product descriptions, blog posts, landing pages, ad copy, social media updates, Tweets, emails, and more? GPT-3 has you covered. It can create content for a whole host of needs and uses intent and context to make sure it’s serving the right content for the right purpose. 

4. Create high ranking content 

GPT-3 not only produces human-like content, but it can also optimize it for SEO which can help push your website up the search results. It can generate high-quality, informative blog posts that are rich with keywords and are plagiarism free for a chance to rank in the SERPs. 

5. Generate multiple ad copy variations

Testing ads is crucial if you want to find the winning combination, but it can be a costly, time-consuming process. The GPT-3 helps you easily write and test hundreds of different copy variations that you can instantly run to increase sales and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS). 

6. Come up with winning content ideas

GPT-3 can generate ideas based on its complex learnings. It crawls the web to find content that’s popular and suggests ideas based on that and your chosen keywords to ensure you never run out of content ideas. 

7. Say goodbye to writer’s block

Tired of staring at a blank page? GPT-3 eradicates writer’s block by creating content from scratch so you don’t have to. Simply give it a few relevant phrases and a tiny amount of information and it can create thousands of words in minutes totally from scratch. 

8. Reach new markets

Language barriers can limit your reach in new markets – and, let’s face it, translation apps can be glitchy at best. GPT-3 can write creative and accurate content in more than 25 languages, unlocking new markets and destinations for your brand. 

How to generate unique content using GPT-3 

The way GPT-3 works means it pulls information from a database of articles from all over the web. This helps it decipher what words generally appear in a sequence together so it can form intelligible sentences based on fact. At its core, it’s a learning tool that thrives on being given input, but it helps to have a few things in place to really make the most of it. 

1. Understand your audience

Knowing who you’re talking to will help you feed the AI the right information so they can serve content that’s relevant and applicable to your audience’s needs. To do this, create customer personas that detail the demographics, interests, challenges, and pain points of each segment of your audience. 

2. Solidify your tone of voice

Your tone of voice will help you connect with your audience and build relationships and trust. With Jasper, you can select from a range of tones to ensure you’re hitting the spot with every piece of content you create. 

jasper video script template

The Video Script Outline template asks what tone of voice you would like to use. 

3. Refine your USP 

Jasper often asks you for a couple of sentences about your brand or product before it can generate content. Have your refined unique selling point (USP) ready, as well as a couple of relevant keywords and a short description of each product you want to write about. 

4. Teach the tool

AI learns from experience, so by giving it pre-written examples of content you like, you’re teaching it how you want to create your own content. The more information you plug into the tool, the more accurate its output will be. 

5. Edit your content 

While AI draws from millions of blog posts to find correct information, it will sometimes get it wrong. Avoid this by fact-checking everything the tool generates and editing out any awkward phrases or sentences that don’t make sense. 

6. Use it to scale

One of the biggest benefits of Jasper and other GPT-3 tools is that they can produce content at scale. Make the most of this by using it to produce content like product descriptions and ad copy that you need in bulk. 

Things to keep in mind when using GPT-3 

GPT-3 is a great writing assistant. Its incredible knowledge and learning capabilities mean that, over time, it can produce increasingly accurate content that hits the sweet spot every single time. But it’s worth remembering that it is a machine, after all, and it might require a human touch every now and again. 

The best way to use it is in tandem with copywriters or other humans to make sure you’re putting out the best quality content possible. 

Tap into Jasper’s library of templates to ensure you’re creating the right content for the right situation. For example, you can use the Blog Post Intro template along with the Blog Post Outline template and the Blog Post Conclusion template to build out well-structured blog content, or you can leverage the Google Ads Description template to make sure you’re producing accurate ad copy. 

Take it one step further with Jasper’s Boss Mode option that lets you create blog posts 5x faster than usual. 

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