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7 Best Ad Copy Generators [2023 Update]

An ad copy generator can help you get out of a creative rut and enable you to write original copy with the help of AI in half the time. Here are the best tools.

November 12, 2022
7 Best Ad Copy Generators [2023 Update]
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If you have a lot on your plate and you’re looking for the best ad copy generator to cut the time you spend creating marketing copy in half, where do you begin? 

It’s easy to compare the best features from every ad copy generator out there. But once you take it a step further and get a closer look at what differentiates each, you start to get a feel of whether it’s the best ad copy generator tool for your marketing goals or not. 

If you aren’t sure which are the best ad copy generators in the market, this blog post should shed some light on their top features, pros and cons, and what they’re each best for. Here’s an overview:

  • Jasper
  • CopyAI
  • Copysmith
  • MarketMuse
  • Copy Shark
  • Anyword
  • Wordstream

Before we dive in, let’s get clear on what an ad copy generator is.

What is an ad copy generator? 

Ad copy generators are designed to help you through the process of writing copy for all kinds of different settings so that you don’t have to do it from scratch. The biggest perks of using ad copy generators—like Jasper—are speed and convenience. 

With an AI-powered copy generator you don’t have to start from scratch and you can often use their frameworks to create ad copy that’s compelling, attention-grabbing, and persuasive. To make the most of these benefits though, you need to know what to look for. 

What should your ad copy generator include? 

The best features in an AI ad copy generator largely depend on what your marketing copy needs are. For example, if you’re wanting to primarily focus on content marketing, you’d want to choose an AI tool with plagiarism detection. 

Here’s a quick list of some of the best features to look for. 

Grammar tools: The best ad copy can still fall flat if it’s filled with careless typos. Especially if you’re a marketer that’s crunched for time, built-in grammar checking features can help you get the job done with fewer errors. 

Plagiarism checker: The last thing you want to do is plagiarize ad copy, content, or product descriptions (or anything for that matter). Built-in anti-plagiarism features can help you steer clear of running into copyright issues. 

Collaborative features: Working with a team? It helps to use an AI writing tool that eases the collaboration process by allowing you to invite several team members. 

SEO and keyword capabilities: Ensures your content has the best chance of ranking on search engine results pages. 

Built-in marketing templates: Using proven marketing frameworks—like AIDA —helps you create ad copy in half the time. It’s also a great way to stave off writer’s block if you’re having trouble getting started. Templates are a convenient feature worth considering. 

Here’s a deeper dive into some of the best AI ad copy generator tools out there. 

1. Jasper - Best all-around AI copy generator tool 


Jasper makes it easy to create ad copy in record time. Once you’re logged in, you simply tell Jasper what you’re writing about and the tone of voice you’re looking for. 

As an AI content writing tool, it’s trained to write compelling copy that reels in your target audience. You can do a lot more much faster as you cut out a lot of the legwork that goes into creating ad copy. 

For example, want to use the PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) framework to write ad copy? Simply get started by using the PAS template and Jasper will do the rest. It’s a great tool that spans a wide array of copy needs. Jasper can generate copy for Facebook ads, ad headlines, LinkedIn ads, intros, call to actions, as well as PPC ad campaign copy. And that list is not all-inclusive.


  • Comes with both an app and browser extension
  • Allows collaboration with other users on your team
  • Its Boss Mode feature lets you use voice commands to dictate specific paragraphs as well as their tone
  • Works in over 25 languages
  • Its Surfer SEO integration makes keyword optimization easy


  • Requires a paid subscription

Feature highlight: Jasper comes with over 50 templates designed to drive conversions.  

Pricing: To get started using Jasper, you can choose from either its Starter or Boss Mode plans. Starter starts at $29 a month for about 20,000 monthly words while Boss Mode starts at $99 a month for 100,000 words a month. 

2. CopyAI - Best for writing general marketing copy


You can think of CopyAI as a “catch-all” marketing tool that lets you create and edit copy for blog posts, digital ads, social media ads, sales copy, and e-commerce copy. A solid feature of CopyAI is its in-app text editor. It’s easy to use and set up to compare your original text with your revised version. 



  • Doesn’t have as many advanced text generating features as other tools

Top feature: Once you submit the specifics of your project, you get 10 results at a time. 


  • Free - Up to 10 credits per month
  • Pro - $35 a month for unlimited credits
  • Team - Contact them to learn more about a custom plan

3. Copysmith - Best for e-commerce teams


Copysmith is built for the e-commerce marketer that wants to take care of product copy in bulk. No more having to generate copy one at a time once you access Copysmith’s bulk copy generator. 

It also offers A/B testing features and the ability to write SEO meta tags. The good thing is you can start writing copy with its free plan before committing to a paid plan with more credits. 


  • Comes with integrations for Shopify, Google Ads, Zapier, and Woocommerce
  • Offers a bulk generator for product descriptions so you can write them in less time
  • Product descriptions generated are search optimized 


  • Not the most versatile AI copy tool since its focus is mainly on e-commerce

Top feature: Offers brainstorming templates in case of “writer’s block” so you can start from a proven framework. 


  • Starter - $19 for 50 monthly credits
  • Professional - $59 monthly for 400 credits
  • Enterprise - Contact the team for more information

4. MarketMuse - Best for content-driven copy


If content marketing is your focus then MarketMuse might be a tool worth considering. A strength of MarketMuse is that it thrives off specificity. This is probably why it's a favorite for marketing agencies that need a text generator.

Instead of generating copy that can often be nonsensical, it lets you write your copy within its editor and gives you real-time feedback on the quality of your writing. Plus, it also recommends internal and external linking possibilities so your copy has the best chances of ranking. 


  • Comes with specific keyword density suggestions
  • Allows content brief creation
  • Let’s you calculate content ROI 
  • Runs competitive content analysis


  • Can get expensive, especially when compared to competitor tools and what you get for each price point
  • Not the most intuitive to use in the beginning

Top feature: MarketMuse helps your copy rank with its robust keyword analysis feature. This is great if you aim to write ad copy that ranks on Google search results. You can use it as a free tool for a limited time.


  • Free - 15 standard queries per month
  • Standard - $7,200 a year for 100 queries per month
  • Premium - $12,000 a year for unlimited queries

5. Copy Shark - Best for writing copy in over 100 languages

Copy Shark

One of Copy Shark’s biggest strengths is probably the fact that you can generate ad copy in over 100 languages. This can come in handy if you’re a global brand. Otherwise, Copy Shark comes with your standard set of AI tools that help you craft ad copy for social media platforms and seller accounts. 

Once you enter your product name and product description, you can hit the generate button until you land on the best ad copy snippet you want to use.  


  • Comes with a product description generator
  • Helps you create sales copy as well as video scripts
  • Draft personalized cold emails
  • Craft social media replies so you don’t have to comment from scratch


  • Basic AI functionality with no advanced personalization or AI training features

Top feature: Copy Shark offers a variety of tools to write copy for real estate ads, Amazon product listings, and even Etsy product descriptions. 


  • Premium monthly - $67 for 20k monthly credits 
  • Annual - $799 to generate unlimited AI copy

6. Anyword - Best for data-driven copywriting


Anyword comes with your standard copy creation tools. You get access to predictive analysis features that anticipate the best copy as you write it. It’s built to create copy for all kinds of settings, including Facebook, landing pages, Google, Pinterest, or Instagram. 


  • Incorporate specific keywords
  • Optimizes headers, sub-heads, and CTA buttons
  • Create optimized email subject lines


  • Won’t work well if you input general data
  • Users have to be more careful about revising for errors

Top feature: You can train Anyword to write copy in your brand voice or the voice of your competitors. 


  • Free - Limit 1,000 words per month
  • Data-Driven Basics - $79, limit 30,000 words per month
  • Data-Driven Unlimited - $239 per month for unlimited words
  • Enterprise - $999 per month to start. Contact sales for more information

7. Wordstream - Best for creating ad copy with images


Wordstream’s clever approach to ad copy scans your website for relevant text and images to create a display ad that converts. While it isn’t the most advanced ad copy generator out there, it can help get you out of writer’s block or at least give you ideas for different copies to use in a display ad. 


  • Create ad copy for generating leads or conversions
  • Create ad copy with images for e-commerce
  • Offers a simple editor you can use to tweak your ad copy


  • Too simple for more complex ad copy needs
  • Is only able to create display banner ads

Top feature: The tool lets you add images to your ad copy which you can then download and start using. 


  • You can start using Wordstream Smart Ads for free. 

Get started generating AI ad copy

While there are tools out there with different strengths and weaknesses, finding the AI tool that works best for you comes down to the fundamentals. Do you need an AI ad copy generator that offers nuance, search optimization, speed, or plagiarism detection?

You can save hours with a tool like Jasper—which offers the basics and then some. Want to take your ad copy to the next level?

Sign up here to check out our Boss Mode feature.


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