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There’s a faster and better way to do just about everything these days. And if you’re in the e-commerce business, that’s also true for writing product descriptions. 

Product descriptions are a crucial element in the success of any e-commerce business. They serve as a detailed and persuasive pitch to potential customers, providing them with all the necessary information about a product and ultimately convincing them to make a purchase.

But writing compelling product descriptions can be time-consuming and challenging. As an e-commerce business owner, you have many other tasks on your plate, like managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and handling customer inquiries. It's easy for product description writing to become an afterthought, resulting in rushed and lackluster descriptions that fail to grab the attention of potential buyers.

That's where the power of a product description generator comes into play. With tools like Jasper at your disposal, you can easily create high-quality product descriptions that not

When to Use a Product Description Generator

Anytime you aren’t sure how to write a compelling product description or you want to speed up the process of creating your descriptions, you’ll want to get the help of a copy generator. 

It cuts the time you spend writing by a lot. It also helps you get out of writer's block you might be going through (hey, it happens to the best of us!)

When should you opt to create your product descriptions manually? If they’re so nuanced that you have to be meticulous about every single word, then you might consider writing them out yourself. But unless you’re selling aged organic cologne for Yorkies, chances are using a product description generator is always a good idea. 

How to Use Jasper to Generate Enticing Product Descriptions

  1. Create a new Document in Jasper and choose the Product Description template.
Jasper new document creation - template library
  1. Input your Product Name, a list of Product Features and Benefits.
Jasper Product Description generator
  1. Click on the “Generate now” button and enjoy your new product description!
Product Description generator template

Jasper Features You Can Use for Product Descriptions

Content Repurposing

Using Jasper Chat, you can easily transform existing content into product descriptions that drive conversions! Simply provide a brief overview of your content for context, and then let Jasper Chat efficiently convert it into an enticing product description.

Support for 30+ Languages

Jasper has support for 30+ languages, including Spanish, Chinese and German. This allows you to write product descriptions no matter who your target audience is. With Jasper Chat, you can easily create product descriptions in different languages by using our translation feature.

Brand Voice

Jasper’s Brand Voice feature is incredibly powerful for e-commerce businesses You can create a custom Brand Voice by copy and pasting content, uploading a document or letting Jasper scan any website (yours or others’). Jasper will be able to match the tone and style of your content, making it highly effective for creating any kind of content—not just product descriptions.

Elements of a High Converting Product Description

Compelling Language for Your Target Audience

Writing product descriptions with enticing language catered towards your target audience is crucial for driving conversions. Language that resonates with your target audience helps create an emotional connection with them, making them far more likely to engage with your brand.

By understanding their needs, preferences, and pain points, you can tailor your language to address your target audience directly, increasing the chances of conversion.

Compelling language has the power to evoke emotions, trigger desires, and persuade potential customers to make a purchase. It sets the tone for your brand, communicating not just what the product is, but also why it solves problems or pain points for the consumer.

Detailed Product Information

Having clear and detailed product information in your product descriptions is crucial for several reasons.

It helps potential customers understand exactly what they’re getting, which in turn reduces confusion in the buyer journey and minimizes the risk of returns or negative reviews due to unmet expectations.

Detailed product information also serves as a valuable resource for customers in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel, helping them make more informed purchase decisions. 

Use of Persuasive Writing Techniques

The use of persuasive writing techniques, such as the AIDA framework, is crucial for crafting product descriptions that drive sales.

By following the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), product descriptions can captivate the reader's attention, pique their interest in the product, create a desire for ownership, and prompt them to take action by making a purchase. This structured approach ensures that product descriptions are not just informative but also engaging, compelling potential customers to move through the buying process smoothly.

SEO-Friendly Keywords and Phrases

SEO-friendly keywords and phrases should be used in product descriptions to improve the visibility of the products on search engines. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases that users are likely to search for, product descriptions become more discoverable online. 

This on-page optimization boosts the chances of the product appearing higher in search engine results, driving organic traffic to the product page and increasing the likelihood of conversions. 

Powerful Call to Action

A strong call to action at the end of a product description is crucial for guiding potential customers towards the next steps in the buying process.

By clearly stating what action you want the reader to take, such as "Shop Now," "Learn More," or "Add to Cart," you are prompting them to make a decision and engage with your product.

Compelling CTAs  not only encourage immediate action but also creates a sense of urgency or excitement, prompting customers to act quickly. Ultimately, a powerful call to action is like a virtual handshake that invites customers to take the next step and solidify their interest in the product or service.

Why You Should Use a Product Description Generator

Using Jasper for generating product descriptions is a game-changer for efficiency and effectiveness in your e-commerce endeavors. By leveraging a product description generator, you can save time and effort while ensuring consistency and quality across all your product listings.

Benefits of Product Description Generators

  • Saves time and effort in creating product descriptions
  • Ensures consistent brand voice across all listings
  • Improves the writing quality of product descriptions
  • Increases efficiency in e-commerce endeavors
  • Increases conversions on your best products

Write Better Product Descriptions With Jasper 

With the help of AI, you can make the product description or product feature description creation process a breeze. But first, you want to make sure you’re onboarding the best product description generator to ease your content creation workflow.

That’s where an all-in-one approach like the one Jasper uses can come in handy. With Jasper, you’re able to handle so much more than product descriptions. Anything from blog outlines to YouTube channel descriptions to landing pages and even blog posts can be generated with Jasper in minutes.

Check out Jasper here and get started writing better copy with better tools in half the time.

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How to use Jasper's product description generator

Open the Product Description template

Trained on top copywriters, the Product Description template helps create compelling, effective product descriptions.

Enter your prompt

Give Jasper information about your company and brand voice, then ask him to create your product description.

Generate your new product description

Hit "Generate" and watch as Jasper creates several product descriptions for you to choose from — nearly instantly!

Answers to
Product Description Generator FAQs
How do you create a product description?
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Writing a product description is all about capturing the essence of your product and presenting it in an engaging way.

When writing a product description, you should start with the basics like keywords, features, and benefits. Then, focus on crafting an engaging narrative that communicates those features and benefits in a compelling way.

It's also important to make sure your description is concise and easy-to-read, as potential customers may be quickly skimming through it. Product description generators like Jasper can help make this easy for you!

What are the 4 types of product description?
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The four types of product description formats are narrative, bullet points, comparison reviews, and specifications.

Narrative descriptions provide a more comprehensive view of the product, while bullet points break down features in easily digestible bites.

Comparison reviews show how a product stacks up to similar items on the market, and specifications provide technical details about the item.

Is it illegal to copy product descriptions?
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It is generally illegal to copy product descriptions without permission, as doing so would likely violate copyright laws. Depending on the situation, it may also be considered plagiarism and therefore ethically questionable.

If you are planning to use someone else's description for your product, it is always best to get the appropriate permissions first.

How do you say your product is the best?
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Instead of just describing your products as "innovative" or "cutting-edge," emphasize the distinct features and advantages that represent these qualities. For example, demonstrating that your service maintains a 99.7% reliability rate is significantly more convincing than simply declaring it as top-tier. Concentrating on specific, quantifiable characteristics allows you to convey the value of your offerings to potential customers more effectively, enhancing the appeal and searchability of your content.

Why are product descriptions important?
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Product descriptions are crucial for driving sales because they serve as the virtual salesperson for a product, providing potential customers with vital information about the item.

A well-crafted product description can grab the attention of buyers, highlight key features, and address any potential concerns or questions they may have.

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