Mongoose Media Grows Traffic 166% in two months with Jasper

A conversation with:
Lauren Petrullo
Founder & CMO
166% Increase
in organic traffic
240 Hours
saved writing blog posts
400% Faster
content workflow
Mongoose Media
We help Shopify stores in the baby, beauty, and food space with interruption marketing to scale the biz.
Orlando, Florida USA
Company Size
Small Business (1-25 employees)
We’re writing anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 words in less than 2 hours. That same process used to take 8-10 hours.
Lauren Petrullo
Founder & CMO

How Mongoose Media uses Jasper:

If you’re an SEO or content marketer, you know that 3,000 words in under 2 hours is unheard of. 

What’s Mongoose Media’s secret to writing faster with Jasper? A good process.

“Our process is: our on-page SEO manager provides the keywords, our copywriter uses the keywords to write the content with the help of Jasper, and then we use Surfer SEO, of course, to make sure we're using the right keywords and placements so that it has a good Surfer score.” Lauren says.

Mongoose Media’s Helpful Content Update Challenge:

In August 2022, Google announced the highly-anticipated Helpful Content update. Right off the bat, marketers everywhere speculated this algorithm update was meant to target and devalue AI-generated content. Lauren decided to put this theory to the test.

“I was curious, with all the backlash around [AI content], how Google’s Helpful Content update would affect our client’s content,” Lauren said. “We've been using Jasper to create AI generated content alongside our copywriter for the past six months.”

And it was working. Lauren’s team was seeing massive organic growth for their client within a matter of months.

Would the Helpful Content update derail their momentum?

The Result:

Lauren began monitoring her client’s traffic after Google started rolling out the Helpful Content update in late August. Two months later, she sent Team Jasper an update.

“I'm looking at ahrefs and the Helpful Content update hit August 25th. [At that time], we were getting just under 3,000 organic visitors per month. As of today, October 28th, we’re getting 7,975 visitors.”

That’s a 166% increase in organic traffic in just two months.

“Since the Google Helpful Content update, we went from around 3,000 to just under 8,000 [organic visitors]. So anyone that's arguing that the Helpful Content is bad for AI software, that's so wrong.”

But, Lauren says, you have to use AI responsibly. Here are Lauren’s tips for working with AI writing assistants like Jasper:

“If you use AI tools in isolation, yeah, you're not gonna be helpful [to your audience]. We didn't use it in isolation. Jasper was a tool that we used to help our copywriter write their content faster, more efficiently, and to increase efficacy of SEO performance,” Lauren says.

“If you use Jasper for your team to create faster, smarter, more rankable content, you're going to see it take off.”

Since the Google Helpful Content update, we went from around 3,000 to just under 8,000 organic visitors. That’s a 166% increase in organic traffic in just two months.
Lauren Petrullo
Founder & CMO

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