How Goosehead Insurance revamped Its marketing strategy & boosted performance with Jasper

new articles published in record time (5/week)
Leslyn Felder
Leslyn Felder
Marketing Associate
Leslyn Felder
Jaycie Nesbit
Marketing Associate
new articles published in record time (5/week)
click-through rate increase for emails
increase in website traffic month over month

“Jasper enables me to create at a pace that ensures I can attend to the variety of my responsibilities and still achieve our goals. I have time to analyze performance, rather than spending it all on the creation itself.”

Leslyn Felder
Leslyn Felder
Marketing Associate

Facing the Challenge of Scaling Marketing Production

In an increasingly competitive insurance landscape, Goosehead Insurance, an independent personal lines insurance agency operating throughout the United States, found itself facing a significant hurdle: how to scale up its marketing production without compromising on quality or overburdening their small and recently established marketing team. With a need for fresh, engaging content that could capture their target audiences, Goosehead turned to Jasper - an AI-powered content creation and distribution platform - to transform their marketing approach.

Jasper: The Game-Changing Solution for Goosehead Insurance's Marketing Efforts

Seeking an innovative, efficient solution for content creation, Goosehead Insurance opted to employ Jasper's AI-driven capabilities to optimize its marketing program. The platform offered an extensive suite of features that enabled Goosehead's marketing team that includes Leslyn Felder and Jaycie Nesbit, to swiftly create and disseminate a wide variety of content. This included blog articles for the company's online learning center, email campaigns targeting potential and existing clients, and repurposing social media content to maximize reach and engagement.

Efficiency, Productivity, and Performance Gains

Jasper's strategic integration into Goosehead's marketing workflow led to a substantial increase in productivity and allowed the company to witness several performance gains. Goosehead observed the following impressive results:

Accelerated Content Creation

In the first quarter of the year, the marketing team wrote 44 new articles for their learning center blog—a volume possible because of Jasper. The platform allowed them to ramp up their content production speed, enabling them to consistently publish five articles each week. From this material, the team rapidly created social media posts to support their website traffic goals. Leslyn said, “Jasper enables me to create at a pace that ensures I can attend to the variety of my responsibilities and still achieve our goals. From one piece of content, I can easily develop derivative assets and have time to analyze performance, rather than spending it all on the creation itself.”  

Improved Email Engagement

Goosehead observed a remarkable 22% click-through rate increase in email campaigns utilizing Jasper. The team attributed this improvement to the platform's ability to craft and test compelling content that resonated deeply with recipients, enticing them to engage further.

Instead of struggling to customize content for three disparate audiences, Jaycie commented, “I took concepts that worked in past campaigns, assigned specific tone and style to each audience and Jasper created the appropriate outputs for me.” With Jasper Brand Voice and email templates, Jaycie can now work rapidly with control across separate segments, writing 30 emails a month. Added personalization and segmentation contributed to a 20% increase in revenue between Q3 and Q4. “Jasper allows me to move more quickly and more confidently for each of my target segments; I can go to market faster, test messages faster, and make improvements faster.”  

Intensive Website Revamping

Leveraging Jasper's capabilities and with input from their Customer Success Manager, Goosehead's marketing team was able to overhaul their franchise-facing website and achieve significant time savings. Using content improver and paragraph generator in Jasper, the team updated this website to be more relevant to their franchise audiences. Since the content was adjusted for a new audience, it took a complete revision for every aspect of the website. Jasper helped develop benefits statements, FAQ documents, differentiation copy and market analysis to bring depth and specificity to the multi-paged website. As a result, Goosehead achieved an impressive 87% increase month over month in visibility for their franchise pages. This invaluable partnership helped elevate Goosehead’s brand and drive business growth.

A Symbiotic Partnership for Continued Success

The successful integration of Jasper's AI-driven solution into Goosehead Insurance's marketing program has had a positive impact on the team’s productivity and performance. With the help of their dedicated customer success manager and access to the platform's features and capabilities, the marketing team could effectively scale their operations and establish themselves as a department that was creating new effective content and generating revenue for the business. Leslyn puts it best; "We are a small but mighty team, and Jasper adds the muscle power to make us mightier."

"We are a small but mighty team, and Jasper adds the muscle power to make us mightier."

- Leslyn Felder, Marketing Associate

Goosehead (NASDAQ: GSHD) is a rapidly growing and innovative independent personal lines insurance agency that distributes its products and services throughout the United States. Goosehead was founded on the premise that the consumer should be at the center of their universe and that everything they do should be directed at providing extraordinary value by offering broad product choice and a world-class service experience. Goosehead represents over 150 insurance companies that underwrite personal and commercial lines.

Headquarters: Westlake, TX

Company Size: Enterprise (1,000+ employees)

Industry: Insurance

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