WordHero vs Jasper: Which AI Writing Tool Reigns Supreme?

Wondering whether you should use WordHero or Jasper? Check out this in-depth comparison of the features, quality, cost, and other aspects of both tools.

Published on Jun 04, 2024

With 97% positive reviews on G2 and over 100,000 users—including famous companies like IBM and Canva—Jasper is one of the leading AI writing assistants in the world. 

But WordHero, an alternative to Jasper, has been gaining popularity. Since its launch, it has acquired over 10,000 users and gotten hundreds of positive reviews on platforms like AppSumo. 

If you’re a content writer hunting for ways to create more high-quality content faster, both WordHero and Jasper may look promising. The question is: Which one should you use? 

What to look for in an AI writing assistant

Ability to Understand Context and Tone

The best AI writing assistants are those that can grasp the nuances of your intended message. They should understand the context of your content and adapt the tone accordingly, whether you’re aiming for professional, casual, or anything in between. This is especially important for businesses who need to maintain a consistent brand voice across all their content.

Customizable Writing Styles

Flexibility is key. Your AI assistant should be able to switch between writing styles to suit different platforms and audiences. This customization allows for a more personalized content strategy that can appeal directly to your target demographic.

Grammar and Spell Check Capabilities

Accuracy in writing is non-negotiable. An AI tool that offers robust grammar and spell-checking features will ensure that your content is not only engaging but also polished and professional. This capability also saves time and resources by catching errors before they go live.

Collaboration Features

Content creation is often a team effort, and your AI assistant should be equipped to handle collaborative tasks. Look for features such as document sharing, version control, and real-time editing to streamline the writing process and improve productivity.

Search Engine Optimization Features

For content creators and small business owners, visibility is crucial. An AI writing assistant with built-in SEO tools can help optimize your content for search engines, ensuring that your articles rank well and reach a wider audience. If possible, look for integrations with SEO platforms like Surfer.

Time-Saving Features

One of the most significant advantages of using an AI writing assistant is the potential for time savings. Look for features that streamline the content creation process, such as automated research, summarization capabilities, and suggestions for content improvement.

Integration with Other Tools

Another factor to consider when choosing an AI writing assistant is its compatibility with other tools. Can it seamlessly integrate with your preferred word processing software or content management system (CMS)? Is it able to work alongside other writing tools such as grammar checkers and plagiarism detectors?

These integrations can greatly improve your workflow and productivity, so make sure to look into them before deciding on which AI writing assistant to use.

Best practices for using AI writing tools

Fact-check the information

AI writing tools are designed to help in the content creation process, but they are far from perfect.  But hey, what writer is? It's essential to fact-check the information provided by AI writing tools before using it in your content. This is especially important for topics that require accuracy, such as scientific or technical subjects.

Add a human touch to the content

While AI writing tools can generate content quickly, they often lack the human touch that makes content more engaging and relatable. As a writer, it's important to review and edit the content generated by AI tools to add your own personal style and voice. This will help make the content more authentic and connect with the readers on a deeper level.

Proofread and edit everything AI-generated

Manually proofreading and editing AI-generated content is crucial for maintaining high-quality standards. AI tools may not fully grasp the context or nuances of language, leading to awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, or even factual inaccuracies.

These mistakes can undermine the credibility of the content and potentially mislead readers. AI may not align perfectly with the intended tone or fail to capture the unique voice of the author, making the content seem impersonal.

By manually reviewing and refining AI-generated content, writers ensure that their final output is coherent, accurate, and exhibits a distinctive personal touch, thus fostering a stronger connection with the audience.

Fine tune your inputs to get better outputs

Fine-tuning your inputs when using AI writing tools is crucial for obtaining better outputs. The quality and specificity of the input directly influence the relevance and accuracy of the generated content. AI models rely on the provided prompts to understand the context and the desired outcome of the content creation process.

By being precise and detailed in your inputs, you significantly reduce the likelihood of receiving off-topic or generic outputs. This approach not only saves time by reducing the need for extensive edits but also ensures that the final content aligns closely with your specific goals and audience expectations.

WordHero vs. Jasper at a glance

To help you decide on the right one for you, we compared these two tools based on the following criteria:

  1. AI models
  2. Short-form content quality
  3. Long-form content quality
  4. Suitability for SEO content
  5. Top features
  6. Ease of use
  7. Resources and support
  8. Pricing

A head-to-head comparison of Jasper and WordHero

If you’re curious how we chose the winner for each of the categories above, dive into our analysis below.

AI models

Artificial intelligence tools learn to emulate human intelligence and make logical decisions through AI models. These algorithms or programs use data sets to train AI on appropriate conclusions or actions to take based on patterns within the data. 

AI writers are specifically trained on language models, enabling them to understand your inputs and requests and generate relevant content in response. 


Jasper leverages numerous language models. Most notably, we partner with the AI and research company OpenAI, using its most advanced model to date—GPT-4. However, we also use others, such as BLOOM, T5, and GPT-NeoX. This selection makes Jasper flexible enough to write for a variety of industries and use cases.


Unlike Jasper, WordHero is powered by the older GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language model. Other than that, it only leverages proprietary AI technology.

Winner: Jasper. Not only do we use several language models, but we have a proprietary process for selecting the best one for a user's prompt. This makes it easier to generate relevant content and copy for specific use cases or industries. 

Short-form content quality

Both Jasper and WordHero can help with short-form writing, including everything from email subject lines and cold emails to headlines, taglines, and social media captions. 


As mentioned, Jasper uses a combination of state-of-the-art AI models to fit your use case and write for your industry. As a result, the quality of the generated content is higher than that of many alternative tools. 

To illustrate, let’s look at some unedited outputs from a couple of Jasper’s 50-plus content and copywriting templates, which are perfect for short-form copy. First up is one from the Product Description template. 

Here’s the information we gave Jasper: 

Jasper Product Description template

And here is the copy Jasper gave us in return:

Jasper short form content example

As you can see, Jasper incorporates the requested tone and presents the product details we gave accurately and in a logical way. More importantly, notice how Jasper went above and beyond to include details that make the copy appealing to the specified target audience—working professionals. Jasper even made the description of the coffee more in-depth and compelling!

Let’s check out a second example, this time from the Tweet Machine template. Based on a single-sentence description of the topic, Jasper provided dozens of variations of short tweets in return:

Jasper Tweet Machine template

Notice the tweets include hashtags to increase their reach on Twitter. Many also touch on why the topic is important, even though we didn’t provide that information in our input:

  • "First time homebuyers, don't let your dream home slip away! Get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start your search. #Homebuying101"
  • "Avoid the heartbreak of falling in love with a home you can't afford. Get pre-approved for a mortgage and shop with confidence. #NoMoreBrokenHearts"
  • "Don't let your home search be a guessing game. Get pre-approved for a mortgage and know your budget before you start looking. #KnowBeforeYouGo"
  • "Take the stress out of homebuying by getting pre-approved for a mortgage. You'll thank yourself later. #SmartMoves"
  • "Pro tip for first time homebuyers: start with the pre-approval process. It'll save you time, money, and headaches. #WorthIt"
  • "The secret to a successful home search? Pre-approval. Trust us, it's like having a golden ticket in this competitive market. #Winning"

These are just a couple of examples. There are many more Jasper templates that make it faster and easier to write high-quality, short-form content and copy. (For more on how you can batch-create months’ worth of social media content in record time, check out our free social media content training.) 


What about WordHero’s content writing tools? We tried out a handful of their short-form templates, including the one for Vision and Mission: 

WordHero short-form content writing template

On the plus side, the generated content was grammatically fine and reflected an accurate understanding of the difference between mission and vision statements. However, the AI didn’t use the tone we asked for, meaning the content was a bit on the bland side. 

We noticed this with other templates as well, such as this one for website ”About Us” descriptions:

Jasper About Us page template

While WordHero did add detail to the short description we entered, it didn’t use the casual tone we asked for. In fact, there’s really no tone at all!

Winner: Jasper. The content it generates isn’t just unique and well-written. It also matches your requested tone and even adds relevant context where possible to make the resulting content more engaging and applicable to your audience. 

Long-form content quality

Many AI writing tools generate decent outputs for short-form content and copy like social media posts and ads. However, they fall short of expectations when it comes to creating long-form content. Is this the case with Jasper or WordHero?


As we did for short-form content, let’s see some unedited examples of Jasper’s work, starting with the Landing Page workflow. We provided a brief product description to give Jasper some context on the fictional company we were writing for and then filled in details about the target audience as well. 

Jasper landing page creation

Jasper provided a few options for H1 through H3 headings in the hero section. We chose this one. 

Jasper Landing Page workflow

Notice that the H1 and H2 don’t just specify what the offer is but also emphasize the goal or benefit—”helping you secure the funding you need to scale your vision into reality”. This is just one copywriting best practice Jasper learned to emulate by analyzing the work of human copywriters. Additionally, the H3s and the corresponding sections are also benefits-focused and answer some of the top questions visitors would have. 

A draft like this would be a great starting point. Then all you’d need to do is: 

  • Add in your unique experiences or points of view
  • Source evidence to back up your claims
  • Showcase your or your client’s brand personality
  • Include the insights of subject matter experts 

How does WordHero’s long-form quality compare?


Here’s a snippet of a nearly 900-word blog post we generated using the blog post writing tools in WordHero’s editor. They included the outline generator, blog post intro tool, and blog post paragraph tool. 

WordHero long-form blog post example

As in the short-form examples we saw from WordHero, the tool didn’t customize the content based on the friendly tone we asked for. The flow of the sentences overall feels slightly formulaic and not very engaging. 

Additionally, the outline WordHero generated had a couple of issues. For one, it included a couple of headings that wouldn’t be necessary for the audience, such as “Definition of Project Management.” (An audience searching for the top project management techniques would already know what project management is.) 

WordHero headers

Second, rather than providing true techniques like using Kanban or Gannt, WordHero’s suggested H3s are actually project management skills. While this might seem like a small mishap, if you were to generate a full draft before realizing an issue like this, you’d have to restart. That would call for creating the full content outline manually, as well as generating and editing more text. 

That’s not exactly convenient when your goal is to improve efficiency while also maintaining high quality standards. 

Winner: Jasper. Thanks to the combination of AI models used, Jasper understands user instructions well and, as a result, generates more natural and engaging content. While you should still edit AI-generated content no matter which AI content generator you use, Jasper provides a better foundation to start from, saving you time in the long run. 

Suitability for SEO content

Is search engine optimization (SEO) part of your or your client's strategy? If so, the AI writing software you choose should help you speed up the optimization process too, not just the content creation process. 


Jasper can speed up the process of writing search engine-optimized content in three ways: 

Some templates, such as the Paragraph Generator template, allow you to specify which keywords you want to use. And all documents have a keywords field for the same purpose. 

The AI tends to use the words you use in your inputs. Including important keywords in your prompts can help you optimize content for search.

Jasper integrates with Surfer, allowing you to see keyword and other recommendations as you write in Jasper’s SEO mode. You can also watch your optimization score change in real time as you write and edit your content. 

Jasper is a great choice if you need to create SEO-friendly content, especially at scale. 


WordHero’s Keyword Assistant is accessible in Editor Mode and allows you to input keywords you’d like the AI to use when writing your content. Like Jasper, WordHero’s AI may also repeat keywords you use in your inputs. 

However, this tool doesn’t yet integrate with any dedicated content optimization tools as Jasper does. You won’t be able to see SEO recommendations as you write in WordHero or see real-time changes in your content optimization score. Instead, you’ll have to switch between the two tools to see recommendations. And copy-paste your content into your optimization tool—perhaps repeatedly—until you’re happy with it. 

Winner: Jasper. In addition to being able to utilize keywords based on user inputs, it also integrates with Surfer. This gives you a fuller picture of how well optimized a piece of content is. 

Top features

Now, zooming out a bit, let’s look at some of the handiest functionalities of both of these tools.


Jasper has many helpful features, but these are fan favorites: 

  1. Jasper Chat: This is a more conversational way to brainstorm and write with Jasper. Plus, although Jasper isn’t specifically a research assistant, you can now include Google search results in Jasper’s answers to speed up the fact-checking process.
  2. Chrome extension: Use Jasper’s Power mode on the go. Access our 50-plus content and copywriting templates (plus commands) anywhere you go on the web. 
  3. SEO mode: If you’re a Surfer user, take advantage of this incredible integration. Access SEO recommendations within Jasper documents and optimize your content as you write. 


In contrast, here are WordHero’s main features: 

  1. Templates: Access 70-plus templates for various types of writing, as well as brainstorming brand name ideas, lead magnet ideas, and more. 
  2. Editor mode: Create longer content in the document editor and use templates side-by-side. 
  3. Keyword assistant: In the long-form editor, enter up to three keywords you’d like to be included in the paragraphs.

Winner: Jasper. WordHero currently only covers the basics that most alternative tools also have. 

Ease of use

You’ve gotten a glimpse into the logistics of how each of these tools works, but how easy are they to use? Generally speaking, there are a couple challenges and limitations you’ll encounter with any AI writing tool

  1. The quality of the AI-generated content depends on the quality of your inputs. There can be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to understanding how to provide good inputs. 
  2. All AI-generated outputs need to be fact-checked. Even AI tools that pull information and data from the web sometimes get facts wrong . You’ll need to dedicate time to verifying details from both Jasper and WordHero. 


Besides the above, the basics of using Jasper are straightforward. To generate content using our templates, for instance, simply fill in the requested information and click “Generate.” Workflows also walk you through the inputs needed to create blog posts, landing pages, press releases, and more, step by step. 

It can take some experimentation to learn how to guide Jasper toward creating more custom content using commands and recipes, or to learn how templates can be helpful outside their stated use cases. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available to help you get up to speed faster. You’ll hear more about those shortly. But first, how does WordHero stack up as far as ease of use?


Besides those same common challenges—learning to write good inputs and having to verify AI-generated facts—there are a few additional things to note about WordHero. On the positive side, creating short-form content with its writing tools or templates is fairly straightforward. Especially if you’ve tried similar tools for AI content generation, you’ll have no problem using them. 

The long-form editor is also pretty straightforward. Writing tools are accessible in the left sidebar, so you can paste generated content into the editor on the right. WordHero can also continue your sentences thanks to the “Write More” button. 

However, the disadvantage of WordHero’s simplicity is that there are fewer ways to generate and manipulate text in the editor. For example, in Jasper’s Google Docs–style editor, you can run several operations: 

  • Generate text, even in a blank document (as long as you at least fill in the content description), to help you beat writer’s block
  • Run recipes to avoid having to switch back and forth between templates
  • Create custom commands to tell Jasper what to write, which can include asking it to rewrite or expand already-written text 

In this regard, WordHero isn’t as flexible and may not save you as much time as you’d like. 

Winner: WordHero. It’s not as feature-rich and flexible as Jasper, which means the content it generates may require a bit more time and manual work on your end to polish, but sticking to basic functionality makes it the easier tool to use.

Resources and support

Software is only as good as the help documentation, training materials, and support team available to help you use it to the fullest. Here’s more on the kind of resources and support Jasper and WordHero offer.


Jasper has a friendly, responsive support team that’s always ready to answer questions or address concerns. Self-serve support is available via Jasper Jumpstart, our YouTube channel, and events. 

We also have an active Facebook community of over 74,000 members who share helpful prompts, tips, and tricks weekly. Plus, users regularly create and share recipes for various content and copy types via the Jasper Course pathways


WordHero has a Facebook group of just over 5,000 members, though it’s not yet as active as Jasper’s community. Beyond that, there’s a knowledge base with brief tips for getting started, using the various writing tools, and troubleshooting issues. However, while there are just over 100 topics covered, most of these articles are short and fairly surface-level.

Of course, WordHero also has a customer support team available to respond to questions and concerns. 

Winner: Jasper. We have a responsive, world-class customer support team. And we invest heavily in developing resources to help you use Jasper better and improve your writing and marketing skills in general. 


Last but definitely not least is one of the top considerations that play into software buying decisions—cost. 


Jasper offers several flexible pricing plans ranging from the $39 per month Creator plan to custom Business plans for an enterprise-level solution.


WordHero is still testing their introductory pricing. When there is no promotion running, plans are $99 per month or $1,188 per year. However, the company also offers lifetime deals—Starter and Pro for $89 and $499, respectively. 

Winner: Tie. Ultimately, the winner here depends on your needs and budget. If you want a cheaper option and are okay with fewer features and capabilities, one of the WordHero lifetime deals may appeal to you. However, if you need a more robust tool now, Jasper will be your best bet. 

Jasper vs. WordHero: Which AI writing tool is better for you?

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to every tool. We’ve tried to be as objective as possible in comparing our tool, Jasper, to WordHero. We’ve even shown unedited content from both, so you can judge for yourself. But, admittedly, we covered a lot of information. 

To give a bird’s eye view of the comparison and make your decision easier, here’s an overview of the final verdict on each of the categories we evaluated: 

  • AI models: Jasper
  • Short-form content quality: Jasper
  • Long-form content quality: Jasper
  • Suitability for SEO content: Jasper
  • Top features: Jasper
  • Ease of use: WordHero
  • Resources and support: Jasper
  • Pricing: Tie

With that in mind, this is your official invitation to sign up for your free trial of Jasper.

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