Press Release Examples: How To Inspire Journalists To Pick Up Your Story

Ready to launch your product or promote an event? Use these press release examples as inspiration to get the media coverage you want.

Published on Jun 04, 2024

Press releases might feel like a thing of the past--how many marketing teams really spend time crafting traditional releases for journalists when there’s social media and so many other ways to get the word out about their latest launch, product, or award? 

The answer is actually a lot. Press releases are still one of the easiest ways to get the attention of journalists, build media contacts, increase your ranking in the search engines, and raise awareness for your latest news.

But, while brands are still working from a traditional press release template, they are getting more creative with the way they present them to relevant outlets. Think videos, infographics, and other multimedia elements.

We’ve pulled together an extensive selection of creative examples of press releases from a number of different categories. Hopefully, these will give you the burst of inspiration you need to get started on yours.

Elements of an effective press release

Clear and Concise Headline

The headline should grab attention and summarize the key message of the press release in a few words. It should be attention-grabbing and compelling, yet accurately reflect the content of the release.

To write a strong headline, start by clearly identifying the main message or purpose of your content. Next, choose powerful and attention-grabbing words that accurately represent the essence of the press release. Lastly, ensure the headline is concise and easily understandable to captivate the reader's interest at first glance.

Remember, a successful headline should be a perfect blend of intrigue and clarity to compel readers to delve into the full story.

Informative Subheadline

The purpose of a subheadline in a press release is to provide additional context and support the main headline by giving more details about the news being shared.

Using a subheadline in a press release is crucial as it offers the opportunity to provide further context and detail that augments the main headline, ensuring that the reader gets a more comprehensive understanding of the news being presented.

Well-crafted subheadlines can serve as a teaser, enticing the audience to continue reading the press release to explore the story in greater depth.

Dateline and Contact Information

Including the date, location, and contact details of the company or PR representative is essential for journalists seeking more information. This is crucial because it helps the media to reach out and get in touch with the relevant parties for interviews, follow up or additional quotes.

Providing accurate contact information also builds credibility and trust with journalists, showing that the company is transparent and open to communication. In addition, this allows for easy fact-checking or clarification of any information presented within the press release.

In recent times, it has also become common practice to include social media handles or website links along with traditional contact information. This helps to further amplify the news being shared and makes it easier for readers to engage with the company on various platforms.

Compelling Lead Paragraph

The opening paragraph should answer the essential questions - who, what, where, when, why, and how - to draw readers in and provide a quick overview.

To write an enticing lead paragraph for a press release, start by clearly stating who or what the press release is about. Introduce the key information succinctly, emphasizing the most newsworthy aspects. Provide context by answering the questions of where, when, why, and how the event or announcement is significant.

Remember to make the lead paragraph engaging to capture the reader's attention from the very beginning. Use strong and descriptive language to create an emotional connection with the reader.

Quotes from Key Stakeholders

Including quotes from company executives or other relevant individuals adds credibility and a human touch to the press release. This also helps with  providing different perspectives and capturing the reader's interest.

Supporting Details and Information

Providing additional background information, statistics, or relevant data can help to strengthen the key message and provide more depth to the story. This also provides context and supports the significance of the event or announcement.


Every press release should conclude with a clear call-to-action, whether it's inviting readers to visit a website, attend an event, or take another specific step in response to the news.

To write a strong call-to-action (CTA) for a press release, clearly state the desired action you want the readers to take, make it specific and actionable. It helps to create a sense of urgency or importance to prompt immediate response.

Use active language (rather than passive language) that encourages engagement and clearly guides the audience on what steps to follow next. Keep the CTA concise, memorable, and aligned with the overall goal of the press release.

Your handy press release outline

It can be tempting to get too creative with your news release. You want it to stand out, but you also want to make it easy for journalists to pick up and scan.

So, while you can decorate your press releases with relevant images, videos, and links, it’s important to stick to the well-known structure that your media relations have come to know and respect. 

In fact, if your public relations team writes a press release that conforms to a format that journalists are familiar with, there’s a higher chance of it getting published.

There are certain elements journalists will expect from a press release, including your contact information, the location of your announcement, and a brief company bio. You can incorporate these separately into the main body of your press release so you can focus on getting the information you want across to writers. 

As a general rule, most press release outlines follow this structure: 

  • Descriptive press release headline
  • One or two sentences summarizing the press release
  • 3-4 paragraphs of information about the press release and any background information
  • 1-2 quotes from a relevant person
  • Bullet facts or figures
  • Company description
  • Contact information and phone number for further enquiries 

Use this as a free press release template and tweak it to suit your individual needs. At the top of the release, you’ll want to state that it’s for “immediate release”, as this gives journalists the go-ahead to publish a piece right away. 

Within the press release (ideally in the first paragraph), you should aim to answer the five “Ws”: 

  1. Who’s involved in the news story? 
  2. What’s the press release about? 
  3. When did the story happen or when is it going to happen?
  4. Where did the story take place?
  5. Why will the target audience be interested in the story? 

Here’s a breakdown of a sample press release that follows this structure.

Miami Beach press release headline

The piece starts with a punchy headline that uses emotive words like “epic”. It then goes on to summarize the press release and provide answers to the five Ws. 

 Miami Beach press release image

The eye-catching graphic adds a visual appeal to the traditional press release format and breaks up the paragraphs of text. Then, there’s a quote from a relevant person (the Chairman of the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority) and a brief introduction to the rest of the press release. 

Miami Beach press release bullet points

This is followed by a bullet point list of events that journalists and readers can scan. The helpful links provide more information on each event. 

Miami Beach press release information 

The press release finishes up with information about the Miami Beach App and provides contact details that journalists can use to get more information. 

Now that we’ve got the structure down, let’s take a look at some effective press release examples from various industries that promote different events, launches, and news. 

Distribution at its best: content press release examples

Promoting a fresh piece of content with a press release is a popular way to gain visibility. However, it’s important that the content you are promoting has a purpose and isn’t just your latest blog post. It should be something meaty and useful, like a primary research report, the results of a survey, or a new infographic. 


Travel brand GetYourGuide draws attention to their latest study in this press release

Why it works: travel is a hot topic at the moment, and the addition of key stats in the introductory paragraph encourages journalists to read on. Stats are always good to include in a press release since they provide pull-outs for journalists to base their articles on. 

GetYourGuide press release
Source: PRNewsWire


The press release from startup Exmark promotes a video series they have released helping people build their patio seating and storage.

Why it works: the timely topic is of interest to people right now, plus the addition of images and videos provides a multimedia angle to the press release. 

Exmark press release
Source: PRNewsWire

Get eyeballs on your brand with product launch press release examples 

Brands that are launching a new product often go straight to a press release to spread the word. The more news outlets that write about the new product, the better. But make sure your title is compelling enough to stand out against all the other product launches. 

SC Johnson

SC Johnson’s press release talks about its new sustainable product.

Why it works: the addition of videos and imagery adds another dimension to a text-based press release. 

SC Johnson press release example
Source: Multivu


HelpfulCrowd announces the launch of its latest integration for e-commerce users. 

Why it works: the press release follows a traditional structure with relevant quotes and a summary at the top, but the most compelling part is the screenshot which shows users what they can expect from the tool. 

HelpfulCrowd press release
Source: PRFire


Vidalgo uses this press release to announce the launch of its new marketplace.

Why it works: Vidalgo follows a traditional press release structure. The images of the people involved add a human touch to a very tech-focused piece. 

Vidalgo press release
Source: PRFire


OwnersBox talks about the launch of their latest game in this press release.

Why it works: the introductory paragraph works particularly well in this press release. As well as providing vital information, it uses emotive language to engage the reader. 

OwnersBox press release
Source: Newswire


myPOS Online has created a press release to launch its new e-commerce solution.

Why it works: myPOS breaks down the press release into separate headings to make it scannable for journalists and readers. 

Source: Newswire

Boost your guest list with event press release examples

Wondering how to write a press release for an event? These are some of the easiest types of press releases to write because you’re essentially advertising a specific time and place. Make sure you include all relevant details and pick out some of the most exciting things about your event--will there be celebrities there? Will there be a theme? 

Von Dutch

Von Dutch advertises its Summer Fridays events in this press release.

Why it works: the press release mentions some world-famous celebrities who are involved and bolds their names for easy scanning and extra emphasis. 

Von Dutch press release
Source: PRNewsWire


Spotify’s branded press release is eye-catching while still maintaining the traditional structure of a press release.

Why it works: in true Spotify style, the brand includes a playlist in its press release--adding in audio makes the piece more engaging for journalists and readers. 

Spotify press release
Source: Spotify

New hire press release examples: show off your team

Many brands opt to send out a press release when they get a new hire or form a new partnership. Usually, this hire will be someone high up in the company, like a CEO, and the press release should outline what this person brings to the role along with a quote from the new hire themselves. 

Citi Solutions Center

Citi Solutions Center announces a top-level new hire via press release distribution. This can be a great way to introduce consumers to the people behind your brand and add clout if they happen to be a big name in the industry.

Why it works: Citi Solutions takes the opportunity to explain why its new hire is good for the business, and including a headshot of the new hire adds a human touch. 

Citi Solutions press release
Source: Citi Solutions

Create engagement with a video press release


ScribbleLive filmed a video press release to announce their acquisition of Appinions. 

Why it works: the structure is similar to a written press release, but by interviewing the CEO, the brand can get a personal perspective about the news. 

Press release writing: eliminate “blank page syndrome”

Staring at a blank page isn’t the most productive use of your time. While a press release comes with a structured outline and is mostly a fact-based writing exercise, it can still be tricky to pull off. AI writing assistants like Jasper, which has a Press Release Title and Intro Template, make it easier to get words down on a page. 

They take key information about your event, product launch, new hire, or piece of content and weave it into an engaging narrative that journalists will love. 

All you have to do is give a bit of information about your press release, add your company name and the tone of voice you want the AI to use. 

Press releases don’t have to be stuffy old paragraphs from the past. Instead, they can be a creative way to promote your business while securing relationships with journalists and getting much-needed media coverage. If you don’t know where to start, use the examples we’ve listed here for inspiration. Sign up today and give Jasper’s templates a try. 

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