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Generate An Engaging LinkedIn Headline In 2 Minutes using AI

Your LinkedIn headline is a great way to showcase what value you offer as a professional in your industry. Here’s how to optimize it with Jasper.

August 11, 2022
Generate An Engaging LinkedIn Headline In 2 Minutes using AI
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Optimizing your LinkedIn profile but you’re not sure what to put in your headline? Welcome to the club. You’re hardly alone. Your headline is one of the first things recruiters see when they visit your profile. 

Using the pointers we’re sharing in this post, you can create eye-catching headlines that can help you appear in LinkedIn searches, and hey, maybe even get headhunted by recruiters or tapped for a freelance project. 

Why do you need an engaging LinkedIn headline? 

There are about 830 million members on LinkedIn worldwide. Your profile is simply another piece of content floating around on the website. Once framed this way, you start to realize how forgettable yet another “profile” can be. 

For this reason, you must take the necessary steps to stand out wherever your profile shows up. This can be anywhere from search results to profile recommendations, in feeds, in comments you leave on posts, or even in messages and invitations to connect. 

Sure, listing your certifications, your current job title, and an optimized personal bio can level up your overall profile. Those steps shouldn’t be skipped. However, an engaging headline on the platform is yet another piece of the puzzle that has long-term effects, including:

  • Creating awareness of your personal brand
  • Adding clarity to what you do and who you do it for
  • Helping you expand your network with high-quality connections within your industry
  • Improving authority

The elements of an engaging LinkedIn headline

Admittedly, there isn’t a specific LinkedIn headline formula that’ll make all your professional dreams come true. Still, let’s walk through the three main elements that come together to form a stellar headline. As you craft a headline that’s true to you, keep these in mind as you brainstorm. 

Be specific

The more specific your headline is, the better. While this is pretty straightforward, you’ll often see LinkedIn users prioritize being clever and longwinded over being specific. 

Not only does specificity help you stop the scroll as you appear in searches, but it also helps with ensuring you’re memorable. For example, instead of making your LinkedIn headline say something broad like “marketer”, opt to be more specific. 

Writing something along the lines of “Growth marketer in the Data-as-a-service space” ensures users that come across your profile will know exactly what you do and exactly what industry you do it in. 

Optimize for search engines

Not surprisingly, SEO is also at work on a platform like LinkedIn. But instead of indexing the world’s information, it indexes working professionals hoping to connect with each other. 

Keep in mind that LinkedIn headlines have a character limit. Your LinkedIn headline must be optimized to include the most important keywords you’re wanting to show up in searches for.

Keep it short

The shorter your headline can be—without sacrificing clarity—the better. Attention spans are short and industries are competitive. The more time you can save someone looking for a professional like you, the better the chances of your LinkedIn headline scoring you opportunities.

Use numbers

Showcase your career wins! Add anything notable that’s worth displaying from your list of accomplishments to your headline. It’s a great way to differentiate and market yourself for potential projects or job offers. 

Name drop (it’s okay!)

Working at a highly recognizable company that automatically gets you credit through association? Don’t be afraid to name drop in your headline. It’s a great way to build authority and signal your skill level in your specific industry.

It’s also a way to automatically grab attention as users scroll through your profile in a variety of places on the platform. Some LinkedIn users take it as far as including who they previously worked for in their headline as a way to showcase a quick resume at a glance. 

How to generate an engaging LinkedIn headline using Jasper

Consider using the power of AI—more specifically Jasper—to help you craft scroll-stopping headlines. As a writing assistant, Jasper is used by thousands of marketers to create all kinds of content for different marketing needs.

Plus, it’s easy to use once you open an account and get familiar with the dashboard. To get started with generating headline ideas like the example below, follow the steps below: 

  1. Create a Jasper account and log in
  2. Navigate to Templates
  3. Click on Perfect Headline
  4. Insert what you do in the Product description section
  5. Fill in the Company name field
  6. Add your main target audience in the Customer Avatar section
  7. Click on Generate AI content to start getting headline ideas
Linkedin Headline - Jasper Perfect Headline template

LinkedIn headline examples (and why they work)

One of the best ways to learn is through examples. Here are some of the best LinkedIn headlines as inspiration when crafting your own. 

Using statements in headlines

Example LinkedIn profile with a phrase as the headline

Here’s an idea: Start with the most important keyword that describes what you do then follow it with a short phrase that explains the outcome you create in that industry. This LinkedIn profile does exactly that.

Especially if you have several connections in your industry and are building a track record for being good at a specific outcome, then this can be a great way to craft a headline that sets you apart, makes you memorable, but that is still optimized for search. 

An example of namedropping in headlines

Example name drop LinkedIn profile

As we touched on earlier, a first impression glimpse of a huge company name in your bio has a high chance of catching attention. If your end goal is to grow your network with quality connections, be noticed, and be tapped for opportunities, then name-dropping a notable company is an effective way to help you do that. 

This particular LinkedIn user does this perfectly by being clear about her job title, “Program Manager and Recruiter” followed by the company name “Pinterest.” Consider doing the same if you happen to be in a position where you work for a renowned and highly recognizable brand in your industry. 

List your accomplishments

Example accomplishment LinkedIn profile

While most of us aren’t Oprah Winfrey, there’s still a lot to learn from her simple yet clear LinkedIn headline. Additionally, it’s yet another example of choosing to be clear over clever.

Often, simply listing your top accomplishments can do the trick. This is a great approach if you’ve had years of experience in your industry, are established in your skillset, and have authority-building achievements under your belt. 

List all your jobs and projects

Example of a LinkedIn profile showcasing multiple projects

Some of us have multiple gigs. The good news is that your LinkedIn headline can showcase that in a way that’s still strategic and clear. This LinkedIn user’s profile is a perfect example of listing what they’re currently working on.  

Search-optimized and clear

Example LinkedIn profile with keywords

This LinkedIn profile shares a perfect example of a LinkedIn headline that covers the most important bases: Clear, optimized for search engines, and short. If you’re at a loss for what to write as your headline, always opt for simplicity as a rule to go by. 

If a user searches for “content marketing” chances are this profile will appear in searches. You can take the same approach with your profile.  

Brand yourself

Example personal brand LinkedIn profile

“The Data Whisperer” is all about spreading awareness about the importance of data for organizations. If you’re well known for one thing or want to be a thought leader in your industry, consider branding yourself. 

Scott Taylor uses his headline to string together a list of the strongest identifying keywords around what he does. 

This ensures he’s found in search engines when a user might be looking for a professional with his expertise. Consider using either your headline or your headline and name together to brand yourself as a way to stand out. 

Create more than headlines

Headlines catch the eye. But it’s what comes after that makes them stay. It’s a matter of getting creative with expressing what you do and who you serve. The good thing is you don’t have to brainstorm a bunch of great LinkedIn headlines on your own. If you’re at a loss for ideas or just uninspired, consider using Jasper to generate a virtually endless list of headline ideas for you.

Get started with Jasper templates here. 


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