How to use a blog idea generator

Using Jasper’s blog idea generator as a brainstorming buddy will give you instant inspiration for your next blog post idea.

Published on Dec 09, 2022

Establishing thought leadership. Providing value. Generating leads. The role of a content creator is tough, especially when you have to come up with a stream of ideas to attract your audience. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all on your own. AI-powered blog idea generators can get your creative juices flowing.

Continue reading to learn how AI can get you out of creative ruts. 

What is a blog idea generator?

A blog idea generator, like Jasper, is an AI text generator that uses complex algorithms and language models like GPT-3 to generate new content based on your text input. 

Once you insert your text input (e.g., topic, keyword, tone) the blog idea generator scans the internet for relevant topics to use as a resource to write your prompt. In this case, a list of blog topics related to your industry and keywords.

For example, when you type in information about your company, product, and audience, it comes up with related ideas for you to write about.

How to generate blog post ideas with Jasper

Using Jasper’s blog idea generator is easy. All you have to do is set a few parameters and let the AI do the rest. 

Here’s how it works, in four easy steps:

1. Click on Jasper’s Templates in the side menu.

2. Scroll down to Blog Post Topic Ideas and select it.

3. Here, you can enter the needed information for your blog post, such as the company name, product description, audience, etc. When you’re ready, press the Generate button.

4. On the right, Jasper will populate blog post ideas for you to choose from. If you want more blog post ideas, then click Generate again.

Creating blog content at scale can be daunting for marketers. But with the right help, you can break it down into achievable tasks. Using a blog idea generator makes batching content easier, so you can plan weeks in advance.

How to improve your blog ideas

The more information and examples you give your AI blog idea generator, the better it is at generating ideas.

Here are some ways you can dig deeper to get better results:

Understand your audience 

Before you brainstorm blog post ideas, consider your target audience. Who are they? What are their needs? What kind of content resonates with them?

If you’re not sure what your audience wants, ask them. There are several tools out there that can deliver insights about your readers.

For example, SparkToro shows whom your audience follows, what topics they talk about, and which publications they read.

Then there’s Hotjar, which offers tools to monitor how your website visitors engage with your content. Do they spend more time on certain blog posts? What made them read one article over another? You can also ask them using Hotjar’s on-site feedback widget.

Once you have a better understanding of your audience, come up with a list of topics to help your AI blog idea generator produce more relevant concepts.

Perform competitor analysis

You should also monitor what your competitors are doing. After all, they may have tapped into some valuable insights that are relevant to your audience.

Look at their blog titles, post topics, and content structure. See which titles do well (what subjects come up often?) and which topics have more engagement (which posts have the most social shares and comments?).

Then, use this data to inspire your own ideas.

Use Google Trends

Do you want to know what people are actively searching for today? Check out Google Trends. In 2021, the NBA and stimulus checks were among the top searched-for topics, while searches for COVID vaccine centers showed peaks during certain key periods. 

But you can find more than seasonal trending topics. Type in keywords for your product or industry, and you’ll see if they’re popular or if there are other relevant search terms that you should use instead.

Then type what you find into your AI blog idea generator to see what it conjures up. Expand on these ideas or go off on a completely different tangent—you have complete creative control!

Figure out the tone for your blog 

You know what to write for your audience. Now you have to capture their attention so they’ll read it. 

The tone you use in your blog titles matters. For instance, if humor appeals to your audience, then creating funny titles will earn their clicks.

Read the posts they interact with to see if there’s a pattern in the tone of those blogs. For instance, if they read a lot of buzz-worthy content, then shocking headlines will draw them in. (Just be sure to avoid clickbait.)

Once you know the tone you’re going for, insert this into Jasper’s template, and it will come up with title ideas to match it.

Input the right keywords

Yes, keywords matter, especially for your blog post titles. If you’re using your AI blog idea generator to come up with topics, then include target keywords in your version of the title.

If you’re coming up short on topics, then use competitors’ titles as examples to help Jasper come up with alternatives.

The more specific you can be, the better. For example, if you have an electronics repair business, entering the keyword “iPhone 14 Pro cracked screen repair” into Jasper’s blog idea generator will give you better blog results than simply adding in “electronic repair” or “iPhone repair”.

The goal is to feed Jasper the right information so it can offer creative titles. Then optimize them with your keywords.

Refine blog titles

Coming up with the perfect headline is tricky, but it’s the most essential part of an article. The headline determines whether the right people will read it.

Jasper’s Perfect Headline template can help you with this. This template is a blog title generator that creates clickable, catchy blog titles from a few nouns. Depending on the customer avatar and tone of voice you select, Jasper creates blog titles that create curiosity while using your primary keyword.

Using our same example for the payroll software company, here’s what the input looks like:

And here’s the output:

Ideal blog title formats

Here are some examples of blog title formats that work best for content creation: 

  • Listicle: “14 Ways You Can Use AI for Your Blog”
  • How-to: “How to Write Better Blog Titles in 2022”
  • Question: “Do AI Blog Idea Generators Really Work?”
  • Problem-Solution: “Optimizing Your Blog Posts: Fix What You’re Doing Wrong”

Using numbers and positive words like grow, boost, or increase can make a catchy title even better.

So add these to make your Jasper titles even better.

Tips for creating content with a blog idea generator

A great content strategy isn’t about how much content you can produce, but how you can deliver the best quality in every piece of content you publish—even if it means reducing your monthly cadence. The idea is to keep your readers coming back and engaging with your brand.

So here are a few ideas for developing blog content your audience will want to read:

Ask your audience what they want 

When in doubt, just ask! If you have an engaging audience or community that interacts with your posts, ask them what they want to read or learn more about. This can build trust and give you new insights. 

Then you can use these insights to create content using Jasper’s social media templates.

Analyze old content

Dive into your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see which blog posts are doing well—and which aren’t. This will shine a light on the topics you should focus on and those that might be better left alone.

But don’t turn your back on a low-performing post before you see why it’s struggling. Maybe it’s not the topic at all, but the way it’s presented. The content might be too thin to rank high, or it might not have enough helpful information to keep readers engaged.

Use analytics to decide what will perform best, and narrow down your list of topics. Then feed them into Jasper to get more ideas.

Optimize posts for SEO performance 

SEO performance is essential in marketing content. It’s what stands between your content ranking high in search engines and never being read by anyone. 

With Jasper’s SurferSEO collaboration, you have more tools to help you write better content that ranks on page one of search engines. 

Jasper also identifies competitors in Google with content similar to yours to identify relevant topics and keywords to include in its generated text.

If you want to maximize the reach of your content and make sure it’s seen by the right people, use these tools to get as close as you can to a perfect score without being spammy.

Get instant inspiration with Jasper’s blog idea generator 

A content marketing strategy can be many things, but a shot in the dark isn’t one of them.

By conducting competitor research and taking help from writing assistants like Jasper, you can speed up your workflow. From idea generation to SEO optimization, a blog idea generator may be the best investment you make for your business.

With Jasper's templates and user-friendly interface, you can get started generating blog ideas in minutes.

Need to generate blog headers, instead? Try our Blog Header Image Generator.

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