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Jasper's Sentence Rewriter: Why it's the Best, How it Works, and 9 Alternatives

The Jasper sentence rewriter might just be the tool you need to spruce up your writing. See ways to use our tool, plus 9 alternatives.

November 16, 2022
Jasper's Sentence Rewriter: Why it's the Best, How it Works, and 9 Alternatives
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One of the best feelings as a writer is a sentence that comes out just right.

Between word count constraints, readability concerns, and targeting word counts; most copywriters often need to rewrite their sentences for length, simplicity, and clarity.

This can be a tedious task if done manually. However, with sentence rewriter tools, it’s easier than ever to reword your sentences.

We’ll show you several ways you can use Jasper to write clear, interesting sentences.

In this article

  1. What is a sentence rewriter?
  2. How to use Jasper's rewriting tools to improve your writing
  3. 9 alternative tools for writing stronger sentences

What is a sentence rewriter?

A sentence rewriter generates new variations of your written sentence in line with a specific purpose.

These tools often use artificial intelligence (AI) and contextual synonyms to create sentences with the same meanings — in a different tone, a shorter length, or another level of readability.

Often these tools may either work for paragraph-length sentences or also as paraphrasing tools for full-length articles.

How to use Jasper's sentence rewriting tools to improve your writing

Even professional writers need a sentence rewriter or paraphrasing tool now and again. Here are four common ways to use these sentence rewriting generators, using the following Jasper templates:

  1. Sentence Expander
  2. Content Improver
  3. Explain it to a Child

Expand your sentences with the Sentence Expander

Expanding sentences can shed more light on your subject matter and prove your expertise to your audience.

We hate to be nit-picky, but a well-expanded sentence (no fluff!) can also help you reach your word count with ease.

The Sentence Expander can help with this.

sentence rewriter tool

Reword your sentences with the Content Improver

When you write several articles every week, it’s easy to default to the familiar words you often overuse or even plagiarize yourself.

A sentence rewriter saves you the stress of using a thesaurus and helps you avoid plagiarism. Just paste your own words in the text box and let the tool paraphrase your sentence.

Jasper’s Content Improver template is great for this, especially since Jasper allows you to change the tone of the original text, making it more unique.

For example, check out the rewritten versions of a couple of paragraphs from our post How To Summarize An Article In 2 Minutes Using AI

sentence rewriter - jasper content improve template

Simplify your sentences with Explain It to a Child

Whether your audience has high literacy skills or not, everyone appreciates information that is easy to digest.

So it’s best to stick to simple sentences and keep your writing at or below a 7th-8th grade level. Sentence rewriting tools make your writing easier and more enjoyable to read than academic journals.

The Jasper Explain It to a Child template shines particularly for simplifying copy. Jasper allows you to select a grade level for your text and it then re-words it for your target audience without losing the essence. Here’s an example:

jarvis sentence rewriter

Our AI copywriting assistant, Jasper stands out because it doesn’t just substitute synonyms. The tool actually thinks about your sentence and then uses its bank of content knowledge to summarize, simplify or expand it as needed. 

9 alternative tools for writing stronger sentences

Because, hey, we're generous.

Ready to get some help with refining your sentences? We’ve selected the other top 9 sentence rewriters for you.

  • Wordtune
  • QuillBot
  • Outwrite
  • Ginger
  • INK for All
  • SEO Magnifier
  • CopyAI
  • Frase
  • Paraphraser

1. Wordtune

Wordtune is a sentence rewriter that allows you to rephrase, shorten, or expand written information. You can also change the tone of text from formal to casual and vice-versa. This simple tool works best for shorter sentences and not entire articles.

You can add the Wordtune extension to your browser and use it to polish your text in emails, social media updates, and general correspondence.

Here’s Wordtune in action:

wordtune rewriter
  • Use on the go with the Wordtune Chrome extension
  • Easy to use tool for rewriting sentences
  • Offers a free plan with up to 20 sentence rewrites per day
  • 7-day Premium free trial for new users
  • “Shorten” and “Expand” are Premium features
  • Only available in English

Offers a free plan. Premium costs $24.99/month and $119.88/year.

2. QuillBot

This paraphrasing tool helps you rewrite sentences and full-length articles using AI. QuillBot can also change the tone and style of your writing and fix grammatical errors while you rewrite your text.

With QuillBot, you can determine how much of your text the tool changes, and you can choose from a range of synonyms to find the best word for your copy. QuillBot also has a Summarizer tool that generates output either as bullet points or paragraphs.

Here’s the rewriting feature in action:

quillbot sentence rewriter
  • Allows you to choose specific synonyms 
  • Fixes grammatical errors as you rewrite sentences
  • Integrates with Docs, Word, and Chrome
  • Works as a sentence and article rewriter
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 3 days after
  • Leaves a lot of work up to you in synonym selection
  • Very limited free plan

The Premium plan is $19.95/month and $99.95/year.

3. Outwrite

outwrite sentence rewriter

Paraphrasing tool Outwrite offers readers several sentence and article rewriting services with their Premium plan. You can improve, expand or shorten sentences. The tool also provides additional suggestions for vocabulary, stylistic, and structural improvements.

Outwrite integrates well with multiple platforms such as Google Docs, Outlook, WordPress, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Plus, you can use the extension if you have a Chrome browser.

  • Provides suggestions for rewriting sentences
  • Makes grammar and spelling recommendations
  • Integrates with a myriad of other work platforms
  • Offers plagiarism checks to ensure original content
  • 7-day Premium free trial for new users
  • No rewriting with the free plan, just spelling, and grammar corrections

Pricing: The premium plan is $9.95/month billed annually, Teams plan is $7.95/month billed annually.

4. Ginger

This sentence paraphraser is dedicated to sentence rephrasing by synonym substitution. For every sentence you type in, Ginger will change a couple of synonyms to provide alternative phrasing.

The free plan only allows for a limited number of rephrases, but on the Premium plan, you get unlimited generations. You also get access to a grammar checker, more synonyms, and translation services.

Here’s how it works:

ginger sentence rewriter
  • Rephrases short texts by swapping words for synonyms
  • Provides grammar checks on the paid plan
  • Allows for translation into 40 languages
  • No options to shorten, simplify, or expand text
  • Synonym-based rewriting can become choppy or use complex words

The Premium plan is regularly $19.99 a month with periodic deals where you can grab it for as low as $13.99.

5. INK 

INK is a combined AI writing and SEO assistant. Their sentence rewriting service allows you to simplify, expand or shorten text as needed. INK provides a distraction-free interface and allows you to generate as many output options as needed.

We tested out their Sentence Expander tool, and the output was passable, although not quite as good as Jasper. See for yourself.

ink sentence rewriter
  • Downloadable for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • WordPress plugin to edit on your CMS
  • Tools to simplify, reword, and expand your text
  • Robust free plan
  • Content reads more formulaic than human-written
  • Desktop apps still require an internet connection

The INK Starter plan costs $8 with the Pro SEO and Team SEO Unlimited plans priced at $44 and $177 a month billed annually. There is also a free plan.

6. SEO Magnifier Sentence Rewriter

SEO Magnifier has a set of writing and search engine optimization tools. One of these is their Sentence Rewriter. This rewriter functions most similarly to an article spinner by recommending substitute synonyms for words in your sentence.

You then have to select your preferred substitute and create a unique sentence (and unique content) of your own. We used the same sentence example, and here’s what the tool generated.

seo magnifier sentence rewriter
  • Free web-based tool
  • Website offers other content spinning and paraphrasing services
  • No desktop app to install
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Simply rewrites with no options to shorten or expand sentences
  • Dated user interface

Free tool.

7. CopyAI

Another great tool for changing up sentences is CopyAI’s Sentence Rewriter. One great thing about it is that you can access this tool from your CopyAI account if you have one or via the Free tools page (no signup or sign in required)

While some tools simply swap out the original words with synonyms whether they make sense or not, this free online tool does a good job of matching the intent and context of your sentence.

Our sample sentence is a good example of this. For example, as you can see, the last result even expands and gives a more detailed version of the original sentence. 

sentence rewriter - copy ai

  • Attractive, easy to use tool with no signup required
  • High-quality outputs that sound natural
  • Allows you to change the tone of a sentence
  • Rewrite With Keywords tools also available within CopyAI account for SEO content and copy
  • No options to expand sentences
  • No other languages available for this tool

Free to use. 

8. Frase

Frase is another popular sentence changer that helps with the production of unique, plagiarism-free content.

It can rephrase up to 400 words at a time. So, rather than going sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph as you have to with some tools, you can rewrite larger sections of text in one go

sentence rewriter - frase
  • Changed words are highlighted so you can easily judge the uniqueness of the outputs
  • Option to write the next sentence, which doubles as a way to rewrite sentences in active voice
  • Page gives tips for sentence rewriting
  • As far as tone is concerned, you can only make sentences more formal
  • No option to shorten, expand, add keywords, etc. 
  • Free tool is available in English only

Free. However, if you want access to Frase’s other writing tools, its plans start at $44.99 per month. 

9. Paraphraser

Last up is Paraphraser, which has several helpful features. Y

You can select one of three modes: Fluency to improve the coherency and naturalness of a sentence, Standard for a straightforward rephrase, and Creative to create more unique versions of the original text

Plus, after your text is rewritten, Paraphraser can summarize it for a more unique and condensed version, adjust the grammar, and check for plagiarism. 

sentence rewriter - paraphraser


  • Three modes to guide the outputs of the tool
  • Three options for the paraphrased text
  • Available in 13 languages, including English


  • Only gives one rewritten option per run
  • No option to adjust tone of voice
  • No way to expand the length of the output 


Free for up to 500 words per run of the tool. To increase the limit to 1,000 words and get a few other perks like Creative Mode, you’ll have to pay $20 per month.  

Help your sentences reach their full potential

Check out Jasper, our comprehensive writing assistant with templates that do more than substitute synonyms. 

Jasper rethinks your texts and can expand, summarize, simplify, and improve them as needed. Help your content reach its full potential — and improve your writing skills — by trying out the service.

Sign up for Jasper today.


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Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper, your AI creative assistant. He's also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas. You can follow Austin's adventures around the internet and the world at

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