Scale Jasper's Superpowers Across Your Workflow with our API

This handy functionality can bring generative AI to many of the platforms and processes of your day-to-day.

Published on Nov 15, 2023

An API, or application programming interface, is a tool that makes data and/or functionality from one application/website available for use in other applications. Imagine it as a bridge connecting two islands. One island represents a software application (like Google Sheets) while the other is the content that Jasper creates. The bridge, or the API, allows them to communicate and exchange information, making it possible for the software applications to work together.

So why are APIs important to a sales or marketing team? One word…productivity. APIs, in the context of Jasper, help you scale the productivity that Jasper creates as well as connect Jasper to other depts and tools, thus making Jasper that much more valuable to your operations. 

In this post, we will cover some ideas on how you can use the Jasper API in your daily activities. 

What is the Jasper API, and why should marketers care? 

Marketers are always being asked to be creative and to “do more with less.” The capabilities of the Jasper web application are vast but combined with your use of the API, the pair can help marketers truly scale AI across their organization and partners. Instead of creating product descriptions one by one, why not create thousands for review in a matter of minutes?

Exploring the Benefits of AI Through the Jasper API 

From creating content like product descriptions en masse to transforming and remixing content for multiple platforms, the advantages of using the Jasper API are endless. Check out the most common use cases for our API, like our Google Sheets native integration to create multiple versions of AI content all within Sheets. 

A gif of the Jasper API at work within Google Sheet

Enhance Content Personalization with Programmatic AI Magic

The Jasper API has significantly enhanced content personalization through the Jasper AI Engine by extending capabilities like Brand Voice. Need a way to enhance a prompt, remix content or research content at scale and in a specific tone? You can also connect your PDFs, documents and even just plain text whether they’re stored in Google Drive, Box or BigQuery. Jasper will keep your content endpoints in sync.  There’s an API endpoint for that.

Take Jasper to Work 

Jasper can work where you work. It can help you create a marketing campaign in HubSpot. It can expand your business development representative team’s scale with more personalized outreach campaigns in Salesforce. The API can also provide your partners the ability to create product descriptions for unique personas in Google Sheets. Ultimately, the Jasper API can be extended into almost any platform.

A gif showing a dot jumping from the Google Sheets logo to to the Jasper logo to the Wordpress logo. The scene is meant to highlight where the Jasper API key falls into the workflow.

Automate the mundane and accelerate your creativity

Use tools like Make.com and Zapier to create and/or enhance your workflows with Jasper. These tools allow you to set up automations with triggers and responses across a huge variety of platforms. Use Jasper to read, categorize, and create personalized emails from Salesforce, automate your blog operations with a Google Form and send it to Jasper to take a first pass at a draft, or perform research on a topic with Jasper as your co-pilot in Airtable..

Learn more about how generative AI can benefit marketing teams specifically.

Work with experts, not just an API

While others just provide an API, we believe that customer success and being helpful humans is a fundamental pillar of this powerful AI technology. Our teams work across all of the major LLMs as well as our own — so we’ve honed our expertise in this field. We want to help you get the most out of our app, our API and ultimately make an impact on your organization and customers. We even have Jasper AI Learning Tracks to help you along this journey to greater success.

How to get started with the Jasper API

To learn more about the Jasper API, check out our API Page. You can also reference our Jasper Jumpstart academy for courses on how to get started on your AI journey with Jasper. Lastly, if you are a B2B SaaS platform and wish to deliver Jasper Brand Voice capabilities to your app, we have a special program for partners like you. Check out our Tech Partnership program to learn more.

Meet The Author:

Paul Magnaghi

Paul Magnaghi

Jasper Head of ISV

Paul Magnaghi is an expert in the fusion of AI and marketing. With a wealth of experience in building impactful SaaS ecosystems with Cisco, Zoom, Airtable and now Jasper, Paul has focused on fostering innovations in process automation, and championing an API-first approach, As the Head of Platform and API GTM at Jasper, Paul will share his insights and provide practical examples that many of Jasper's customers have perfected over the past year.

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