How to Automate Content with Jasper and Zapier

Jasper and Zapier are now in sync so you can automate your workflows with creative AI-assisted content.

Published on Aug 28, 2023

Welcome to the new era of work automation: the integration of Jasper and Zapier.

You may already be familiar with Zapier — an automation platform that enables users to streamline operations within and between more than 5,000 applications without any need for coding. You can automate an action in one app to trigger an action in another platform in a process Zapier calls a Zap. 

Then there's Jasper. This AI marketing platform shares a common purpose with Zapier — freeing up users’ time by taking care of routine tasks so they can concentrate on work that demands more creativity and strategic thinking.

How Jasper works with Zapier

The Jasper API makes this connection with Zapier not only successful, but powerful. The API has 99.99% guaranteed uptime, enterprise-grade security features and access to some of the world’s leading AI models. 

Jasper and Zapier teaming up opens a new world of possibilities for automating workflows. With this integration, you can link your preferred apps to Jasper and automate a wide range of tasks — from drafting and publishing blog posts in WordPress to creating new product pages in record time.

The potential of this integration is vast, so let's dive in and explore a few of the many examples of how you can leverage this powerful combination.

3 Ways to Use the Jasper and Zapier Integration

Blog Creation 

One area Jasper excels at is blog ideation and creation. And there’s a lot that goes into successfully creating a blog post: brainstorming, building an outline, writing the content, editing the draft then publishing via a content management system.

During the content brainstorming phase, it’s possible to start with a sheet of ideas and key words in Google Docs or Microsoft Excel, for example, and push to Jasper to create blog ideas or social media campaign drafts. Then you can push those ideas back into Airtable for better organization and transparency across the team.  

Let’s say you add a brief for a new project to Asana, Monday, Airtable, Google Sheets or another platform to plan and organize upcoming content within your team. You can assign Jasper a specific task like creating an outline for a blog from that brief. From there, the Zap could send the outline to your team via Slack or add the outline to a new doc in your team’s shared folder in Google Docs.

A product screenshot of the Jasper and Zapier integration creating a blog
Image souce: Zapier

Jasper can also be triggered to write the first draft of a blog post — fit with a topic, tone, and audience you define — when triggered by a new content outline (or even a brief) in your favorite CMS. Or maybe you want Jasper to write a blog based on user responses you fielded in Typeform. That blog can then be sent directly to your preferred publishing site like WordPress, Webflow, Ghost or Medium where you can edit and before sharing it with your audience.

On top of all this, you can also run a custom command within Jasper to execute the specific content needs of a project. Need an FAQ doc based on a collection of notes about a product in Asana? Just say the word. Could you use a summary of monthly customer feedback found in a recurring Google Form? Done.

Social Media Updates

With any new piece of blog content, product launch, partnership or another company announcement, it’s important to spread the word on social media. And having Jasper within your Zap automations makes it easier than ever.

For example, when an announcement is announced in Slack, you can trigger Jasper to write a Facebook or LinkedIn post and share it directly from that social platform. Or when publishing a new blog or press release via WordPress, Jasper can draft a post based on the blog’s synopsis and send it to a social media scheduling and management app like Buffer or Hootsuite.

A product screenshot of the Jasper and Zapier integration updating LinkedIn
Image source: Zapier

Product Descriptions and Page Updates

Writing product descriptions can sometimes take a lot of manual effort and time. But it doesn’t have to anymore. Jasper can handle much of the leg work of drafting new product descriptions and listing pages.

The AI tool will automatically take the details of a new row of product details in Google Sheets, Airtable or another organization app and turn it into a fresh product listing in Shopify.

Product pages also need to be regularly updated with new details as well. Google Form responses announcing featuring new product updates will feed Jasper the details that it needs to make a new description that gets synced with your Shopify listing.

A product screenshot of the Jasper and Zapier integration updating product descriptions
Image source: Zapier

The synergy between Jasper and Zapier promises a boost in productivity, all centered around automating and simplifying key areas of your workflow. Add Jasper to your Zaps, set its rules around how and where it creates content, and watch as more time gets added to your team's work week. 

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