How to Automate Content with Jasper and Make

Get more time back with drag-and-drop automations for content creation.

Published on Sep 15, 2023

It's no secret that time is our most valuable asset. But how to save time is a secret to some. Well, we don't keep secrets from our friends.

That's why we're going to tell you about the Make and Jasper integration that's meant to save you and your team lots of time by automating content creation across the apps you use every day.

We'll highlight three key use cases of the integration below to give you ideas on how you, and your calendar, can benefit from this powerful partnership.

A list of potential automations that Make can facilitate with Jasper
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What is Make?

Make allows you to create, build, and automate workflows without writing a single line of code. Choose from pre-built apps or connect to public APIs with Make's HTTP app to manage how you execute your processes and format data.

You can link multiple apps and systems by simply dragging and dropping apps in a sequence then automating triggers and actions to build a more complex, hands-off workflow.

Jasper provides over 60 templates in its native functionality — your API key gives access to those and any custom templates that your Jasper CSM built for your team.

3 Ways to Use the Jasper and Make Integration

Build AMB Campaigns and Update Sales Accounts

Email the customer...update Hubspot. Zoom call...update Salesforce. Target a particular big fish...spend a day brainstorming an ABM campaign.

The Jasper and Make integration turn the details of both your customer interactions and their accounts in your favorite CRM into new content that will save you (and your marketing team) time.

You can set up a Jasper automation that transforms a prospect's account info in Hubspot or Salesforce into a comprehensive account-based marketing plan, or an industry-focused campaign. Tell Jasper to give you an outline for a full campaign based on the account's records or ideas for a suite of content for each lead, including emails, blogs, social posts, webinars, ebooks, and more.

Next, you can automate triggers to send those outlines and content ideas to Airtable, Monday, Notion, Slack, or any other desired platform for efficient documentation and transparency with your team.

Whenever there is a new customer interaction through Gmail, Microsoft 365 Mail, Slack, a form submission, Zoom, or another platform, instruct Jasper to summarize the insights in Hubspot or Salesforce. For example, Jasper can convert transcriptions from in-depth Zoom calls into a new series of notes for that respective account in your CRM.

Image source: Make

Blog creation

Let's say you want to turn you blog ideas for your ABM or industry marketing campaign into some tangible assets.

You can use Make to trigger a sequence that pulls an idea from a record in Airtable, Notion, Monday, Salesforce, or another tool and tasks Jasper with building a detailed blog outline in a Google Doc. Then you can automate Jasper to write the full blog post from that outline once you've polished it to perfection. Alternatively, Jasper can draft a full post based on the details of an Airtable record, Salesforce record, or another platform and send it directly to Wordpress or Webflow for publishing.

Building Presentations

Pretty much everyone these days has to work with Google Slides in some capacity to examine, build, or (gulp) give a presentation. The Jasper and Make integration now makes working with slide decks so much easier (but you still have to present them. We believe in you though.)

Imagine you have a marketing campaign outline in a Google Doc, Notion page, or elsewhere and you need to present the details of that campaign to your team via Slides. Simply set up a Make automation that enables Jasper to autonomously build a new presentation based on that page, and half the work is done for you. You can build a new sales deck with same approach telling Jasper to build a presentation from details in your team's Google Drive, Hubspot, Monday, or elsewhere.

Maybe you had great Zoom call with a big customer to discuss their pain-points and ideas for new solutions and you want to share those insights with the team. You can automate Jasper to digest that transcript and format the biggest takeaways into a presentation.

Additional use cases:

  • Automate social copy directly in LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or X based on a newly published blog.
  • Create new product listings in Shopify based on data in Airtable, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel. Or turn a new Shopify listing into an Instagram post.
  • Turn a team Zoom call into a new Notion page that highlights the biggest insights.
  • Turn a buyer persona template in Typeform to a narrative that can guide your content

Image source: Make

The integration of Make and Jasper aims to ease the workload for marketers, sales people, and many other professionals. By automating various processes, from building account-based marketing campaigns, creating comprehensive blog posts, to developing engaging presentations, you will have more time to focus on what truly matters — crafting strategies and delivering the best results.

Let the Make and Jasper integration make your work life a lot simpler and your time a lot more valuable. Visit the Jasper integrations library now to integrate and get started.

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