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When and why to use an article rewriter

An article rewriter is an invaluable tool for busy content creators who need to quickly create fresh and unique content. It's helpful when refining existing pieces, as well as repurposing content for different formats and contexts. Ultimately, a rewriter can help you churn out high-quality content quickly, making it a powerful asset for your content marketing and other projects.

Create better articles with Jasper's article rewriter

With over 52 templates for tackling a wide range of content and copywriting needs, Jasper is more than the average AI content generator and article rewriter. It's the best one. Why?

Unlike many alternatives, it doesn’t just replace words and phrases in your text with synonyms, whether they make sense or not. It rethinks the content so that it retains the meaning you intended but is completely unique. Not to mention more engaging, creative, and enjoyable to read.

Rewrite your content with Jasper Content Improver

With the Content Improver, you can give paste in the content you want rewritten and, if you'd like, specify your desired tone of voice and language. Jasper will give you a new and improved piece of content almost instantly. It's that simple!

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How to use Jasper's AI article rewriter

Open the Content Improver template

Rewrite your content to make it more engaging and interesting.

Enter your prompt

Feed Jasper your original article.

Get a new and improved AI-assisted article!

Watch as Jasper creates a unique, new article nearly instantly.
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Frequently asked questions

AI Article Rewriter FAQs

What is the best article rewriter?

There are several article rewriter tools available to help you create new content from existing information. However, we (and thousands of users) highly recommend Jasper. This is because, instead of simply tweaking words on the page, Jasper actually outputs a new, original article. And it can do so in a different tone or language than the original text.

Is an article rewriter legal?

Using an article rewriter is not a license to use the original ideas or intellectual property of others as your own. All sources must be properly credited, just as is the case with 100% human-generated content.

As long as you give credit where it's due, yes, rewriting is legal and can be a great way to create unique and interesting content without having to start from scratch.

What is better than Quillbot?

Quillbot is a popular paraphrasing tool, citation generator, and grammar checker. It uses AI and machine learning to turn your text into its best version without ruining its meaning. However, it sometimes requires more manual work than ideal to select the synonyms or alternatives you'd like to use for various words and phrases.

If you're looking for a good Quillbot alternative, definitely try us out here at Jasper. Not only does it reduce the legwork you have to do on your end, but our AI is trained to help marketers like you write and rewrite content that gets clicks and conversions.

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