10 Writesonic Alternatives for Marketing [2023]

No one tool can meet the needs of every social media marketer. So, if you're looking for Writesonic alternatives, here are 10 great tools to try.

Published on Jun 20, 2023

In 2022, 88 social media professionals participated in a Planable.io survey by answering (and expounding on) the question, “What do you struggle with the most?”

When we asked Jasper in a chat to summarize the struggles outlined in this article, here’s what it said:

This article outlines the main challenges faced by social media professionals today. 

These include finding the time to manage everything, staying on top of trends in the industry, understanding customer preferences and behaviors, creating entirely original content, optimizing engagement and reach, growing followings across different platforms, and leveraging data insights.

We agree. 

Specifically, “finding the time to manage everything” more than hits the nail on the head. 

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day. Social media pros know that the key to getting more out of every available hour is by working faster. This is why they’re constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to become a faster writer.

It’s no surprise then, that tools like GPT-3-powered Writesonic emphasize how they can supercharge your writing output. But while everyone loves writing faster, Writesonic isn’t necessarily the best tool for everyone to do that. 

For some users, Writesonic falls a bit short when it comes to offering personalized writing suggestions, especially for writers who need Writesonic to conform to their specific needs. Others feel the overall features and available word counts are too limiting.

So, if you’ve run into some of these issues yourself, here are 10 Writesonic alternatives to consider when you want to up your social marketing output:

1. Jasper

Speaking of writing faster, increased writing speed is a big reason why so many marketing professionals swear by Jasper’s generative AI-powered writing tool. Jasper has a strong pedigree, having learned to do what it does so well by reading roughly 10% of the entire internet (note: that’s a lot of internet).

But AI writing tools need more than large data sets to excel. Quality of input matters as much as quantity. And for digital marketers, this is one of the many areas in which Jasper excels. Having digested millions of social media posts, SEO-optimized blog articles, Reddit threads, and Google Ads means Jasper AI doesn’t just help you write faster. It helps you create unique, high-quality marketing-focused content faster, which can help you up your social game in the process.

Source: Jasper.ai

Top features:

  • Social media and marketing templates: From Instagram photo post captions and TikTok video captions to landing pages and product descriptions, Jasper’s templates speed up social operations when you need to deliver at scale.
  • Boss Mode: Jasper-to-the-max Boss Mode enables longer-form, contextually relevant, SEO-optimized content with its Surfer SEO integration.
  • Maximum character lookback: Jasper keeps tabs on up to 3,000 characters while you work, so it’s able to keep more of your work in context, which improves the relevancy and specificity of what’s suggested


  • Jasper excels at social writing at scale, while also supporting other marketing needs like blog article, long-form, and video script writing.
  • As a Jasper integration, get your first 30 days of the Surfer Basic plan for $1.
  • A Chrome extension is available.


  • The templates may not specifically address highly specific or niche social writing needs.
  • Due to the richness of its marketing feature set, less experienced users may need time to learn how to make the most of all Jasper can do.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $59 per month. A free trial is available.

2. Copysmith

Like Jasper, Copysmith is another AI writing tool that offers different approaches to speeding up your writing process—particularly in cases where quantity beats quality. Copysmith can produce product descriptions and content in bulk, outputting SKUs by the ton. Or it can tackle a growing backlog of SEO meta tags that’s been slowing down your team.

Copysmith also offers social media–specific templates for use on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, in addition to helping with social media captions.

Source: Copysmith.ai

Top features:

  • Campaign builder: By using Copysmith to build and launch social campaigns, marketing professionals can save a lot of time.
  • Teams and collaboration feature: Organize and assign team tasks within the tool, including gathering feedback and getting approvals.
  • AI content creation: Generate new content or rephrase existing copy with one click of your mouse (or trackpad).


  • Integrations include Frase, Google Ads, Zapier, Hootsuite, and WooCommerce.
  • AI can assist with brainstorming in addition to writing.
  • A free trial is available, with no credit card required.


  • The user interface may be less than ideal for some.
  • Copysmith’s blog and long-form writing capabilities may not be up to some editorial standards.

Pricing: Paid usage tiers start at $19 per month.

3. Grammarly

When you think, “online grammar and spelling checker,” chances are good you’re thinking about Grammarly. Grammarly has become the Microsoft Word of the spellchecking world. And it’s not for nothing—Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant gives you real-time feedback as you write, pointing out common grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. 

This is great, because even pros can still make basic mistakes when there are deadlines breathing down their necks. But, as Grammarly learns how you write over time, it can also help increase your technical writing chops. With the feedback it provides in personalized writing reports, Grammarly saves you time by teaching you to avoid mistakes in the first place.

Source: Grammarly.com

Top features:

  • Tone detector: When you’re writing fast, Grammarly keeps tabs on your tone, ensuring your writing comes across the way you intended.
  • Customizable feedback: In addition to the nudges Grammarly gives you in real time, you can get under the hood and tune its feedback engine based on your basic style and needs.
  • Available literally* everywhere: *Okay, not literally. But chances are decent that Grammarly will work however you write (e.g., using Word, Google Docs, or WordPress), wherever you write (e.g., on Windows or macOS, desktop or mobile, in the cloud, as a downloadable app, or integrated within some AI writers like Jasper). 


  • Grammarly offers a free plan.
  • Rephrasing suggestions come with explanations, so you understand the context behind each recommendation.


  • Aside from grammatically-based writing advice, Grammarly offers no additional tools or techniques for writing faster.
  • Users of the free version report that Grammarly insistently prompts them to upgrade to Premium.
  • While Grammarly offers a choice of regions to tailor its punctuation recommendations to, it only supports English at this time.

Pricing: A free plan is available. Paid plans for individuals start at $12 per month.

4. Peppertype.ai

Unlike some other entries on our list, the writing tool Peppertype.ai sets itself apart through its ease of use on tablets and mobile devices. 

Peppertype.ai was trained on over 100,000 pieces of content, making it a solid option for bloggers and content writers. The ability to build a personal library of writing tones and styles can help social marketing professionals as well.

Source: Peppertype.ai

Top features:

  • Acclimating AI: As you use it, you can train Peppertype.ai to offer suggestions that increasingly match your style over time.
  • Copywriting rephraser: Peppertype.ai makes it easy to iterate on a given social post, which is especially beneficial for testing and optimizing campaigns. 
  • Custom integrations: While it offers no general API, users can send inquiries directly to the company to discuss the potential of custom APIs.


  • Peppertype.ai offers users a clean, easy-to-understand interface.
  • The AI writer works to generate copy quickly, as prompted.
  • The company as a whole is known for having exceptional customer support.


  • Social professionals may need more specifics than the template library can provide.
  • Some users feel Peppertype.ai could perform better when generating long-form content.

Pricing: Paid usage tiers start at $35 per month.

5. Simplified

Simplified simply doesn’t mess around when it comes to faster writing, promising to accelerate your output with its free AI writer and over 50 templates based on real-life use cases. 

In addition to generating content, Simplified also offers help with graphic design, video, animation, and social media management for marketing teams.

Source: Simplified.ai

Top features:

  • AI templates: Generate marketing copy for social media channels, product descriptions, tag lines, and video descriptions.
  • Tone and language presets: Simplified allows you to select from 10 preset tone options and supports over 30 languages.
  • Copy rewriter: Easily rewrite short-form content for Facebook and Instagram captions, descriptions, quotes, and marketing materials.


  • With expert oversight, some users report it excels in generating health and technical content.
  • Tutorials help you get the most out of available templates.
  • Use all of Simplified’s basic functions for free, with no credit card required.


  • Prompt selection options are somewhat limited.
  • Unlike Jasper, there is currently no GPT-4 chat functionality available.
  • Some users feel Simplified could offer more guidance regarding prompt engineering.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $30 per month.

6. Frase

Offering a different way to speed up creation of both long- and short-form content, Frase can assist you with research and content briefs, in addition to content writing and content optimization. 

Frase provides users with a dashboard that can track and flag content opportunities. It also integrates with Google Search Console to provide additional marketing insights.

Source: Frase.io

Top features:

  • AI content briefs: As needed, Frase can generate complete content briefs based on your inputs.
  • Competitive research: In addition to writing help, Frase provides users with a research panel that can provide intel on your competition.
  • AI templates: Users can generate FAQs, headings, formulas, and content based on conversion-focused copywriting formulas.


  • For some, Frase may be a solid, more affordable SEO tool than industry juggernauts like Clearscope.
  • Frase can help with brainstorming and content ideation.
  • Many users report Frase as being very intuitive.


  • Some users may not like how Frase uses an add-on model for some of its features instead of including them in the subscriptions.
  • Other users have reported instances of bugginess, including possible concerns related to the auto-save feature.

Pricing: Paid usage tiers start at $14.99 per month.

7. Anyword

Anyword leans hard into its moniker by being an AI writing tool marketing professionals turn to for ad copy, blog posts, email copy, social media posts, meta descriptions, and more. 

Anyword also emphasizes that its AI can be updated with your specific marketing goals as they evolve and change over time.

Source: Anyword.com

Top features:

  • Data-driven performance scoring: Anyword leverages predictive analytics to assess your writing’s performance before it even goes live.
  • 85-Plus marketing templates: The templates include channel-specific writing, like ad copy, social posts, and SMS messages.


  • Like Jasper, Anyword is sleekly designed and easy to use.
  • Users can build multiple models for specific sites, campaigns, and clients.
  • Anyword is also known for offering great user support.


  • The platform is not mobile-friendly and there is currently no mobile app.
  • Despite its marketing focus, Anyword doesn’t offer any of the more recent AI functionality found in other tools, like AI fueled art and image generation.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29 per month.

8. Rytr

Rytr is another AI writing tool that wastes no time telling you the need is all about speed. Promising to make your process up to 10 times faster, Rytr helps you write impactful taglines and headlines, social posts, blogs, and even interview questions.

Rytr also provides users with a simplified AI workflow. To quickly generate a specific piece of writing, users first select one of over 30 languages. Then, users select their desired tone and relevant use case or template. 

Finally, similar to Jasper, users provide Ryter with simple inputs like title suggestions, SEO keywords, or important phrases. Then, with one click, Rytr’s AI writer is off to the races.

Source: Rytr.me

Top features:

  • Templates and use cases: Rytr currently offers over 40 templates, including social media–friendly options like video title and video channel descriptions, testimonials and reviews, and SMS notifications.
  • AI art generation: Users can now use Rytr to create royalty-free imagery for their social posts.
  • API for integrations: Integrate Rytr’s capabilities within your daily workflows.


  • The interface makes Rytr very easy to jump into and use.
  • It offers project management and collaboration features.
  • Rytr also offers users a free trial, with no credit card required.


  • Like most AI writers, generated content may occasionally stray or get off-point.
  • Rytr’s third-party integrations are currently limited compared to other Writesonic alternatives.

Pricing: A limited free plan is available. Paid plans start at $9 per month.

9. Scalenut

Every entry on this list is a writing tool that can help social professionals do their work faster and better. Scalenut is no different. However, this AI-powered platform bills itself specifically as an organic marketing platform—one that can power your entire content lifecycle.

More specifically, Scalenut allows users to plan, research, and create digital content that audiences and search engines will love, then maximize its performance through iterative optimization over time.

Source: Scalenut.com

Top features:

  • Cruise Mode: With the proper user inputs, Scalenut can create 1,500-word blog posts in minutes.
  • NLP analysis: Scalenut can assist users with natural language processing (NLP) analysis, improving your text’s readability while potentially boosting organic traffic.
  • Content optimizer: Performance feedback and grading include content depth, keyword density, featured snippets, and meta tags.


  • While it is versatile like Jasper, Scalenut is geared toward those in social and SEO roles.
  • The platform offers a clean, easy-to-use interface.
  • A free trial of Scalenut is available, with no credit card required.


  • Some output features common to other AI writers are unavailable (e.g., desired output length).
  • Its SEO assistant doesn’t provide backlink profiles.
  • While intuitive overall, some users report a bit of a learning curve with Scalenut’s copyediting functionality.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $39 per month.

10. Copy.ai

The last on our list of recommended Writesonic alternatives is Copy.ai, another AI copywriting tool determined to increase writing speed by decreasing writer’s block (amen!).

Copy.ai can help social media managers with its ability to produce digital ad copy, ecommerce copy, and social media content. Marketing teams get access to additional useful features, like the ability to create personalized sales copy and repurpose content across multiple digital channels.

Source: Copy.ai

Top features:

  • 90 Tools and templates: Use cases include options specific to blog, email, and social media writing.
  • Workflow automation: Allowing Copy.ai to handle simple, repetitive workflow tasks, users can streamline their sales and marketing, speeding up content creation overall.
  • Open API: Easily integrate Copy.ai’s functionality into your team’s existing tech stack.


  • The interface is simple, clean, and easy to use.
  • It generates language that reads naturally and is highly customizable.
  • A free trial of Copy.ai is available, with no credit card required.


  • It may be too pricey for solopreneurs and small businesses.
  • Some users feel Copy.ai’s time-to-output lags behind other generative writing tools.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49 per month.

When you gotta go fast, use Jasper to shift into hyperdrive (sans compromise)

Pretty much everyone agrees that being able to write faster without compromising quality is a good thing. But keep in mind, fast doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone (just ask the tortoise and the hare). Point being, fast doesn’t matter much if it doesn’t get you over your own professional finish line every day. 

That’s why we highly encourage you to hop in and try out some of these Writesonic alternatives for yourself. Tools that offer free trials are especially worth slowing down and taking a good look at, especially as this helps you try out and fully appreciate their respective features. 

It’s also why Jasper makes for an exceptional place to jump in and start. Sign up in just minutes and use your 10,000 first free words to explore powerful features like Jasper Chat, marketing-specific templates, and AI generated image generation. And you’ll quickly learn how Jasper is already helping social media pros (just like you) fit just a bit more of everything into their day. 

Meet The Author:

Krista Doyle

Krista Doyle

SEO at Jasper

Krista Doyle is a writer-turned-strategy-nerd based in Austin, TX. By day she manages content strategy and SEO right here at Jasper, by night she binges Netflix or continues her mission to find the best old fashioned in Austin, TX.

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