Free TikTok Caption Generator: How to Create Captions That Build a Following

Learn how marketers and creatives are saving time by using a TikTok caption generator to write on-brand captions. Jasper helps you write copy that works.

Published on Feb 04, 2023

Consider how much time you spend writing captions for TikTok as a marketer and creative. Do you find yourself constantly racking your brain for the best and boldest TikTok video captions? What happens when you hit writer’s block? 

The fact is that we’ve all been there. No amount of caffeine will help when you can't think of the right caption. The savvy creator knows that their TikTok content needs to stand out—it needs to catch an audience’s eye instantly. Here’s where TikTok caption generators can help. 

Kick to the curb any notion of poor captions or subtitles that sound like a robot wrote them. What if you had a TikTok caption generator that wrote enticing captions quickly and easily? What if you had creative templates to guide your auto-caption creation?

You won’t spend precious time wracking your brain for quirky or relatable captions. Instead, use that time to develop new go-to-market strategies to keep you at the top of your game. Here, we’re taking a deep dive into everything you need to know about TikTok caption generators. 

What are TikTok captions?

TikTok captions are the copy you see below the video that supports the content in the video. It allows the viewer to consume the TikTok video on two fronts: written and audio.  In a TikTok’s caption, the creator summarizes the content of the video, adds additional context, and includes relevant hashtags.They might include a call to action or a relatable quip about a current trend. 

Video captions ensure your viewers can still understand the content without needing to hear it. What if your viewer is in a noisy public space or a quiet library without headphones? Captions allow them to engage with your TikTok even if they can’t hear it.  

Adding captions means your TikTok videos are more accessible and ensures you keep all viewers engaged. 

The difference between TikTok captions and TikTok descriptions

Now, you might be wondering about the difference between captions and descriptions. Both boost a TikTok video by providing it with context, however, they appear in different places on the post and serve different purposes. 

Closed captions appear on the video itself. Ideally, somewhere the writing won’t obstruct the subject of the video. They add context or sync up with what the video’s speaker is saying and take note of important sound effects. The TikTok app comes with light auto-caption features. Here, automatic subtitles will be generated without being prompted and can be customized within the video editor. 

Descriptive captions, on the other hand, appear in the little black box at the base of your video—the one that expands when you tap on it. Here is where you can include additional related copy with relevant hashtags. Descriptions tell a brief story, provide a call to action for your user, tag another TikTok account, and list hashtags. It’s usually where you add any details that don’t make sense to have on the screen as the video plays. This caption must be written by the user, which means it’s tricky to get right. User-written captions can be effective, but they won’t always offer the same impactful results as an AI caption generator.

How TikTok caption generators help write great captions

Save time on creating content

Every marketer and TikTok content creator understands the value of their time. When producing content for any social media platform, you need to keep a steady stream of videos posted to your account to keep your audience engaged. It’s going to be tricky keeping up with this schedule when you’re spending time trying to create a unique caption for each video or tediously transcribing the audio of your video. 

Caption generators give you creative support so you can spend less time thinking up captions for social media or trapped in the video editing step, and more time developing the creative strategies that will propel your TikTok account to success. 

For example, here’s what Jasper’s TikTok video caption generator looks like:

When you fill out the fields on video topic and tone of voice, the TikTok caption generator instantly provides several caption drafts—saving you valuable time.

Break through writer’s block

Writer’s block is the enemy of every writer’s productivity. No one has time to write and rewrite crafty TikTok captions when their creativity is blocked. Introducing a TikTok caption generator means you have a reliable tool to help you write captions when writer’s block inevitably strikes. The generator will create options, so you can edit captions as needed with specific language or phrasing to capture your brand in tone and voice. 

Think of your TikTok caption generator as your brainstorming buddy to help you get great TikTok video content out the door and onto the screens of your audience faster. 


Creating accessible content is one of the most inclusive ways to reach more people on TikTok. Over 5% of the world’s population deals with severe hearing loss, and captions ensure audience inclusivity. You can take it a step further by incorporating closed captions in different languages. Some auto-captioning AI software translates your content into different languages, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Take Jasper, for instance, simply describe your content in Jasper then click “Generate” to watch as clever and on-brand video captions appear. 

Capture audience attention and boost engagement

The average TikTok user meets a deluge of content every time they open the app. This means you have to capture your audience’s attention immediately. TikTok videos are designed to be short and sweet pieces of content, so if there is any barrier to entry, a viewer is going to keep on scrolling. Over 75% of users watch videos on social media with the sound off. A good caption generator invites users to add descriptive words like “fun,” “serious,” or “heartfelt” on the editing page then provides them with a list of potential captions that meet those tonal requirements. Captions, especially on-brand and creative text, catch a user’s eye and make them more likely to engage with the post. 

What makes a good TikTok caption?

Know your audience

Step one of creating TikTok captions that resonate is understanding your audience. One of the most reliable ways to connect with your target audience is to caption TikTok videos with jargon, jokes, or real-life situations that will strike a chord with their interests. For example, ask Jasper to write you a humorous caption and you’ll instantly receive a list of potential TikTok captions (with emojis and hashtags!) that matches your requested tone. If your viewer can relate to your post or finds it amusing, you’ve just caught their attention—well done. Next, entice them to take it a step further. 

Include a CTA

Capturing your audience’s attention is one thing, but keeping it is another task entirely. If you’re lucky, a viewer is watching your TikTok video to completion. Even if they don’t, you can give them an actionable next step. This might look like prompting them for likes, comments, and reposts, or inviting them to your website to learn more. A TikTok caption generator helps grab your audience's attention by writing engaging captions instantly—now it’s up to you to steer that attention where you want it to go next. Do this by concluding your TikTok caption with a call to action that aligns with the goal of your video. 

Be concise

TikTok videos are short—anywhere from 15 seconds to three minutes. Users expect to spend only a handful of seconds on each post. You also simply don’t have the space on the page for lengthy captions. Anything too long is forced to be in a small font that’s crowded together and most viewers aren’t going to spend the time reading wordy captions. TikTok caption generator tools make concision happen automatically. A good caption generator creates a list of captions that are short and sweet. 

Capture your personality

The most memorable brands and TikTok accounts are the ones that capture their personality in every single post. If you want your videos to become known for a particular speech pattern or video editing style, lean into that tone and keep it consistent. You want to avoid your audience seeing TikTok videos from you that seem like they could all be from different accounts. TikTok caption generators have the ability to capture a specific tone in each caption they write. That means you can build a TikTok following that knows what to expect from your brand to forge a connection with them that can’t be beaten. 

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are valuable tools on social media and TikTok is no different. They’re part of the algorithm when TikTok sorts and lists every post on the app. When using hashtags in captions to enhance your TikTok video reach, remember to:

  • Avoid using spaces as this will break up the hashtag
  • Only use relevant and specific hashtags
  • Limits the number of hashtags you use
  • Don’t have too many words in your hashtags

Additionally, TikTok’s algorithm can’t understand your video content to rank it. It reads the video closed captions, descriptions, and hashtags to display your video to interested audiences. Using precise hashtags in your captions can help your videos appear on the feeds of more users. TikTok caption generators can add hashtags to captions for you, so it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re trying to get videos posted to TikTok. 

Choosing the right TikTok caption generator

The TikTok caption generator you choose depends on your precise needs. At the very least, it needs to be accurate, with bonus points if it can produce a lot of captions at once and generate captions that vary in tone. Now that you know what a  good caption generator looks like, let’s take a look at how Jasper can help. 

Why does Jasper make writing captions easy?

Jasper is your brainstorming, writing, and creative partner when writing TikTok captions that will stick. Emojis, hashtags, and clever sayings are all in the wheelhouse when you have Jasper. Here are a few ways Jasper makes writing captions easy and efficient: 

  • Templates are available to help streamline the process. With over 52 templates, including several for social media, Jasper can help you create clever captions fast. 
  • Vary the tone just by letting the AI know then watch as it writes witty, inspiring, or declarative captions—all in the unique voice of your brand. 
  • Auto-generate captions at scale to save time and energy that you can divert toward the creative tasks and problem-solving that AI can’t do. 
  • It’s available in more than 25 languages, so you don’t have to limit your video’s reach due to a language barrier.
  • It’s free to get started! 

Ready to give Jasper a try? Sign up for a free trial to begin crafting compelling TikTok captions instantly. 

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Austin Distel

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