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The Top 10 Slogan Generators: How Do They Compare?

Not all slogan generators are made equal. So which one can help you create a great catchphrase? See 10 popular generators in action here and judge for yourself.

October 20, 2022
The Top 10 Slogan Generators: How Do They Compare?
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Your target customer has options. There are probably dozens of other companies, products, and solutions competing with yours for their attention and buy-in. 

It’s not just tough to make your business stand out from competitors; it’s tough even to be remembered by a potential customer. Because chances are, they've been introduced to your business but then flooded with other marketing messages from all angles. 

Luckily, there’s an antidote for this forgetfulness that can keep your brand top of mind—a memorable, descriptive, catchy slogan. But a good one can be tricky to create. Enter slogan generators, which can help in varying degrees with idea gen. Check out our analysis of 10 of these tools and see how they work.  

1. Shopify’s Free Slogan Maker

Shopify has a slogan maker that can generate hundreds of ideas in an instant. All you have to do is pop in a keyword you’d like included in your slogan and the generator takes over from there. While many of its suggestions aren’t as relevant or descriptive as you might need, there are some hidden gems in there. 

For example, a few results it gave use for the term “antivirus software” were: 

  • “Leaner, meaner antivirus software” 
  • “Antivirus software—the smart choice” 
  • “The antivirus software people” 

Even if you don’t want to use Shopify’s suggested slogans as-is, they can be a good jumping-off point. 

Shopify Free Slogan Generator


  • Outputs many ideas in one go so you don’t have to regenerate over and over
  • Has dozens of generators for different industries including health and lifestyle, services and skills, food and beverage, etc. 
  • Completely free with no signup required


  • Fills your keyword into slogan templates so many of the outputs aren’t relevant 
  • No way to export ideas so you’re forced to go through slogans in one sitting, page by page 
  • All outputs would need to be checked and tweaked for uniqueness since many of them use the exact wording of popular brands’ slogans with your keyword inserted

Price: Free

2. Zyro’s AI Slogan Maker

Next is the AI Slogan Maker from Zyro. It works a lot like Shopify’s tool, asking only for a keyword (or two) from you. Based on that info, it generates dozens of options for you to pick from. As with Shopify’s tool, not all of the suggestions are useful but some are. For example: 

  • “Don’t forget the interior!”
  • “When you say design, you’ve said it all” 
  • “Design, in touch with tomorrow”
Zyro Slogan Generator


  • Allows more than one keyword to give more context to the AI
  • Has copy and paste button for each idea 
  • Generates slogans of different lengths ranging from a couple of words to a full sentence 


  • Not all slogans include the keyword you entered or a related term 
  • Even though this free tool is AI-powered, it doesn’t do well with adding context to the keywords you entered
  • No way to give additional info to the AI to generate more relevant suggestions

Price: Free

3. Jasper

Jasper, our AI writing assistant, is one of the most versatile tools on this list. It can help you write anything from slogans and taglines to sales page copy and ebooks. 

Jasper Templates


  • Uses natural language and applies content and copywriting best practices  (in 25+ languages)
  • Templates use brief descriptions and info provided by you to generate catchy slogans (and other content and copy) in seconds
  • Has long-form documents where you can experiment with recipes and commands to write any type of content or copy—slogans included
  • Many resources available to help you get the best out of Jasper, including a supportive Facebook community of 50,000+ 


  • No free plan currently (but you can grab a 5-day free trial and get your first 10,000 credits free)
  • No template or recipe specifically for slogans yet, although you can create them in a few ways, which we’ll walk you through below
  • More of a learning curve than some other tools (but worth it in the end) 

Price: The Starter plan, which will get you access to 50+ content and copywriting templates, starts at $29 a month. And the Boss Mode plan, which includes commands, recipes, and more, starts at $59 per month. 

Jasper in action: 2 ways to create memorable slogans

There are several ways you can generate killer new slogan ideas. We’ll show you one with templates and another using a recipe. 

First up is the Perfect Headline template. You’ll be asked to enter a brief description and, optionally, a company or product name, a customer avatar, and a tone of voice. The more of those fields you fill out, the better. Here’s some sample information we filled in for an imaginary real estate agency, as well as some options Jasper generated for us. 

Jasper Perfect Headline Template For Slogans

Several of these could be modified slightly to make great slogans. For example, you might end up with:

  • “Find the perfect house for you. Hassle-free.”
  • “Find your dream home in 45 days or less”
  • “Close faster. Be home sooner.”

Alternatively, if you’re on Boss Mode, you can use a recipe to generate advertising slogans. Below, you can see a blank recipe with spots to fill in a description, company or product name, a customer avatar, and a tone of voice. The same details Jasper asks for with the Perfect Headline template. But, with commands, we can specifically instruct Jasper to write slogans. 

For example, we filled out the recipe details and executed the command by using CTRL (or CMD) + Shift + Enter. And Jasper generated a list of slogans to get us started. 

Slogan Recipe Example in Jasper

From these, we could easily pick some of the stronger options and tweak them. We might end up with: 

  • “Say goodbye to the sales grind.” 
  • “Sales processes. On autopilot.” 
  • “More sales, less stress!” 

And, the great part is that with either method, you can generate as many ideas as you want in very little time. We created these examples in just minutes each!

4. Designhill’s Slogan Maker 

Like several of the alternatives on this list, this generator from Designhill uses a single keyword to come up with hundreds of recommendations in one click. However, it seems to offer more general suggestions. So, because it doesn’t go off-topic as much as some other tools, the slogans are easier to edit and make your own. 

For example, a social media marketing agency could riff off of these slogans the tool generated for the keyword “social media”: 

  • “Say it with social media”
  • “All you need is social media and a dream” 
  • “Social media does the job”
Designhill Slogan Maker


  • Doesn’t go off topic as much as some alternative tools
  • Can use the copy-paste button to quickly compile a list of ideas you like
  • Free with no sneaky paywalls or signup required 


  • Results aren’t as tailored as they are with a tool like Jasper since you can only input a keyword 
  • Most of the outputs are around the same length so, if you want to go a little longer, you’ll have to add to one of the ideas yourself
  • Would be nice to have an expert option since you could more easily filter the hundreds of keywords in a spreadsheet

Price: Free

5.’s Slogan Generator

Next is’s Slogan Generator. Unlike tools that only ask for a keyword, allows you to enter your business or product name and a description of your business or product. (If you’re signed into an account, you can also select a ton of other options.) 

In theory, this should mean more custom, relevant mottos. So, how well does it work? Here are a few of the outputs it gave us (across a few generations) for an imaginary content writing agency. 

  • “Long-form thinking  for long-term growth.”
  • “We write it so you don’t have to.”
  • “Deliver value. Write with purpose.” Slogan Generator


  • Results are slightly more relevant than single keyword generators since you’re able to provide more context
  • Explains how to create a good slogan and what best practices to follow


  • After a few clicks of the “Create Copy” button, you’ll have to sign up for an account
  • Gives fewer ideas with each generation than other tools
  • The slogans generated after sign-in were either much longer or less descript

Price: Free but you’ll need to sign up for an account after a handful of generations. And you’ll only get 10 credits per month on the free plan. 

6. Frase’s Slogan Generator

AI content optimization company Frase also has a free generator for slogans. How does it stack up to the others on this list? Check out the slogan idea it gave us for a dropshipping course: “The easiest way to sell on Amazon.” 

Not bad. But you might be wondering why there’s only one idea for this tool compared to the 3+ options for the others. We’re getting to that. 

Frase Slogan Generator


  • Allows for a fairly long description, which increases the chances of getting relevant suggestions
  • Tells you how it came up with the slogan by outlining the attributes and ethos the AI picked up on from your description
  • Has a creativity selector so you can direct the AI to stick close to or venture further from the description you give


  • Only gives you one idea on the first generation, which can make it harder to accurately gauge the quality of the tool
  • The “Load More” is a little misleading (it triggers the message that you have to upgrade to a Frase subscription to generate more outputs)
  • There’s no free Frase plan so, if you only need to generate a few ideas, upgrading won’t be worth it 

Price: Free for a single generation with a single output. Upgrading will cost you at least $44.99 a month.

7. Logaster’s Slogan Generator 

Next is a generator from Logaster, which has some interesting features. As we’ve seen most similar tools only allow you to input a keyword and many others limit inputs from you to a description. Logaster’s tool uses neither. You can only type your company name and select an industry from a pre-made list. Optionally, you can also indicate what you want your slogan to focus on (e.g. price, speed, simplicity, etc.). 

We’ll let you be the judge of how well this approach works. Here are a few ideas the tool gave us for an all-natural cosmetics company: 

  • “Invigorating power of nature” 
  • “Natural. Elegant. Attractive.”
  • “We’ll emphasize your beauty.”
Logaster Slogan Generator


  • Displays suggested slogans visually so you can get an idea of how they might look with your branding applied
  • Gives nine specific suggestions right off the bat and offers a few more general, versatile ideas with the option to see more
  • Leads to Logaster’s logo maker, which is helpful if you’re revamping your brand identity or building a new brand from scratch


  • Can’t give any custom details besides your company name 
  • Let’s you favorite slogans but there’s no way to copy and paste them

Price: Free

8. AISEO’s Slogan Generator

Next is AISEO’s slogan maker. To use it, you write a brief description, enter relevant keywords, and select the number of variants you want. You can also adjust the output length and creativity settings if you want. Here are some examples of the kind of outputs this tool produced for us with the default settings: 

  • “Get the CFO you need to run your business.”
  • “Fractional CFO to manage your financials.”
  • “The best CFO for your business”
AISEO Slogan Generator


  • Allows you to adjust the output length to create longer or shorter slogans
  • Has a creativity adjuster to guide the AI to the kind of output you want
  • Is available in several languages besides English (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and more) 


  • Can only generate one or two variants at a time
  • Some slogans are relatively non-descript and a little bland
  • The tool only occasionally uses the keywords you input

Price: Free

9. Dukaan’s Free Slogan Generator

Much like many of the others we’ve talked about, Dukaan’s slogan maker requires only a keyword. So, as expected, the outputs are more simplistic than you might need. However, this generator can give you some decent ideas to start with. For example, these are some of the ideas it gave us based on the keyword “accounting software”: 

  • “Make your accounting simple”
  • “Success is a numbers game” 
  • “Trust your numbers”
Dukaan Slogan Generator


  • Suggests slogans ranging from a few words to a full sentence 
  • Most of the outputs are related to the keyword entered
  • Gives many options to pick from (and allows click-to-copy for easy selection of the ones you like)


  • Doesn’t allow any additional context besides a keyword, which can make it tricky to capture the nuances of a business or product
  • Doesn’t let you choose a tone of voice or target audience as you can with Jasper 
  • No control over output length or creativity

Price: Free

10. Getsocio’s Slogan Maker 

And last up is a slogan maker from Getsocio, which can generate over 1,000 ideas based on one keyword. As with Shopify and some of the others on our list, this tool spits out a mixed bag of results, not all of which make sense. But if you don’t know where to start with slogan creation on your own, reviewing its suggestions can get you over the hump. Here are a few ideas it gave us for the keyword “account-based marketing” that could be tweaked:

  • “Account-based marketing: the only solution”
  • “Anyone can handle account-based marketing”
  • “Get serious. Get account-based marketing.”
Getsocio Slogan Maker


  • Generates many options in one go 
  • There are some hidden gems that you could build upon and make your own 
  • Completely free so its a fast and cost-effective way to start brainstorming


  • No way to influence the results when it comes to content, tone, or creativity
  • Doesn't do well at adjusting to the context of the keyword you entered
  • No way to export the list for easier sorting in a spreadsheet

Price: Free

What will your slogan be? 

As you can see, all of the generators we analyzed have strengths and weaknesses. But one thing proved true across the board. The more custom input you’re able to give, the more relevant and custom the slogan ideas have the potential to be. 

If you want the tool that’ll give you the most control and, by extension, the most tailored ideas, try Jasper for free. Your first 10,000 words are on the house, which you can use to generate a perfect slogan and just about any other type of content or copy you need! 


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Marketing @ Jasper

Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper, your AI creative assistant. He's also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas. You can follow Austin's adventures around the internet and the world at

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