11 Powerful Real Estate Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Standing out as a realtor can be hard, especially when you’re selling something like a home. Check out these real estate ad examples for some inspiration.

Published on Dec 15, 2021

Selling a property is not like selling smaller products and items. Buying a house is a huge, emotional decision, and it can be challenging for realtors to promote their properties in a way that connects and sells. 

Real estate ads are a great way to get in front of people who might otherwise have missed your new listing, but it’s important to get them right. Here’s everything you need to know about real estate ads on social media, and how you can improve your current efforts with Jasper. 

What exactly are real estate ads?

Real estate ads do exactly as they say on the tin - they advertise your real estate business, whether it’s a brand new house that’s come on the market or financial services associated with getting a mortgage. 

Competition is fierce in the real estate market, which means it’s important to make your ads stand out and create an instant connection with potential customers with powerful marketing strategies. It’s not enough to publish a few nice pictures and hope for the best (although visuals are very important when you’re selling a home). Instead, you have to use your copy to create a story, sell prospective home buyers on a property’s features, and help conclude that you’re the best real estate agent for them. 

How to write catchy real estate ads 

Writing catchy real estate ads is similar to writing catchy ads for any other industry. The biggest difference is you’re advertising one of the biggest and most emotional purchases a consumer will ever make, so there’s a lot more at stake (and a lot more persuasion that needs to happen). 

Creating copy for a real estate ad is completely different from creating copy for, say, a pair of shoes or a $10 water bottle. You have a limited amount of time to build trust and spark the interest of a buyer, and then you have the added struggle of igniting their imagination and getting them to picture a property as their future home. 

So how do you get started? Here are some tips to help you out. 

1. Focus on benefits not features

It’s easy to reel off a bulleted list of what a property has to offer. Who doesn’t want four bathrooms and a fifty-square-foot garden with a newly built patio? But what does that mean for buyers? What benefits will they get from having those features in their house? 

It could be that they have a big family and four bathrooms mean they never have to queue for the shower in the morning again. Or it could be that the huge garden and patio are perfect for summer barbecues with the family. 

2. Spend time on your headline 

The headline is often the first thing prospective buyers will see when they come across your ad. If it’s not enticing enough, they might not click through, which makes it worthwhile spending a bit of time perfecting this part of your copy. 

Think about evoking a sense of curiosity, using a sense of urgency, or focusing on the low price of a property to get people through the digital door. 

3. Put the client first 

Step into a buyer’s shoes: what do they want to know about a property? Remember, buying a house is one of the biggest purchases a person can make, and understanding their pain points and objections and then tackling those in your ad copy will instantly build trust and credibility. 

Put the client first by:

  • Using second-person pronouns to address prospects directly 
  • Touching on their pain points and worries
  • Spinning your copy to address their wants and needs rather than simply what you’re offering 

4. Tell a story

Because buying a home is such a huge, emotional decision, your ads need to dig deeper than most. Telling a story will help prospects picture what their life could look like in a property and spark their imagination. This is what will make them click through and get excited about your ad and, more importantly, what you’re selling. 

6 highly clickable Facebook real estate ads examples

These real estate Facebook ad examples showcase some of the best practices we’ve listed above along with some great imagery. 

real estate ad example sponsored

Troy Phillips Real Estate Agency adds a sense of urgency to their Facebook advertising by reminding prospects that now is the time to buy (it helps that the image is eye-catching, too). 

real estate ad example goodlife

Goodlife Realty name drops a designer in its ad copy. They know who their target market is and use key selling points to attract them. The ad copy also highlights the benefits of the property, like “plenty of privacy”. 

real estate facebook ad

Prosper Real Estate professionals use retargeting ads on Facebook to re-engage with prospects who have already shown an interest in their properties. They use second-person pronouns to speak directly to the reader and use a selection of images in a carousel format to showcase choice. 

real estate ad

This ad from Venture Realty Group uses a bit of FOMO to attract attention. 

real estate ad example

This real estate ad promotes the lifestyle around a new home rather than the property’s defining features. Anyone interested in a car-free urban lifestyle will be able to self-select and relate to this ad campaign. There’s also an added video, which can lead to higher engagement rates than a standard image. 

real estate ad example 1

The real estate team at Travis White uses descriptive language to promote this particular property. Again, there is a video to help increase engagement rates. 

5 catchy real estate Instagram ad examples to inspire you

real estate ad example 2

Rather than listing off a set of features, Laura McCarthy describes what makes this property different to pique the interest of potential buyers.

real estate ad example 3

Andrea Costa creates a human connection with readers by sharing her own story in this ad. 

real estate ad example 4

D&D Real Estate Holdings uses the holidays to spark potential buyers’ imaginations. 

real estate ad example 5

Triangle Real Estate Group promotes a nearly-ready home by highlighting its commute to the nearest city. This will appeal to its target audience and help them imagine what their life will be like there. 

real estate ad example 6

Keller Williams Realty uses storytelling well in their ads. The narrative that Arrow weaves creates a human connection but also taps into the emotional side of buying a property for potential clients. This is another real estate video ad that adds an engaging layer to the campaign. 

How Jasper can help write engaging real estate ads

Jasper has a number of templates that you can use to craft the perfect real estate ad. Start by using the Facebook Ad Headline template to put together an attention-grabbing tagline. Simply plug in a quick description of the property and the tone of voice you want to use and the powerful AI will come up with high-quality, unique copy. 

jarvis facebook ad headline template

Next, use the Facebook Ad Primary Text template to beef up your ad and create an engaging paragraph that will attract the right kind of first-time home buyers and increase engagement. Again, just enter a couple of sentences about the property you’re advertising and Jasper will come up with a couple of unique examples of copy for you to use right away. 

jarvis facebook ad template

Finally, the landing page you direct people to needs to be equally as engaging as your ads. This is your chance to show off all the great things about the property you’re advertising and convert click-throughs into actual open house viewings. Jasper’s Real Estate Listing template will help you put together the right copy for your landing page - just give the AI a bit of information about the property and it’ll do all the hard work for you. 

real estate listing template from Jarvis

Using all three of these templates together means you can have your ad copy ready in no time at all. We can cherry-pick the best examples from here to create an ad that reads something like: 

Location, location, location - get this incredible property for under $500,000

Looking for a place to call home in the heart of San Fran? We’ve got just what you need. Check out this four-bed property with a huge patio and firepit for BBQs in the heart of downtown San Francisco just minutes from the tram station. This is an incredible opportunity to live close to everything that makes San Francisco great, without breaking your bank account. It’s time to get moving on this one before it gets away! 

This ad uses a number of best practices to hook potential homeowners and buyers. It injects a sense of FOMO by telling them not to miss out, it describes the property using its benefits rather than just its features, and it sparks the imagination of their target audience by helping them imagine what their life could be like if they live there. 

Real estate ads will get your properties in front of the right people, but it’s important you create copy that sells. Use the best tips we’ve listed here and leverage Jasper’s multiple templates to scale your real estate advertising efforts and create winning ads every single time. Create compelling real estate ads today. Get started with Jasper.

Meet The Author:

Austin Distel

Austin Distel

Marketing @ Jasper

Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper, your AI marketing co-pilot. When not working, Austin is also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas.

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