How Jasper’s CMO Uses Jasper

Learn how our head marketer quarterbacks the team from inside Jasper.

Published on Feb 06, 2024

How Jasper Uses Jasper is a series dedicated to showing how our team uses the product we work to build and market every day. 

In this edition, host and Jasper Customer Success Manager Cailin DeCort spoke with our VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson about the platform’s place in her daily workflow as well as across Jasper’s marketing team.

Check out the full conversation via the video below. Or read on to get a summary of some of the best highlights and quotes from Anderson’s conversation and demonstrations within Jasper.

[.blog-window]Anderson's favorite way to use JasperThe leader’s preferred way to use Jasper is via the Google Docs integration — a Jasper Chat assistant in the margin of her document. It allows her to write and use Jasper as a research partner without bouncing from a search engine back to her writing. She loves that it keeps her in the flow of work.[.blog-window]

The value of Jasper as a hub for cross-team alignment 

One of the unique aspects of Jasper is that you can securely teach it aspects of your brand and company in the Company Knowledge Hub. Anderson points to this as foundational in how our team uses Jasper. We curate and connect key messaging, audience briefings, and public stances in this hub so that the whole team can tap into that source of knowledge to inform AI-assisted outputs. When you know everyone is speaking the same language, you can put a more widespread focus on strategic content creation and elevating market positioning. 

“We use Jasper to get everyone on the same page, literally,” Anderson said. “We’re able to tap into the same message simultaneously and still make it nuanced and unique to [whoever is writing the message.] I think cross-company alignment fueled by an AI engine is a really important, secondary benefit to AI [behind increased efficiency] because in a time when anyone can create content, having consistent, remarkable, aligned messaging is going to matter more and more.

“Not only can getting onto a platform like this help you get more coordinated as a team and speed up review cycles, it can help really put the focus on what you want to say. It doesn't take much time anymore to send a message. So let's put that time into: ‘What do we want to say as a company? What do we stand for? What's our understanding of the customer?’ Put more time into that research and more time into the strategy behind what you're bringing to market.”

A guided tour of the Jasper company workspace

For Anderson, another benefit Jasper offers outside of speed is the platform's ability to contextually understand and infuse a brand's products, stances, and style into its content. She detailed how the Jasper team invested time in building a robust knowledge base within the platform. By analyzing complex documents like the executive order on AI, the marketing team synthesized key information and created accessible talking points for the company to use across its messaging. 

This approach armed the entire team with information, from product positioning for our analytics and insights releases to tackling topics surrounding bias in AI. It also provided contrasts between Jasper and alternative products — essential knowledge for our sales and customer service teams. 

“What is magical about this space — and we're growing ours out over time — is that it allows you to accelerate not just your content creation, but knowledge across your company,” Anderson said. “[It helps] make sure that everybody is equipped to talk about the things that matter to your brand.”

Anderson, Jasper's VP of marketing, Jasper's Knowledge hub view with a lot of assets
Anderson's view of Jasper's Company Knowledge Hub

DeCort asked Anderson how she would approach growing Jasper’s Knowledge Base around a business if she was using the platform for the first time. 

“I would start with the stuff closest to your brand,” she said. “So if you've got a brand style guide or a brand book that talks about your values as a company, I would upload that first. Then I would move to product positioning.”

She underscored the importance of embedding the essentials — like audience insights and product specifics — into the system from the get-go. If gaps emerge, she recommended updating Jasper’s Knowledge Base with these new findings. It ensures that messages remain crisp, targeted, and increasingly effective over time.

“If you have someone who's the caretaker of this Knowledge Base, they can be responsible for always keeping that up to date so that you can minimize content that is already outdated when you create it,” Anderson added.

Evolving Jasper’s central nervous system also allows teams to write accurately for and about highly specialized accounts/clients that may otherwise be very difficult to write for. Anderson recommended being transparent with that client that you’re using AI to create content. Then say that you’d like a few content briefs or key assets about their specialized field that you can feed into Jasper. While fact-checking and quality checks are still necessary, this at least gives the team a great starting point for content production with accurate intel. 

Discussing and demonstrating Jasper Brand Voice 

Anderson expressed surprise that users weren’t taking advantage of Jasper’s Brand Voice feature, which improves output quality significantly by making it more brand-specific and personal. She advised viewers (and now you, reader) to immediately enrich Jasper’s Knowledge Base and add or update their Brand Voice hub to create with even more authority. 

You can build a voice for your brand as a whole or for a specific leader, like your CEO or CMO, if you’re writing executive comms. She said getting a review or two is still necessary when ghostwriting for another human, but using Brand Voice is key to getting a head start on content creation.

[.blog-quote]“We have a standard inside Jasper marketing where nothing that is AI-only should ever see the light of publishing. Everything we create has to be a blend of human and AI. [My Content Marketing Manager] is never going to hit publish on something that’s all AI. That's one of our standards. Frankly, even just having conversations about standards like that has improved our strategy.”[.blog-quote]
Anderson, Jasper's VP of marketing, shows her brand voice
Anderson's view of her Jasper Brand Voice

Anderson walked the audience through what her brand voice sounds like and how it came to be.

“I did not go in here and type this out to tell Jasper what I wanted to sound like, although you could. Instead, I had Jasper scan the transcript of a speech I gave,” she said. 

“This is what moves Jasper from a generic AI tool to something that really understands your business and is built for your strategy. I can't recommend it enough. Make one voice, add a couple of Knowledge Base articles, and build from there. Then see how the quality [of your outputs] improve.”

The Style Guide comes in handy

Jasper’s Style Guide is one feature that Anderson particularly loves. It’s a customizable tool that you can check your work against to ensure you’re always on-brand and consistent when writing. 

She told a story of how we, the Jasper team, updated our style rules to reframe some positioning after a product launch. 

“We initially rolled ‘Company Knowledge’ out as ‘Company Intelligence,’ said Anderson. “It happens. But now, instead of having to retrain everybody on the new feature name and suddenly having a bunch of content that is mixed. I can make that change once with the Style Guide. And I can be confident that we're going to be able to navigate that change much quicker. Jasper is helping with change management that way.”

Final thoughts

Anderson wrapped up the webinar with a reflection on how organizations can leverage AI tools like Jasper more effectively. Some might be in the early stages where personal efficiency is the main goal. Anderson suggested that it might be time for some businesses to move past that stage to the next level: more team collaboration in AI tools.

“Spin up a campaign from a brief and then tag different people in to work on the campaign in concert using the same voice and the same style guide using things like the review cycles or other processes that are inside Jasper,” she said. 

This collaborative approach accelerates both speed and consistency. The next step involves utilizing features like SEO optimization and analyzing performance data to enhance content quality and drive business outcomes, shifting from team efficiency to business results.

Finally, Anderson emphasized the need for companies to establish clear standards around their tech, their content quality, and their team workflows, using Jasper as an example. 

“The more that you use some of these features the better things get and the more they reflect who you are as a brand,” said Anderson. “Our team now spends more time upfront on developing the strategy and content briefs than they do on the hitting word counts. They also spend more time on the backend on quality assurances and fact checking.”

She said that AI adoption presents an opportunity for companies to redefine their market presence and the desired outcome of their content across all formats.

To learn more about how you and your team can take full advantage of Jasper, book a demo today!

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