8 Tips for Creating a Google Ads Template That Drives Click-Throughs

Get to the top of the search results with pre-made Google ads templates. Generate powerful ad copy in seconds with these tips and real-life examples.

Published on Dec 18, 2022

Brands today are clamoring for that much-coveted top spot on Google. The thing is, there is only one position available, and if you don’t have the funds or resources to tirelessly optimize your content with SEO best practices, there’s a good chance you won’t hit the top spot. 

Luckily there’s another way to get yourself on the first page of the search results for your chosen keywords (which is absolutely crucial if you want to attract click-throughs since over 25% of people will click on the first result). The solution? Google Ads. 

Paying Google to promote your website when people search for relevant keywords can attract new customers and speed up acquisition–but it’s important to get your Google Ads copy right. You only have one chance to hook searchers, so good copy is crucial. 

Here’s how to write high-converting Google Ads copy to generate click-throughs, drive sales, and optimize ad spend and ad performance

How do I create a good Google ad? 

Your Google ads need to create a great customer experience. At the most basic level, they must be relevant to the search term and should funnel users through to a relevant landing page. Apart from that, what else can you do to make sure your Google ads are hitting the mark? 

1. Clearly describe your product or service

There’s no room for ambiguity in a Google ad. You have a small amount of screen space to capture the attention of searchers and it’s important that you get straight to the point. Describe your product or service exactly as it is so that users are left with no confusion.

2. Make sure your funnel is super relevant

There’s nothing worse than clicking on an ad and being redirected to a seemingly unrelated page. Avoid this by making sure your landing pages reiterate the same information your ad promises. This will eliminate frustration and provide reassurance to searchers. 

3. Include your target keywords

You’ll be paying for the privilege of showing up in search results when users type in a specific keyword, but it helps to sprinkle the same or similar keywords throughout the copy of your ad to highlight to your Google Ads account exactly what your page is about. 

4. Implement a powerful call-to-action (CTA)

Let searchers know what action you want them to take next with a call-to-action. Use action-based words that tell them exactly what to do, whether it’s “shop now”, “download”, or “browse services”. 

5. Highlight the specific benefits 

Consumers want to know exactly what you can do for them and how you can make their lives or businesses better. To do this, incorporate key benefits into your Google Ads to show that you understand searchers' pain points and have the solution to their problems. 

6. Align your ads with keyword search intent 

Search intent is so important for Google Ads. Someone might have used the keyword “project management tools” and be looking for a list of project management tools they can try. If your ad points to a page where you explain what a project management tool is, you’re using the right keyword but the intent is wrong and, when the searcher lands on your page, they’re going to be disappointed when they don’t get the information they wanted.  

7. Be honest and authentic

Your Google ad should stand out, but it also needs to be truthful and honest. In fact, consumers today will only buy from brands they believe to be authentic, and a sense of trust is absolutely crucial. Make sure your ad isn’t misleading in any way and provides searchers with correct information. 

8. Use good grammar

Even though you have limited space to make an impact, you should still make sure your ads are grammatically correct and follow good writing practices. For example, make sure your capitalization is consistent, use the correct punctuation, and don’t abbreviate words if you don’t have to. 

Kate Spade Google Ad example 2

These examples from Kate Spade show inconsistency in grammar. Firstly, the capitalization is off in the headlines, and the copy text also doesn’t follow correct grammar guidelines, like capitalizing the first letter of a new sentence. 

Kate Spade Google Ad example 1

9 good ad copy examples to inspire your next PPC campaign

Creating Google ads is probably a large part of your digital marketing efforts, along with Facebook ads, LinkedIn promotions, and other paid media. To inspire your quest for the best Google ad copy, we’ve pulled together some great examples from across the web. They cover a variety of different industries so you can see how other brands are using their copy to drive CTR and increase their conversion rate. 

Our engaging Jasper community also has plenty of fresh inspiration from our customers who have tried and tested out a number of different Google ads in multiple different industries. 

1. Ray-Ban 

RayBan Google ad example

Ray-Ban’s headline copy highlights a key customer pain point: the cost of shipping. Here, it highlights that shipping is free and includes star ratings to add social proof. In the main copy, the brand covers a range of keywords and features, as well as several different products geared towards different customer segments. 

2. JBL  

JBL Google ad example

JBL starts its ad with a benefit that customers can get when they purchase. Again, it includes a range of features, as well as a clear “shop” CTA. The display URL is slightly longer than it needs to be (a simple brand.com format would suffice). 

3. Tylenol 

Tylenol Google ad example

Tylenol reiterates the benefits of its product in the headline and again in the main body text. Alongside stating that it’s recommended by experts, the brand also highlights blog posts that provide educational content for searchers who might be looking for specific information about pain relief for babies. 

4. Nordstrom

Nordstrom Google ad example

Like Ray-Ban, Nordstrom uses its ad headline to shout about free shipping–a pain point many customers have. It then goes on to highlight big discounts and how much shoppers can save if they click through. On top of this, it provides a number of links to different pages depending on who the shopper is and what they’re looking for. 


MVMT Google ad example

MVMT leads its ad with some social proof and continues on to highlight the savings involved if customers click through. Like some of the other Google ads here, it offers a few different options for searchers based on their demographics and the products they might be searching for. 

6. Juniqe 

Juniqe Google ad example

Juniqe’s Google ad copy incorporates keywords based on the materials a searcher might want and highlights some of the benefits of buying from the brand – fast delivery and local production. On top of this, it includes star ratings under the headline to add social proof. 

7. Zapier 

Zapier Google ad example

Zapier kicks off its Google ad headline with social proof and its unique selling point (USP)--a.k.a. what makes it different from other, similar brands. The main ad text highlights some of the key benefits of the tool, as well as some of the other features customers can get. The “What is Zapier?” addition to the ad provides context for people who might be discovering the brand for the first time. 

8. Apptivo

Apptivo Google ad example

Apptivo’s Google ad is centered around offering customers a free trial or a free demo so they can try out the product. Again, it includes social proof, and the CTAs get searchers using the product as quickly as possible. 

9. Glossier

Glossier Google ad example

This Glossier ad is introducing the brand to a new market and highlights some of its selling points (not tested on animals, free shipping, and free returns). The additional links provide a discount. Including numbers in this way can be a powerful way to drive conversions. 

How to write converting Google Ads copy using AI template

It’s easy to think that writing copy for Google ads is a relatively simple task, but the limited space can make it tricky to get across everything you want to convey. On top of this, it can be hard to scale if you’re running multiple ad groups at once targeting numerous different keywords. There are only so many hours in a day, and it can become pretty time-consuming very quickly. 

This is why it’s helpful to use the helping hand of an AI copywriting tool. Jasper's AI marketing platform has both a Google Ad Headline template and a Google Ads Description template that you can drop your keywords into and it generates as many ads as you’d like. 

Here, you can see the Google Ads Headline Template in action: 

Jasper Google ads headline template

And here, you can see how the Google Ads Description Template works. All you have to do is add in a bit of information about your product, brand, or service, and choose the tone of voice you want to put across. Jasper will then create multiple variations of ad copy you can test and use across your Google ads campaigns. You can always use optimization tactics to tighten up the copy and play around in your Google ads editor to find a format that works for you. 

Jasper Google ads description template

Jasper helps you scale quickly, generating tons of ad copy you can use straight off the bat or add to. Instead of starting a new ad from scratch every single time, you can plug in details about the product or service you’re promoting and create plenty of ad copy options with just a click. 

Check out Jasper and get started.

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