6 Tips To Help You Write The Best Facebook Ad Headlines

Your Facebook ad headlines should be attention-grabbing and compelling. In this post, we share 6 tips to help you write high-converting headlines.

Published on Apr 07, 2022

The average Facebook ads conversion rate is 9.11%, which can mean a great return on investment if you’re able to keep your ad spend under control. It's no wonder that, out of all the paid advertising options on social media channels out there, Facebook is among the most popular. It has massive potential for businesses and entrepreneurs.

But, of course, how well your ad campaigns perform depends on whether or not your Facebook ad copy is attention-grabbing and compelling. If it's not, you'll struggle to get your clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion rate  where you want them to be, and waste a lot of money in the process. Here are some tips for avoiding that outcome and instead writing high-converting ad headlines.  

Tips for writing your best Facebook ad headlines

There are many copywriting techniques out there and different types of ads call for different approaches. However, here are some of the top tips for writing killer headlines for your Facebook ads. (P.S. They also work for Google Ads, LinkedIn advertising, and other types of paid ads on social media channels.) 

1. Make your headlines personal

Instead of writing your Facebook ad copy—headlines included—for your audience as a whole, write to one individual using the second person. Doing this can take a headline from “just another marketing message” to “a message that’s relevant to me” and one worth pausing to think about. The more relevant a headline feels to each person reading it, the more likely they are to convert. 

So use “you”, “your” and other words that add a personal touch to your headlines. Not only can this increase your CTR in the short term but it helps with brand awareness, which includes how well people remember you and what you offer. And greater brand awareness can make converting potential customers and users easier down the road if, for example, you decide to run retargeting campaigns.

2. Emphasize power words

Beau Pent, Sales Manager at GoCo, explained the value of power words this way: “They don't always apply, but when they do, words such as ‘free,’ ‘new,’ and ‘exclusive’ have a strong emotional impact. When you use them in your headlines, you're tapping into people's desires and triggering an emotional response. This can be incredibly effective in getting people to stop and take notice of your ad.” 

3. Use urgency to your advantage

Along the lines of power words, words that imply urgency can also grab attention and increase your conversion rate. This is why so many e-commerce brands run ads with phrasing like “today only”, “limited time offer”, “flash sale”, and “shop now”. Especially if your offer is truly time-sensitive, you can also use this approach to encourage people to click your CTA button right away. 

4. Grab attention with numbers

In general—whether you’re writing copy for a Google ad or a landing page—headlines with numbers are eye-catching. Facebook ad headlines are no different. 

  • Statistics can get people curious about a topic and, at the same time, make you seem more knowledgeable and trustworthy. Example: “Increase Your Profit by 23% in 30 Days” 
  • Numbers that act as social proof for your brand can make you seem more trustworthy. Example: “BizBoost: Trusted By 20K Business Owners”
  • Numbers that quantify a benefit of whatever you’re advertising give potential customers an immediate reason why your ad deserves their attention. Example: Would an Extra $5K/Mo Change Your Life?”

5. Put your biggest selling points front and center

“How does choosing you benefit me?” Answering that question is the key to grabbing potential customers’ or users’ attention, and getting them to convert. So get clear on your value proposition and put it front and center. 

Highlight what you’re doing differently or better than competitors and, most importantly, why it matters to your target audience. (Pro tip: If your brand’s tagline already does this, you could test its effectiveness as a headline.) 

6. Play on audience pain points

The Pain Agitate Solution framework is one of the most popular approaches to copywriting for a reason. Pain and, more specifically, searching for relief from pain, is a big motivator for people. 

So try mentioning a major paint point or struggle your audience has in your headline. And make it clear in the ad text and/or ad creative that you have a solution that works. If you do both, you’ll inevitably see more clickthroughs to your landing pages, more traffic to your Facebook page, and more conversions too.

Examples of great Facebook ad headlines

With the above tips in mind, let’s see a few examples of great Facebook ad headlines and talk about why they work. 

Applebee’s Grill & Bar 

Applebees Ad

This Applebee’s ad with the headline “$2 Dozen Double Crunch Shrimp'' is a great example of using numbers. In just five words, it tells potential diners: 

  • How much they’ll pay
  • How much they’ll get for their money
  • And even how much crunch to expect, which is meant to heighten their desire for the offer

Not to mention that it’s a bit of a tongue-twister and uses alliteration, which makes it catchy and fun to read.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Ad

This Navy Federal ad headline—“Lower Your Mortgage Payment”—might not seem impressive at first glance. But it does two things well. One, it speaks directly to each reader by using the second person. And two, it links the individual to a common (and important) goal of the credit union’s target audience. 

It goes to show that you don’t always need a clever or elaborate headline. Simplicity and clarity work.


Webflow Ad

In contrast to Navy Federal, which went for simplicity and clarity, this Webflow ad used the opposite approach. What does its headline—“Webflow, the modern way to design for the web”—accomplish? One, it points out that Webflow is a modern solution, which is a top concern of the company’s target market. 

Two, it’s a tease. Neither the headline nor the ad text explains how Webflow has modernized web design. So anyone who’s curious would need to watch the video or visit the company website to find out. And, of course, anyone who takes either of those actions is one step closer to becoming a Webflow user.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Ad

Next is an example from Kay Jewelers. Its ad headline—Find the Perfect Gift at Kay Outlet—uses the power word “perfect” to appeal to potential customers’ desire to choose the best possible gifts for their friends and families. It alludes to the fact that they don’t need to feel the pressure that usually comes with gift shopping. Instead, as the headline also points out, they can shop at Kay Outlet and feel confident that they’ll walk away with the perfect gift. 


ClickUp ad

Last up is a ClickUp ad with the headline: “Hitting a Wall at Work?” This works for at least two reasons. First, it uses a question, which is a secret weapon in copywriting. Questions always prompt a mental response so, once you have your audience’s mind engaged, it’s easier to encourage further engagement. 

Additionally, it uses language that ClickUp’s target audience would use. We’ve all probably said, “I’ve hit a wall” at least once or twice so that phrasing is relatable and, as a result, more compelling. 

How Jasper can help you write high-converting headlines in bulk

Now, the question is: How can you quickly create eye-catching headlines for your Facebook ad campaigns, especially if you need to produce them in bulk? Use the Jasper Facebook Ad Headline template. 

All you have to do is enter your company/product name and a brief product description. You can also enter the desired tone of voice and examples of the kind of headlines you’re looking for, both of which are optional but helpful to steer the outputs in the right direction. Jasper will do the rest! 

Jasper FB Ad Headline Template

In minutes, you can have several variations of a single headline for A/B testing. Or you can create several options for different products or Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Jasper FB Ad Headline Template 2

On the other hand, you can also use Jasper commands to come up with headlines. For example, you could enter the same info you’d put into the template and command Jasper to write a short headline about it. But what’s the benefit of doing it this way? 

Basic Jasper Command For FB Ad Headline

You can outline the info for all of your ads in one long-form document and then run the commands for each instead of generating headlines for each ad one by one with the template. In other words, you can create more eye-catching headlines in less time. 

Creating Ad Headlines in Bulk With Jasper Commands

And Jasper doesn’t just write titles and headlines. You can also write Facebook ads primary text and many other types of high-converting copy such as cold emails. Sign up for your free trial and see for yourself what Jasper can do!

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Dave Rogenmoser

Dave Rogenmoser

CEO of Jasper

Dave is the Co-Founder Jasper, a Y Combinator-backed tech company based in Austin, Texas. He is also a husband and father of 3 boys.

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