9 Best Copywriting Courses To Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Copywriting skills are a must-have for any marketer – whether it’s for emails or sales copy. Improve your skills by learning from the best copywriting courses.

Published on Dec 16, 2022

Writing good copy takes time, effort, and plenty of skill. Thankfully, there are some copywriting courses out there that help you refine these skills. If you want to learn about copywriting and the best courses worth taking, check out our guide to the best courses out there. 

The different types of copywriting 

These days, a copywriting career can consist of many different types of copywriting within the grander digital marketing space. Whether you’re a professional copywriter or you prefer the freedom that being a freelance copywriter affords you, it’s a good idea to be informed on all the types of copywriting that make up a marketing strategy, especially in the evolving new AI marketing and AI copywriting landscape.

The good thing is that you don’t need a college degree or any formal credentials to become a world-class copywriter. With enough tutorials, online courses, and some hands-on experience to pad your copywriting portfolio, you can become a successful copywriter.

But first, here are the different types of online copywriting you can do in today’s tech-centered world. 

Direct response copywriting

You might’ve heard of direct response copywriting. This type of copywriting focuses on selling in the moment. It focuses on capturing the reader's attention to get a “direct response” from then right there and then. 

Website home page copywriting

Website copywriting is another popular branch lots of professional copywriters focus on. A website’s home page and the rest of its most relevant pages must clearly present its product value proposition, which is where crisp, clear copywriting comes into play. 

Social media copywriting

As a copywriter, you might be tasked with creating social media content that speak to a specific audience. With the rise of social platforms and a ton of selling happening online, creating punchy social copy that garners the right attention is a skill of its own. 

Sales page copywriting

Though there are a ton of different ways to sell, the classic sales page is not dead. Products spanning just about any industry imaginable use the power of sales pages to make sales. 

Email copywriting

Finally, we have email copywriting. Need a lead nurturing campaign to guide your consumers down your sales funnel? There’s email copywriting for that! 

Let’s take a look at some of the best copywriting courses out there, both paid and free.  

1. Jasper’s Free Copywriting Course

Jasper’s Free Copywriting Course

Jasper offers more than just one of the best copywriting tools. If you need to optimize your website copy or want to learn how to write good web copy, then do check out Jasper’s free copywriting course

In an hour, you can quickly learn to write attention-grabbing headlines, meta-descriptions, and search-optimized copy. You can also take advantage of our community and copywriting templates. 

Price: Free

Best for: Marketers who want to learn about website copywriting

Best features: 

  • Offers bite-sized lessons that you can implement immediately
  • Teaches you how you can convert more leads into customers
  • Fills you in on how to write copy faster with AI

2. Honey Copy

Honey Copy

Unlike other courses, Honey Copy is a 10,000-word step-by-step copywriting guide that is full of valuable lessons. 

The written crash course will teach you:

  • How to write better sentences
  • The right way to craft your brand voice
  • How to remove jargon, cliches, and buzzwords from your copy

Price: $97

Best for: Marketers who want to write direct response-style copy that converts. 

Best features: 

  • Teaches you the “Hemingway Method” of writing to ensure your copy is impactful and clear
  • You can finish reading the guide in one afternoon and start applying the lessons immediately

3. Digital Copywriter

Digital Copywriter

The Digital Copywriter course by Copyblogger is one of the most popular courses by popular copywriting brand that teaches the ins and outs of the skill of copywriting.

With all the templates, boot camps, and roadmaps inside the course, you’ll:

  • Learn copywriting skills that take your understanding of the art of copywriting to the next level
  • Make connections and network through their group and job board
  • Learn how to write engaging copy to boost sales and revenue

Price: $440/year

Best for: Marketers who want to become pro copywriters.

Best features: 

  • Access to $2000 worth of foundational training
  • Answer your questions and concerns via Ask us Anything
  • Receive monthly advanced masterclasses

4. Inbox Hero

Inbox Hero

If you’re looking to up your email marketing game by learning how to write the best emails then do check out the copywriting course Inbox Hero by Laura Belgray. If you aren’t familiar with Belgray’s work, she’s been in the industry for over a decade writing everything from television commercials to sales pages. 

Inbox Hero is designed to help you get more subscribers, and establish a strong emotional bond with your audience. Inside the course, you’ll also learn different selling strategies with lots of resources that help to craft email copy that sells.

Price: You need to sign up for the waiting list to learn about their prices.

Best for: Marketers who want to take their email copywriting skills to the next level. 

Best features: 

  • Learn how to stand out in a sea of email newsletters and capture the right attention
  • Learn how to position yourself as an authority in your space
  • Find out how to add personality to your copy so it's memorable 

5. Copy Caboose

Copy Caboose

Copy Caboose by Tarzan Kay focuses on making writing a habit. The course encourages its students to write for 20 minutes daily – whether it’s writing about your business or your personal life. 

Through establishing a writing habit, Copy Caboose also teaches you how to get over imposter syndrome (something so many aspiring copywriters deal with!) In short, the course will help you develop a daily writing practice so you can start developing powerful copy that sells. 

Price: Join the Copy Caboose waitlist to learn about its prices.

Best for: Marketers who want to learn how to write sales copy and establish a daily writing habit. 

Best features: 

  • Takes you on the journey from writing boring copy to creating copy that converts
  • The chance to share ideas with a collaborative community
  • Give feedback and engage with other students
  • Learn to write copy that sounds like you

6. The Copy Cure

The Copy Cure

The Copy Cure course, created by #1 New York Times best-selling author Marie Forleo, has been taken by a ton of aspiring copywriters. With Copy Cure, you’ll learn from marketing expert Marie Forleo about how to write persuasive copy, how to increase traffic to your offer, and how to generate leads.

Price: $1499. The Copy Cure also hosts a scholarship program every year.

Best for: Marketers who want to polish their copywriting skills and write copy that converts.

Best features: 

  • Get 8 advanced masterclasses with award-winning copywriters
  • Live, virtual group coaching calls hosted by the creators Marie and Laura
  • Includes practice sheets to put your copy skills to work

7. SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

If you’re looking to learn SEO copywriting to boost traffic and rank on Google page 1, then check out the SEO Copywriting certification training by Heather Lloyd-Martin. As a long-time player in the SEO industry, Forbes called her “the pioneer of SEO copywriting.” With 22 years of experience, she has trained thousands of in-house writers and marketers to craft high-quality copy that converts. 

Inside the course, you’ll learn advanced SEO and writing strategies from top teachers, including Danny Goodwin, Steve Rayson, and Luke Sherran.

You’ll get one-year access to all the webinars, training calls, downloadable resources, access to their VIP Facebook group, monthly newsletter, as well as a listing on the Certified SEO copywriter page.

Price: $995 with one-year access. 

Best for: Freelance and in-house marketers who want to learn SEO copywriting. 

Best features:

  • Get specialized knowledge of SEO to win more clients and get results
  • Teaches you how to increase page traffic while attracting more high-quality traffic to your website
  • Learn how you can measure your SEO copywriting efforts and identify different opportunities for improvement

8. The Boron Letters

The Boron Letters

One of the earliest copywriting resources many seasoned copywriters recommend all aspiring writers read is The Boron Letters. Although the collection of letters isn’t a paid course, it serves as a guidebook for marketers on writing copy. 

One of the greatest copywriters, Gary Halbert, wrote the letters. As the story goes, he was sent to prison in the 1980s for tax fraud. Once there, he wrote a series of letters to his son, now known as The Boron Letters. Since then, the letters have indirectly helped marketers generate millions in sales.

Price: Free

Best for: Marketers who want to learn unique, valuable lessons about copywriting.

Best features: 

  • A total of 25 letters communicate the life lessons learned in 46 years by Gary Halbert. Each of these letters gives one crucial life lesson – which can prove to be invaluable to business leaders, marketers, and copywriters

9. Neville Medhora’s Free Copywriting Course

Free Copywriting Course

Neville Medhora offers a Free Copywriting Course for beginners. This is a perfect copywriting course if you want to learn copywriting from a beginner’s perspective. Plus, you’ll get tons of other resources, including a forum, copywriting tips and tricks, swipe files, guides, and more. 

If you’re looking to brush up on your copywriting skills or network with other copywriters, try out Neville Medhora’s free copywriting course.

Price: Free

Best for Beginner marketers who want to learn the basics of copywriting.

Best features:

  • All the lessons are self-paced and take only 32 minutes to complete
  • Neville Medhora also offers a wide variety of advanced resources, ranging from blog posts, guides, generators, youtube videos, and a forum to level up your copywriting skills

Do more copywriting with Jasper

Learning about copywriting can be time-consuming. But by practicing daily and showing up consistently you can learn those skills in no time. As you learn the fundamentals, be patient and add to your copywriting portfolio as you score clients.

However, If you’re looking to scale your copywriting, there’s always Jasper. You can use our AI-powered copywriting tool to create copy. Use Jasper to create original, fresh copy in minutes. 

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Austin Distel

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