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Published on Oct 28, 2022

What’s in a name? Better yet, what’s in a personal bio? These days a personal bio is your calling card. People interested in you and what you do can get an idea of your positioning and value through a short and clear personal bio. And there’s no shortage of inspiration either.

Personal bios are everywhere. Just look at your favorite social media accounts or even your LinkedIn connections. They’re everywhere and for good reason. 

If you’re stuck on what to even put in your personal bio or have no idea how to generate one from scratch, check out how you can use Jasper’s Personal Bio generator to create bios for all kinds of scenarios (with examples!)

jasper bio generator template

But first, What makes a perfect personal bio?

The elements that go into the perfect personal bio change depending on what you want the end result of your bio to be. In other words, it helps to work backward. 

For example, if you want your bio to help you sell more marketing consulting services as an end result you’d want to write a bio that focuses on the value you offer and the results potential customers can expect. 

But let’s back up a bit. Regardless of what personal bio you’re creating, they each require these three basic elements. Thankfully there are generator tools that make it easy to include job titles. 

Personal information

Again, depending on your end goal, you can get as personal as you’d like. If you’re an influencer whose market is predominantly mommy bloggers it would make sense to share a few personal details to be relatable and build that know, like, and trust factor. 

However, that wouldn’t make as much sense if you’re a performance marketer trying to stand out with a great personal bio on LinkedIn or Instagram. In that case, as illustrated previously, you’d want to lead with what you offer and the results potential customers can expect from it. 

Tone of voice

Tone matters! Depending on where you write your bio, the tone of voice can say a lot beyond only the words you choose to include in a short paragraph. Thankfully, when you use AI writing assistants like Jasper, you’re able to set a tone of voice for your writing, whether you’d like it to be informative, clever, witty, or serious. 

Point of view

For the most part, the first-person point of view personal bio will do just fine. However, there are times when you might prefer a third-person point of view. This is often used in platforms like LinkedIn, where users talk about who they are, what they specialize in, and what they’ve accomplished in the third person. 

The good thing is Jasper has an option for generating personal bios in the third person too. So that’s automatically taken care of for you in the process. Let’s look at some personal bio examples. 

Instagram Bio Generator

To write an Instagram bio:

  • Keep it short
  • Clearly state what you do
  • Include relevant keywords
  • Speak directly to your target audience

You can use Jasper’s Personal Bio generator to glean ideas that’ll help shape your final bio. Let’s look at an example Instagram bio created with Jasper’s Personal Bio generator:

Instagram bio generator

Bits of the bios generated with Jasper can be used as part of your Instagram bio. For example:

  • “I specialize in email marketing and revenue generation.”
  • “I spend my days trying to come up with new and innovative ways to get people to buy stuff.”
  • “I love finding new and innovative ways to increase sales and boost conversion rates.”

Twitter Bio Generator

Let’s say I want to create a Twitter bio. Twitter bios are short and sweet. They:

  • Have to be 160 characters or less
  • Explain exactly what you do (your value proposition)
  • Are interesting (and sometimes witty)

Let’s try to draw some Twitter bio inspiration with the help of Jasper. 

Twitter Bio Generator

Linkedin Bio Generator

Sometimes your bio extends to your About section, which is often the case for LinkedIn profiles. The problem is, that it’s hard to know what exactly to write, especially if you’re experiencing writer’s block. Here’s where Jasper can help. But first, LinkedIn bios are:

  • In either first or third person
  • Detailed about the user’s experience
  • Clear, concise, and to the point

Here’s an example generated with Jasper’s Personal Bio template:

LinkedIn bio generator

Pro Tip: Check out the free Jasper Facebook community to see bio examples and learn how other marketers are using Jasper to create content and reach their revenue goals. 

Personal Bio Generator

Let’s say you’d like to generate a general personal bio. Maybe you want it for an ebook you’re launching soon or need something to put on your website’s about page. 

Remember to add your most relevant personal details, keep it fun, and tap the “Generate AI Content” button until you see a bio you like. You can also rephrase any sentence you aren’t quite happy with or directly insert your own edits. 

personal bio generator

Professional Bio Generator

The good thing about Jasper’s Personal Bio template is that it works great for just about any bio type. Let’s say you simply want to create a general professional bio you can use on a lot of different platforms.

All you have to do is enter your best details, pick a tone of voice, and choose a point of view.

professional bio generator

Third-person professional bio generator

Finally, let’s try generating a third-person bio with the third-person point of view feature. Third-person biographies are great for longer bios on professional or job-seeking platforms. Sometimes, they can also work in resumes as a personal summary. 

third person bio generator

Write more than personal bios with Jasper

Writing an attention-grabbing personal bio isn’t hard when you can use an AI writing assistant to instantly create bios, get inspiration for drafting your own, or whip up something quick last minute. Anyone from entrepreneurs to startup teams can use the bio generator to create solid bios. 

The best part? Jasper doesn’t stop at only writing personal bios. It offers a ton of different templates for beginner to advanced writers to create anything from long-form blog posts to ad copy, to product descriptions. 

Get started with Jasper here. 

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Austin Distel

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Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper, your AI marketing co-pilot. When not working, Austin is also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas.

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