The Top Amazon Description Generator: How to Make Money Fast

How can an Amazon description generator help you? Get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create high-converting product descriptions in minutes (literally)!

Published on Feb 04, 2023

Amazon has by far the highest market share of any retail ecommerce company in the US. During Q3 of 2022 alone, it generated approximately $127.1 billion (USD) in total net sales. In large part, this is thanks to the thousands of Amazon sellers who use this powerful platform to drive sales. 

There’s an incredible amount of opportunity available to tap into there. But success depends on more than just what you or your clients sell. It also depends on the quality of your Amazon listings, in which your product descriptions play a big part. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling digital or physical products. An Amazon product description generator tool can help you write these descriptions fast and at scale. And we’re not just talking about basic descriptions that take up space. We’re talking about the kind that get and keep your conversion rates right where you want them. 

Why use an Amazon description generator?

Writing descriptions, especially in bulk, can be time-consuming. This leads to one of two outcomes. 

  1. You rush through creating them, resulting in fewer sales than if you’d done more quality control. 
  2. You take your time, which means missing out on revenue every day that your or your clients' product listings aren’t live on Amazon. 

In either case, there are thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of dollars at stake. They’re yours to lose. Amazon description generators help ensure that you don’t lose. They can generate descriptions in seconds based on the product details you input. More importantly, quality generators ensure that your descriptions have the hallmarks of effective product copy. What are they?

  • A focus on and understanding of the ideal buyer
  • Stated features with emphasis on the benefits 
  • Concise and laser-focused on what’s going to sell the product (not fluffy)
  • Good readability (e.g. varied sentence lengths, short paragraphs, bullet points, etc.)
  • Compliance with Amazon’s product description guidelines

To succeed as a seller on Amazon, you must strike the delicate balance between all of the above. And while you may want to tweak wording, add details, or make other edits when using a generator, a good description writing tool will give you an excellent starting point. 

Take our AI writing tool, for example. Jasper consistently produces unique, plagiarism-free copy that sounds just as natural as if you’d written it yourself. Plus, it uses proven copywriting techniques and frameworks to drive conversions. Want to see it in action? Let’s walk through how to use our templates for writing Amazon product descriptions.

Using Jasper’s Amazon description generator to sell more Kindle books

Amazon has grown into much more than the online bookshop it started as back in 1995. But it’s still an effective place to sell books. Thinking about self-publishing? Not only can Jasper help you write a book in as little as seven days, but he can also help you start making sales faster. Let's do a quick tutorial on that last part and create a Kindle book description in just a few minutes. 

Say we need a description for a book on paid advertising and lead generation for small businesses. In Jasper’s Amazon Product Description template, all we’d need to do is pop in: 

  • The product name or, in this case, the book title
  • Some key features and benefits of the ebook
  • The tone of voice you want Jasper to write in (optional but recommended)

That’s what we did here. 

Jasper Amazon Product Description Template

Here are two of the three descriptions Jasper gave us in return. 

AI-Generated Book Description For Amazon

These give us a great starting point. While we could use one of the outputs as-is, there are typically things that stand out about each of Jasper’s descriptions.

For instance, here’s what we got when we took the elements we liked from each of the three AI-generated outputs. 

 Combined Outputs From Jasper Amazon Product Description Template

Note: Besides just combining outputs, you can also make strategic edits or additions to Jasper’s outputs to make a more compelling description. To do that effectively, though, you’ll need copywriting knowledge. You can brush up on some of the top copywriting techniques and frameworks in our free website copywriting course. 

But, sticking with our combined description for now, what if we wanted to improve its readability? That’s where Jasper Amazon Product Features template comes in handy. As you can see, we inputted: 

  • The same ebook title
  • In the Product Info section, the most feature-benefit-focused portion of the text generated using the previous template
  • In the Key Benefits/Features section, a brief overview of the top features and benefits
  • A similar tone of voice to the one used in the previous template
Jasper Amazon Product Features Template

Jasper then generated several lists for us to work with. 

AI-Generated Product Features

Like before, we chose the bullets we liked most. We then combined them in our document, replacing the paragraph descriptions of features and benefits with the list. This is what we ended up with. 

Amazon Product Description With Bullets

Pretty good, right? And it’s even better when you consider that you can crank out and polish descriptions like these in minutes. The quicker your descriptions are ready, the sooner you can start marketing and selling your ebooks on Amazon!

Creating high-converting product descriptions using Jasper

Yes, a Kindle ebook is a product; it’s just a digital one. That means you could use the process above to write a description for a physical product too. But, for good measure, let’s walk through an example for a physical product. This time, instead of the product description templates, we’ll use a command. (Commands in Jasper are plain-language instructions, telling Jasper what to write and how.) 

To get a detailed description, of course, we need to provide Jasper with product details. As you can see below, we did that by means of a bulleted list of features and benefits—in this case, for an Amazon Fire tablet. 

Pro tip: For search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, include relevant keywords here where you can. If you do, Jasper is more likely to use those keywords as well, which can get your product listings in front of more potential buyers on Amazon. 

Amazon Product Description Details

Below the bullet points, we added a command: “Write an engaging product description for an Amazon Fire tablet using the information above. Use a professional tone of voice.” We then executed the command with CMD/CTRL + Shift + Enter. Here’s what Jasper wrote in response (with no editing from us, we might add).

Amazon Product Description From Jasper Command

Of course, you should double-check that all important product details are included and accurate. You may also want to make some tweaks here and there. But, by and large, the description above is ready to use, and generating it took only a couple of minutes. As we’ve shown, this process can significantly cut down on the manual legwork you have to do. 

Whether you’re an Amazon seller or a copywriter trying to boost your clients’ conversion rates, a product description generator can be your secret weapon. It can help you write SEO-friendly and ultra-persuasive copy for your product pages in no time. See for yourself and sign up for your free trial of Jasper! You’ll get 10,000 credits when you do, so you can try creating your own descriptions or other types of content and copy.

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Austin Distel

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Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper, your AI marketing co-pilot. When not working, Austin is also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas.

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