The Biggest AI Insights from Hubspot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

Learn how AI is revolutionizing marketing strategies and productivity in our roundup of the biggest AI insights Hubspot's big report.

Published on Mar 25, 2024

Hubspot released its annual State of Marketing report. As you might expect, this year’s edition is full of insights on how marketers feel about and use generative AI. 

To save you some time, we collected all the biggest AI + marketing statistics from the report and presented them here. 

The results are very encouraging; they ultimately show that many marketing teams are already fully taking advantage of AI’s capabilities as a copilot. They’re boosting productivity, creating more personalized content, and seeing more ROI. Additionally, AI adoption rates are expected to increase this year. 

Hubspot’s anonymous AI-enabled marketing insights are also directly supported by real-world examples we’ve seen from Jasper customers. We have plenty of customer stories highlighting the efficiency gains and reduced marketing spend that actual teams have seen using Jasper. So we peppered a few of those stats in the mix for extra context. 

Keep reading to get the full scoop below. 


The survey collected insights from more than 1,400 B2B and B2C marketers across 23 industries in 14 countries. The survey was conducted in September 2023.

General usage numbers

  • Marketers using AI and automation tools are 95% more likely to say their marketing strategy worked very well.
  • 64% of marketers already use gen AI tools like chatbots.
  • 62% of marketers find AI important to their marketing.
  • 40% of companies have hired a dedicated AI expert to support their marketing teams.

Looking ahead

  • 85% of marketers believe gen AI will have a massive impact on content creation in 2024.
  • 63% believe that most content in 2024 will be created at least in part with gen AI’s help. 
  • 58% of marketers plan on increasing their investments in gen AI tools in 2024.
  • 38% of marketers who don’t use AI plan to in 2024.

Efficiency and productivity gains

  • 84% percent of marketers using AI are creating content more efficiently.
  • Jasper helped the 2X marketing team write SEO blogs 50% faster.
  • 81% of marketers said gen AI enhances their roles.
  • 85% of marketers said AI improved the quality of their content.
  • With Jasper, Bloomreach increased its SEO-optimized content output by 113% and increased website traffic to those blog posts by 40%.
  • Goosehead's marketing team used Jasper to see an 87% increase in website traffic month-over-month and a 22% click-through rate increase for emails.
  • Marketers said they spend an average of 4 hours each day on manual, administrative, or operational tasks. They then said that gen AI saves them 3 hours on each piece of content and 2.5 hours overall in their day.
  • Each team member at The Pilot Company who uses Jasper saves 3-5 hours per week.
  • Using Jasper for a project, Amplitude saw an 88% reduction in cost versus traditional writing methods. They also made it to the first page of Google’s SERP in 3 weeks for keywords they never ranked with previously.
  • Healthcare Triangle's marketing team used Jasper to increase productivity and cut their spending by 95%, totaling just over $100,000 saved. 

Use cases

  • 61% of marketers who use AI tap it for research. 
  • Research was ranked as the number one use case by 33% of marketers. 31% ranked content creation as the top use case. 30% ranked data analysis and reporting as the number one use case. 
  • 60% of all AI-enabled marketers use the technology to analyze data.

Personalization and customer experience

  • 77% of marketers who use gen AI say it helps them create more personalized content. 
  • 70% of marketers using AI report that helps them improve the overall customer experience.
  • 56% of marketers using AI for content creation say that AI-assisted work performs better than content created without it.


  • 60% of marketers who use generative AI to make content are concerned it can harm their brand’s reputation due to bias, plagiarism, or misalignment with brand values. 
  • 46% feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to incorporate AI into their daily workflow.
  • 16% of marketers see AI taking over most of their job duties.

As you can see, the overwhelming sentiment among marketers toward generative AI is positive and forward-looking. While there are some important considerations to weigh, like ease of adoption and the ever-present challenges of navigating AI’s biases, most marketers seem optimistic about AI’s value in their workflow. 

The data from Hubspot's State of Marketing report underscores a key shift in the marketing landscape, where AI's role in enhancing efficiency, personalization, and overall productivity is not only recognized but increasingly integrated into marketing strategies. 

As we continue on this year, the move toward AI adoption is not just a trend but a strategic imperative, signaling a future where AI and human creativity collaborate to redefine marketing excellence and the customer experience.

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