Akbank increases customer engagement by up to 70% with Jasper

reduction of time spent creating content
Digital Marketing Team

reduction of time spent creating content
increase in click-through engagement rates
Up to 70%
CTR increase on a campaign basis

"Jasper enables us to accelerate our creative processes and structure ideas more effectively, significantly enhancing our brainstorming capabilities and overall content strategy."

Digital Marketing Team

The Challenge: Enhancing Content Creation 

Akbank, a leading financial institution, strives to deliver the best to its customers, driving the need for ongoing enhancements and system improvements. Leading the innovation within the company, Akbank LAB builds the future of finance by creating new products and services. The team partners with fintechs and tech companies to test innovative banking solutions.

In the competitive environment, Akbank recognized the challenge of maintaining a consistent and engaging content strategy. Their digital marketing team was dedicated to creating high-quality content to connect effectively with customers. This led to the need for a solution to enhance customer engagement and generate captivating campaign content strategies, all while ensuring operational efficiency.

The Solution: Harnessing Jasper's Multifaceted Features 

Akbank’s team identified an opportunity to leverage generative AI and chose Jasper as a result of its marketing-specific focus. Akbank LAB initiated a proof-of-concept test run with their digital marketing team to enhance content creation and efficiency. As part of this, Jasper was primarily used to craft engaging and personalized push notification and SMS marketing campaigns, ensuring each message resonated with recipients while aligned with Akbank's brand voice.

By collaborating with their dedicated Customer Success Manager, the Akbank team broadened its understanding of generative AI’s capabilities. They mastered key features like prompt writing in Jasper Chat to brainstorm and create the full campaigns, brand voice for consistent messaging, and the knowledge base to host comprehensive information about their banking products. Automating these tasks enabled Akbank to respond quickly to market trends and customer needs, significantly boosting its overall marketing efficiency and effectiveness. 

Achieving Tangible Results: Time Efficiencies and Higher Engagement Rates 

Akbank compared Jasper’s outputs to the previous systems across multiple use cases and found Jasper consistently more efficient. Their dedicated efforts paid off with a remarkable 3% increase in response rates and a 40% reduction in content creation time across ten campaigns within three months.

Beyond these impressive numbers, Jasper proved invaluable for sparking creativity and generating fresh push notification and SMS campaigns. This collaboration addressed Akbank’s dedication to perfection in content development and set the stage for future growth. By leveraging AI, they transformed their marketing strategy, ensuring consistency, engagement, and efficiency.

- Akbank, Digital Marketing Team

Founded in 1948, Akbank is a premier Turkish bank offering a comprehensive range of services, including corporate, investment, commercial, SME, and retail banking, as well as private banking and payment systems. Serving over 13 million active customers, Akbank’s innovation center Akbank LAB leads digital transformation through investments in cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, Web 3.0, generative AI, and advanced analytics, providing customers with next-gen solutions. Demonstrating a solid commitment to sustainability, Akbank aims to provide 800 billion TL in sustainable financing by 2030 and achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050. Recognized internationally, the bank has received prestigious awards for its excellence in digital innovation and sustainability initiatives.

Headquarters: Istanbul

Company Size: Enterprise (1,000+ employees)

Industry: Finance

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