How To Create A High-Converting Sales Copy Template With Jasper

What does a high-converting sales page template look like? Find out what goes into a good sales page that can increase your conversion rate.

Published on Oct 20, 2022

Why is it that some sales pages bring in millions and others can hardly bring in customers? What makes them different from the rest? 

In a high-converting sales page, the structure is quite important. When creating them, often, you could end up staring at an empty doc. But having a sales page template can solve this problem to some extent. It will give you a starting point for your sales page, and you can write engaging copy regardless of your skill level. 

In this post, we’ll first understand what makes a good sales copy, the key to a sales page, and some great sales page examples. Later, we’ll see how you can write a high-converting sales page with Jasper. 

What makes good sales copy?

There are many sales copywriting courses and books out there that make many different claims about writing persuasive copy. Even after all these courses, it could still look like a tough task to write a sales page that converts. But once you get the hang of it, it gets easy.

So, what makes good sales copy? Fancy words? Great design? A long sales page? 

sales page copy

Now, good sales copy is one that answers all your reader’s questions. Thoroughly explains your product. Makes every word count. Your copy should be free of fluff, and each word should help your prospect take a step closer to making a decision. 

Answer all your prospect’s questions

What’s the use of the sales copy if it doesn’t solve any of your reader’s queries? For prospects to make a decision – whether or not they want to buy a product, you need to give all the information to help them make a choice. 

The FAQs section is a perfect place to address all the nitty-gritty stuff that your readers have in mind. It’s an important section, and sometimes sales copy doesn’t fully make use of this section. 

To address all the concerns that stop your prospects from buying, do your customer research and make a list of 10 commonly asked questions. Sending out a survey and asking the question on social media or through your newsletter is another great way to find out the common questions that your prospects can have.

Clearly explain your offer 

You need to clearly explain the features and benefits of your product/service and tell readers what makes your product unique and what value it provides. 

Make sure to include all the important details and what pain points it solves. 

For example, you need to clearly explain how your product is beneficial to your readers. You can do so by telling a story through benefits/features, using testimonials, or recording a video that gives a look at your product. Overall, the copy should mention why your product is the right choice for your prospects.

Make your sales copy as long as necessary

If you need to explain everything about your product, you want to use more than a couple of lines. 

But you shouldn’t worry about the length of your sales copy. Whether long or short, you just need to provide all the information about your product. Then it’s up to the readers to decide if they want to read through the whole thing or just want to skip and click on the CTA button. 

While writing the copy, think about your audience and what they like – that’s where customer research comes in handy. Make sure to keep your sales copy scannable and write the copy like you’re talking to a friend.

The elements of sales page copy that converts

What are the different key elements of a sales page that converts? Let’s take a look:


A good hook should get straight to the point and not be clickbaity. It should pull the reader in and push them to ask questions. Usually, a hook makes use of an action, emotion, or any other technique. 

sales page copy 2
Example headline from Chief

Using powerful hooks in your headlines, subject lines, or at the beginning of your sales page is important because that’s what your reader sees first and decides whether or not they want to read the next section. 

There are five types of strong hooks that you can use to capture your reader's attention. 

  1. Threat, warning & pain
  2. Education & FYI
  3. Confirm beliefs
  4. FOMO - Fear of missing out
  5. Relevancy 


What value are you going to provide to your prospects with your product? Are you just selling a service or product? Or are you giving them a memorable, unique, or valuable experience bundled with solutions and results? 

Whatever offer you’re going to give your customers, give them a detailed breakdown of what it is and what benefits they will get. But also make sure that your offer is clear and easy to understand. 

Headlines are the best way to showcase your offer. You can make the headline the key offer, then mention the benefits your product offers and what you’re selling in the subheading. Share your main offer in one clear and engaging sentence. 

sales page copy 3
Example from Chief


The price you select for your product plays a huge role in the conversion rate for your sales page, like it does in this example from Diet Smoke.

sales page copy 4
Source: Diet Smoke

Setting too high or too low a price can also affect the conversion rate. Thus, you need to find the right pricing for your product, which you can do so by doing audience research. Conducting market research will give you an idea of what your customers want to pay for a similar kind of service.


A headline is the first thing that a user reads on your sales page. A good headline is the one that draws the readers in and communicates the benefit. It should:

  • Offer a clear value proposition 
  • Focus on the most important pain point or benefits
  • Tells the readers what they can expect from the page

Sub-headline follows up after the headline. And it expands on what the headline has stated. 

sales page copy 5
Example from CardCash

Writing an engaging headline is not an easy task. You need to play around with words, colors, styles, and fonts to create a persuasive headline. Also, you can use headline generators and templates to further expand the idea.


The testimonial section can increase the credibility of your product. It also helps new leads to learn how your product/services have impacted other users, resulting in more converted leads.  

Having testimonials and social proof on your website shows that other people have bought, used, and approved the services/product you offer. 

sales page copy 6
Example from SoleSavy

To showcase testimonials and social proof like SoleSavy, you can add:

  • Total number of customers
  • Top testimonials
  • Customer reviews and star ratings
  • Awards won from credible organizations
  • Success stories or case studies that tell users how your product solved their problem


Who doesn’t like free stuff? You can make full use of bonuses to create sales pages that convert, like Talking Shrimp does on her Inbox Hero course page. Along with your original offer, including two or three freebies for your customers. 

sales page copy 7
Image from Inbox Hero

Make bonuses a part of your offer. They don’t have to be expensive but should be thoughtful and valuable. Checklists, templates, and webinars are some of the examples of things you can offer as bonuses. 

Pain points

Without knowing the pain points of your customers, you can’t create a good sales copy. You need to know what are the different problems that your customers are facing before using your product. You should understand the pain points and address them on the sales page.

To find out the pain points of your target audience, you can:

  • Talk to your customers to find out what problem they have and how they are looking to solve it
  • Do a brain dump of everything you know about your target audience 
  • Look at the competitor's sites that offer similar products as yours and make a note of pain points and outcomes they identified
  • Check out the blog posts, comments section, forums in your niche to find out more about your audience

The research will help you to figure out a list of problems your customers are facing. Then, you can address those problems in your sales copy and show how your product solves those needs.


Don’t forget to include the FAQs section in your sales copy. You need to answer all the questions that your prospects may have related to your offer, and you can easily tackle them in the FAQs section. 

Alternatively, the FAQ section also acts as a summary of the benefits your product offers. It’s a good way to wrap up your sales copy. 

sales page copy 8
Image from Diet Smoke

Your FAQ section should:

  • Summarizes the pain points your users can have
  • Answer all the questions that you didn’t address before in your sales copy
  • Condenses the points that you addressed before in the copy

Call to action

Use the CTA that can prompt your prospects to take the desired action. Many users skip the copy and directly click on the CTA button. Along with the CTA copy, the color, positioning, and size can directly influence the conversion rates. 

Whatever CTA you decide to choose for your sales page, make sure it fulfills the end goal, like in this example CTA from a Loom Use Case page.

sales page copy 7
Image from Loom

A good CTA:

  • Should be clearly visible and use contrasting colors (use the color wheel to find the best color for the CTA button) that stand out from the rest of the copy 
  • Has some supporting copy or includes a link to the video that gives extra push
  • Is consistent and clearly repeated throughout the sales page
  • Uses value-focused copy in your CTA button


FAQs, CTA buttons, and testimonials are all great ways to grab a user’s attention. Another important element is to include your services/product benefits. Users should know what benefits and value they will get after using your services. 

sales page copy 8
Image from SPAN

The best way to feature benefits is by using bullet points or short summaries that are short and easy to read. 

Attractive hero images and video

Another key element that catches prospects' attention is hero images or video. Using images and video helps to keep users engaged, boosts conversion rate, and also makes it easy for them to remember content. 

sales page copy 9
Image from SoleSavy

Some important points to remember:

  • Stay away from low-quality and generic stock photos
  • Use high-quality GIFs, screenshots, images, or videos
  • Use a combination of videos and images

Examples of great sales pages

As you’ve just taken a look at some of the key elements of a sales page that converts. Let’s look at some of the examples of great sales pages and what makes them the best. 

Email Players

sales page copy 10

When you first look at this sales page by Ben Settle, what do you think of it? Outdated? Not attractive? That may be the case at first glance, but when you start reading the content, you’ll get hooked to it and will only stop once you’re done reading the whole copy. 

So, what makes this sales page a great one?

  • The copy uses short, crisp sentences that get right to the point. There’s no clickbaity stuff. All the sentences flow seamlessly and logically to the next one.
  • There’s zero fluff in the copy – which makes it a lot easier to read the copy and almost tough to stop reading it. 
  • Ben uses some of the best hooks to write the copy. The angles, hooks, and headlines pull you right into the page.
  • Notice how it starts somewhere random, with something emotional, curious or intriguing, and ends with something familiar with the same call to action? This is one of the persuasive elements of a sales page. And it does take a lot of hard work and practice to master the skill.

Writing clear and engaging copy is an art that Ben has mastered perfectly. You can also learn the art of writing excellent sales copy with hard work, practice, and consistency.

Inbox Hero

sales page copy 11

The Inbox Hero landing page is also worth analyzing. There are several things worth noting which make it an excellent sales page.

  • Straightforward and concise copy that dives right into the point. It answers all the questions readers want to know about, for the email copywriting course.
  • Testimonials sprinkled throughout the page that showcases the benefits of the product. It also tells how much was generated in sales after taking Laura’s course.
  • Gives a breakdown of all the features, benefits, and a sneak peek of the course – making it easy for readers to decide whether or not the course is for them.
  • A clear ‘get on the waitlist’ CTA repeated all over the page to avoid any confusion. 
  • A whole list of FAQs that answers potential questions. 

Inbox Hero’s sales page shows that transparency is key. Being simple and direct can help you to get the reader’s trust and attention.

Sales page by blk.

sales page copy 12

The last example is from blk – a water brand company. Why is the sales page so unique? What makes it special?

  • Short to the point. Above the fold, you can see a great shot of a model displaying the product and an offer copy. 
  • A clear and consistent ‘shop now’ CTA that directs readers on what to do next.
  • Below the fold, there are benefits and testimonials listed on the page that gives an overview of the product. 

The page showcases that direct and short copy can also convert well. One doesn't have to write big, long sentences or fancy jargon to attract readers.  

How to write a high-converting sales page with Jasper

With Jasper, you can create compelling and converting sales pages within a few minutes. Let’s see how:

Step 1: Create an outline that works for your product

Depending on the industry or the niche you’re in, your sale page needs can vary. First, you’ll need to do your research and build the best outline for your sales page. With a high-converting outline for your sales pages, you’re set up for success when using Jasper to write the copy. If you’re having trouble creating an outline, you can use Jasper to write a sales page outline for your product. 

Step 2: Build out the content for your sales page

In the second step, you need to add some background information about the company in the side area. Add details like title, content description/brief, tone of voice, keywords, and your preferred language. Then, you can work through the outline by prompting Jasper with specific commands in the documents. 

You can use different commands to help you write content for your sales page:

  • For headlines that grab attention: Write a list of engaging headlines about [my product].
  • To include a question about your product: Write a question about [my product].
  • For subheadings with explanation: Write a list of common pain points associated with the [product].
  • For a clear and concise paragraph: Write an engaging paragraph about [the particular topic].
  • A feature to benefit bullet point list: Write a list of features for [a product or company]. Alternatively, you can use the persuasive bullet point template.

These are some commands that can help you write a clear and converting sales page. Jasper understands various commands, and you can try all sorts of commands and see which one word is best for you. 

Step 3: Include some social proof

Paste in some testimonials from your product that you already have. Then ask Jasper to rewrite the paragraphs by writing the following command – rewrite the above paragraph to an engaging testimonial about [the product].  

Step 4: Add some clear call to action 

Write a clear call to action by using the following Jasper commands – generate a CTA for a [product or company] and ask the reader to [do a specific action: book a free demo].

Step 5: Edit, expand and export

After you’ve written the content of the sales page, you’ll need to edit the content using the Grammarly integration. Once you’re done editing the sales page, you can use the compose button inside the app to add more details or expand on specific areas where needed. 

Simply put three *** where you want Jasper to focus and click on the compose button.   

Now, just give the copy to your designer and see the results of your newly-written sales copy. 

And while the above method is easy to use, you can also use the Jasper sales page recipe through which you can create sales copy very easily. Just fill out the asked information, and you’re done.

Do more with Jasper

With Jasper, you can create a high-converting sales copy within minutes. Along with writing sales pages, you can create blog post outlines, paragraphs, headlines, bio, etc., Jasper has a variety of templates to choose from. Give it a try and see the results for yourself. 

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